Super Castlevania IV
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Defeated Dracula without taking damage, using subweapons or pausing

    540 (228) of 8,741 – 6.18%

    2.61% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.18% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by DarkFPC on: 01 Mar, 2015 18:51
    Last modified: 25 Jul, 2021 01:40

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    MegaGamesta1977 10 Jan 2019 18:17
    I know, it did the exact same thing with me
    korrimperium 7 Jul 2019 06:13
    I got the achievement when I had damage and after using boomerangs.
    23 Nov 2019 02:23
    wilhitewarrior edited this achievement.
    HeavensFury 7 Dec 2019 11:41
    Parable With Sunshine is NOT easier than Bloody Tears, it's harder. All you people who got this achievement even when taking damage are lucky lol. This achievement should have 2x or 3x the difficulty points compared to Bloody Tears. Please fix this.
    18 Mar 2020 08:36
    televandalist edited this achievement.
    22 Mar 2020 17:55
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement.
    ShaunCoreGames 3 Mar 2021 22:41
    I just got Parable about 20 min ago and I'll debate which one is harder, that or Centuries lol
    29 Apr 2021 17:08
    KingS1zzle edited this achievement.
    25 Jul 2021 01:40
    pinguupinguu edited this achievement.
    Apocalypse612 26 Jun 2022 13:46
    Hot damn.
    Jazmataz 29 Jan 2023 12:02
    Wow what a ridiculous fight 😂. I trained this literally for two Days. The stupid flying Orb with the Chicken in it ruined 80% my attempts. I did a Recording of all Boss Fights. Coming soon.
    I need a Break.😭🥲
    Jazmataz 1 Feb 2023 22:43
    Here is my Recording:
    DuckswanTheAlbatross 6 May 2023 03:54
    Be sure to pay attention to Dracula’s health; his use of the orb depends on how much health he has left. If he has 12 or 6 units of health remaining, he will always use the orb.

    I WAS able to find a way to consistently bypass the first orb attack. As soon as Dracula’s health is depleted by three units, attack Dracula twice more, then wait for him to attack again. Time your next attack so you hit him as soon as his fireball comes out; any sooner than that, and he’ll use the orb instead. After this, Dracula will lose a fourth unit of health, which would normally put him in orb attack range. However, if you quickly attack him twice as soon as he reappears, he’ll skip the orb attack and immediately transition into the fire pillar phase.

    I wasn’t able to find a similar strategy for getting past the second orb (keeping track of health is awkward when dealing with the more difficult fire pillar phase), but maybe you can.
    williamgeesdorf 15 Aug 2023 02:15
    The "orb skip" tip was of great help. As for the rest of the battle, don't give up. Sometimes, the RNG helps and the orbs go away without doing much.
    CassetteCobra 7 Jan 2024 00:27
    ^ The orb skip is extremely useful for the fight. Adding to that for the fire phase, I suggest at least whipping at least one of the two fire creatures as soon as they spawn to give yourself some breathing room to dodge and strike. While you can't really avoid the second orb phase, try to at least attack Dracula when you're around the corners as the orbs go there less.

    I've definitely gotten luckier than most people in completing this but I have to hand half of it to the useful tips above. This took me hour or two of attempts? All I have left is the excruciating annoying deathless cheevo and the no continue 2nd quest one.
    29 Jan 2024 11:38
    suspect15 edited this achievement's description.
    Moshe613 4 May 2024 05:44
    The orb remained during his second phase, that is the game saying "Yeah, fuck you"

    Also, what is the pattern of his second phase?
    CassetteCobra 4 May 2024 05:56
    I recommend jumping and whipping when he's about to throw out the Orb to get rid of it quickly.
    Moshe613 4 May 2024 06:14
    I meant the second phase where he has 5 HP left and tries to strike you with lightning
    Moshe613 4 May 2024 07:48
    Got this. His second phase is just random, you can whip him 2 times before he disappears but it is too risky, the lightning is very fast and I lost this achievement because of that. So whip him once and keep watching the upper screen to know where to stop

    This was stressful haha

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