Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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    Clear the mission "Supply Lines"

    373 (277) of 2,613 – 14.27%

    10.60% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    14.27% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by voiceofautumn on: 21 May, 2022 11:14
    Last modified: 07 Feb, 2023 21:28

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    geordie 1 Mar 2023 12:32
    wow this is hard on the ps2 version, on pc i have more than 50% fuel left by the end
    Ophidian 7 Mar 2023 00:06
    @EliasPapp those guides aren't wrong, but those things don't apply to the OG release that we need to use for these achievements. It was made easier in later releases.

    But yeah, if the last van takes the long route it becomes a lot more difficult. Finally managed to pull it off after about 15 tries lol.
    JOMAX 26 Mar 2023 20:17
    F this mission
    Dustellar 11 Apr 2023 07:38
    Damn! this one should be 50 points at least, sorry but there is a lot of RNG factor on this, you may have a lot of skills and plan it very well but if some of the couriers decide to go through a difficult route, then it's all a matter of luck.

    Something that worked for me was shooting the first van and immediately go against the bicycle one, the van guy would get closer and you can kill both with almost no fuel loss, good luck guys!
    Guininhas 20 Apr 2023 21:42
    This achievement is worth AT LEAST 100 points haha You guys got the most absurd version of the game to make, the only one that doesn't have a single nerf... This achievement basically made me give up the whole set haha good luck to the next players
    klebitz92 24 Apr 2023 23:55
    This reminds me of that time in 2006. After failing this mission so many times, I smashed my PS2 controller against the floor until the analog sticks stopped working.

    Good times.
    Omka 13 May 2023 12:42
    This mission was designed to be hated.
    SirMoeckel 30 May 2023 01:47
    This mission in PS2 is more hard and unfair, in the Pc if you ride like a car the plane dont consume Fuel , in the PS2 if you stay stopped the fuel consume automatically , so 25 points is too poor.
    Kilwwwwa 20 Aug 2023 17:50
    kinotso 23 Aug 2023 00:25
    My humiliation is complete!
    SeasonalCat 19 Sep 2023 20:09
    God that was brutal haha
    TheGreatMax6713 24 Oct 2023 00:00
    This mission partly comes down to RNG and partly to perfect execution. If you are crashing into stuff or making minor mistakes that cost time, you'll run out of gas.

    The RNG comes in with the last vehicle and which path it decides to take.
    MysticCoffee 1 Nov 2023 07:11
    Personally what gave me the toughest time was the guys on the motorbike, but I figured out that you can basically get right behind them so all your bullets hit a lot quicker. Also don't be afraid to speed up as much as you need, as your fuel will just go down no matter what.

    Hope that helps someone!
    BeepPerson 19 Dec 2023 20:45
    I guess I got super super lucky then, cause I was able to clear this in 3 tries with next-to-zero fuel by the end of the third one pffffff
    Got worried tho yeah, it was very close :')
    CrazyApple 21 Dec 2023 22:44
    That was the hardest mission till now.
    MrSantana 8 Jan 2024 01:07
    Good to know I'm not the only one who hated this mission… Took me an hour.
    Legomane 13 Jan 2024 07:28
    scariest moment of my life when this didnt pop right when the screen goes black after you beat it lmao pranked
    pretty hard mission but any real GTA gamer should get this one in a few tries pending last van RNG
    if your playing on 60fps make sure to disable the patch and play on 30fps for this one, 60fps breaks the fuel gauge and makes it impossible
    ggs :)
    Bumsy 18 Jan 2024 19:42
    Unlike the PC version, fuel decreases at what seems like a fixed rate. Treat it as a race against time more than how much fuel you use.
    Error40419 7 Feb 2024 00:21
    This mission should be banned for cardiac patients
    Infernothefox 18 Feb 2024 19:25
    Okay, I got majorly lucky with this. Got it on my 2nd attempt, as the first attempt was me figuring out the flying physics for the RC Baron. Also made it back with a SLITHER of fuel left... but I'm happy I got it when I did as I never completed it on PS2 when I was younger

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