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Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy Color)

Get the Boss Key in Angler's Tunnel without having the Flippers.
Swimming Not Required [m] (3) (24)
Get the Boss Key in Angler's Tunnel without having the Flippers.

Created by adamjohnny5 on: 04 Mar, 2022 01:46
Last modified: 04 Mar, 2022 23:25

Won by 115 of 4389 possible players (3%)

Recent comment(s):
4 Mar 2022
adamjohnny5 uploaded this achievement.
4 Mar 2022
adamjohnny5 promoted this achievement to the Core set.
14 Mar 2022
I can't seem to get this to work for some reason. Im using roc's feather to jump on the matching floor tiles to get the hidden staircase to appear, instead of swimming, but when i jump on the last tile, the staircase wont show up. Am I doing something wrong? :/
14 Mar 2022
Nvm. Got it to work. Had to re enter the dungeon so the puzzle changed and the last tile was a tile not over the deep water, as jumping on the last tile seemed to not work.
25 Mar 2022
Yeah, that was really annoying. I kept doing it so many times wondering why it wouldn't work. Given the inconsistency, I don't care for this as an achievement. I feel the same why about that Hippo achievement.
5 Apr 2022
Yes i can confirm to but game is buggy for what or more strat to the point that yes "normally" you HAVE the flippers and yes you have to touche the last tile above deep water just to touch it not to jump on it...

It's the only explanation. (or it's a bug but i was aware of that since along time)

For the hippo i can confirm it's work BUT yes it's a pain in the ass clearly.

For the same for Marine there is two for the pots and the cuckcoo and one for the drawers. I was wondering if the first drawers sentance was count too (the one when you strat the game and IF you look the drawer Mzrine 'words are different).

5 Apr 2022
Ok so i have succed to have it so as i thought in fact you can dive in the water sort of...It will pop you to the enter of the room and THERE you can activate the last tile...

You can touch the deep water in fact....The trick is to avoid to touxch another tile for achieve to reach the last one.

But yes indeed as i was remembering game consider you have to pass ON the tile for activate it...for the one in the top let corner.

Not the cas for the one down left corner's.t
8 Apr 2022
If the last one you have is on the top left, try a diagonal jump from the other side of the water. If you hit the corner of the tile just right, it will open the staircase.
7 Jun 2022
Had lots of trouble with the top left tile not working. Seems to work consistently with the pattern where the top left tile goes first and jumping on it using the boots-feather jump so you don't touch any other tile before the top left one.

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
Alexandro1990Hardcore!12 Aug, 2022 17:07
PokemongeniusHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 12:45
AstrophilHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 23:31
butthead231000Hardcore!31 Jul, 2022 11:27
ItisonlyredHardcore!25 Jul, 2022 14:29
Titii009Hardcore!23 Jul, 2022 01:02
VenobyteHardcore!21 Jul, 2022 21:39
OlafurHardcore!21 Jul, 2022 15:06
Ness64Hardcore!15 Jul, 2022 01:44
loganizerHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 00:45
SarandisHardcore!11 Jul, 2022 16:55
SachielHardcore!08 Jul, 2022 18:43
XiniosHardcore!06 Jul, 2022 17:30
REDSHardcore!05 Jul, 2022 21:36
CommodoroLXIV29 Jun, 2022 20:56
NardoHardcore!28 Jun, 2022 23:23
FragnusHardcore!20 Jun, 2022 19:25
CelestialKoopa64Hardcore!20 Jun, 2022 04:23
Que20Hardcore!20 Jun, 2022 00:32
RetroFlareHardcore!19 Jun, 2022 06:04
KronoanHardcore!16 Jun, 2022 19:59
ailerHardcore!16 Jun, 2022 05:06
dorayakiHardcore!13 Jun, 2022 20:50
AdenotheHardcore!10 Jun, 2022 15:09
napuHardcore!10 Jun, 2022 11:46
ryuzakimrlHardcore!10 Jun, 2022 07:25
RayaRoentgenHardcore!08 Jun, 2022 14:19
guineuHardcore!07 Jun, 2022 11:04
EdgarmcflyHardcore!05 Jun, 2022 11:33
kogitahHardcore!31 May, 2022 16:23
patco23Hardcore!31 May, 2022 01:21
Nels01Hardcore!28 May, 2022 17:41
FretziHardcore!28 May, 2022 12:38
LyndisRain25 May, 2022 21:46
menskmoonHardcore!24 May, 2022 18:42
Slime95Hardcore!15 May, 2022 05:56
Vcool122Hardcore!15 May, 2022 02:41
Tiger21820Hardcore!13 May, 2022 02:51
Nezumi26Hardcore!12 May, 2022 20:44
RufioHardcore!12 May, 2022 19:59
AppollyonT09 May, 2022 22:24
WanderingNepNep06 May, 2022 06:24
gustavovaladaresHardcore!02 May, 2022 02:35
KasderHardcore!30 Apr, 2022 13:13
rikkuspet29 Apr, 2022 15:44
CelestialHardcore!28 Apr, 2022 19:28
angcrad25 Apr, 2022 23:07
NepikiHardcore!22 Apr, 2022 14:29
NeonBlitzHardcore!21 Apr, 2022 15:16
MegaBluesHardcore!20 Apr, 2022 15:59


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