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  • Johto Strength

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    Clear Battle Tower with only Johto Pokemon (Lugia and Ho-oh excluded).

    225 (201) of 5,421 โ€“ 4.15%

    3.71% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.15% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by msdmario on: 22 Feb, 2022 08:04
    Last modified: 20 Apr, 2022 23:02

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    starlite 3 Jul 2022 18:56
    Had a lot of trouble with this one. Finally did it with the Blissey/Heracross mentioned above, along with a Smeargle that sketched Dragon Rage by fishing at the Lake of Rage with Focus Band. Took a decent number of attempts, but finally got it done
    Valvadis 15 Sep 2022 09:31
    My strategy gave me win in five trials but involves lots of preparations - I used Smeargle with Quick Claw and Dragon Rage (learned in Lake of Rage, it took lot of time). Skarmory with Leftovers and Toxic supporting by Double Edge and Rest when needed. I also had Houndour with Flamethrower but he has never won any battle. I could replace him with Blissey and softboiled,flamethrower maybe ice beam. Of course I max out the stats for all Pokemons with vitamins. Hard achievement I think.
    Jungon 17 Oct 2022 17:29
    Level 10 wobbuffet, smeargle, skarmory, ...tried blissey but skarm is an extremely competent physical tank! I had the most fun making smeargle sketch dragon rage, I didn't use focus band, instead, I used 6 flashes and made gyarados show it to me without actually hitting
    gauxel 28 Dec 2022 05:33
    Beat this with what Jungon suggested, just above me.
    telepathos 24 Feb 2023 20:59
    Werster's Skarmory carries hard.

    Skarmory: Rest, Sleeptalk, Toxic, Double Team (Mint Berry)
    Smeargle: Dragon Rage (Gold Berry)
    Blissey: Blizzard, Thunder, Fire Blast, Softboiled (Leftovers)
    Luissze 13 Apr 2023 23:01
    Lvl 10
    Skarmory: Rest, Sleeptalk, Toxic, Double Team
    Smeargle: Dragon Rage (Focus Band)
    Wobuffet : only 4 moves he learn.
    Jenettebaghead 19 Apr 2023 10:23
    Did this with a lvl 100 Suicune with toxic, surf and rest, a lvl 100 Tyranitar with earthquake, rock slide and fire punch, and a lvl 77 Blissey who was basically used as a damage sponge that sometimes paralyzed and put enemies to sleep. Took a few tries. Sorry Blissey but after that egg I needed my revenge somehow.
    bonecrusher1022 8 May 2023 08:51
    I did this with the Skarmory, Smeargle, Blissey strat. Idk if I was missing something but it felt extremely luck dependent... If Skarmory dies you are kinda screwed lol. Blissey can't really do much besides sponge attacks and smeargle usually dies in 1 hit but he can clutch out some kills if they use Hyper Beam
    dreadlocke12 16 May 2023 12:26
    I did this with:
    Houndoom Lv 80
    Crunch, Flamethrower, Strength, Solarbeam
    Suicune LV 79
    Waterfall, Surf, ice beam, Mirror Coat
    Tyranitar Lv 80
    Crunch, Earthquake, Dynamicpunch, Thunderbolt

    But the trick was to save after every round and if needed restore the save file :-)
    loganizer 9 Sep 2023 12:57
    Did it with Smeargle, Skarmory and Blissey. Getting Smeargle set up was a bit obnoxious but he carried hard.
    Empovyle 9 Oct 2023 11:42
    The level 10 challenge is way easier than the higher level ones so go for hatched egg Pokemon if you can. It's definitely worth the time investment instead of using your story team. The opponents will have a lot more weak Pokemon species at 10 like Unown, Corsola, and Girafarig.
    SeiferLK 30 Oct 2023 14:00
    OMG why does every lvl 10 pokemon have hyper beam and is faster than mine no matter what I do. Houndour is useless with 30hp and I don't have Toxic for Blissey so I just take hits and die with no damage output (return sucks). The only good one is Smeargle but, yeah, he just gets hyperbeamed so RIP
    SeiferLK 31 Oct 2023 04:48
    I did it with Smeargle (Dragon Rage; Gold Berry), Skarmory (Focus Band; Steel Wing) and Blissey (Leftovers; Blizzard, Softboiled, Protect, Thunderbolt)
    DockVG 19 Dec 2023 21:04
    beat it at lv 60, here's my team:
    Umbreon with leftovers - Toxic, Faint Attack, Moonlight, Protect
    Miltank holding nothing - Earthquake, Toxic, Body Slam, Milk Drink
    Tyranitar holding nothing - Earthquake, Rock Slide, Crunch, Fire Punch

    I don't recommend this team at all, I just didn't want to invest on breeding to get this achievement.
    They're all weak to Fighting-Type, so Heracross (with its OP Megahorn) and Machamp are completely impossible to beat.

    Umbreon is pretty good to stall the opponent, Toxic then alternate between Protect and Moonlight, unless your opponent has Rest or any move that can deal a lot of damage, this strat is pretty much unbeatable.

    Miltank is a backup stall plan, maybe use Protect instead of Earthquake and you'll have the same thing as Umbreon.

    Tyranitar isn't as bulky as I thought, Rock Slide can kill Houndoom (which has Rest, so Toxic Stall doesn't work) and Zapdos.
    DOLPHINTYPE4 27 Jan 2024 08:11
    I got this on Lvl 10; here was my team, thanks to the wise folks here:
    Blissey with Leftovers: Return, Toxic, Double Team, Softboiled
    Smeargle with Quick Claw: Dragon Rage
    Wobuffett with Gold Berry: his only possible moveset

    I beat the elite 4 like a thousand times and pumped max Carbos' into Smeargle (with just a couple of HP UPs), max HP UPs, Irons, and Calciums into Wobuffett, and just whatever vitamins I picked up during the story into Blissey.

    This was a solid team, everyone contributed a decent amount, though Blissey Toxic stall was the MVP. Ultimately, there is a bit of luck involved with getting this - Kangaskhan walled my team every time and Aerodactyl and Miltank were menaces. Battle Tower and it's ilk are a bit more sophisticated than I like to get with Pokemon but I did have fun doing this, I'll admit it.
    TROTMAC96 4 Feb 2024 21:50
    Okay, so I'm trying to do this. Can someone please explain to me how you got a Smeargle with Dragon Rage? Do you have to bread a Smeargle with another Pokémon that knows dragon rage?
    starlite 4 Feb 2024 22:47
    Fish at the lake of rage with a super rod — 30% chance of hooking a Gyarados. Send out Smeargle with a Focus Band, and hope for the 25% chance it uses Dragon Rage and the 10% chance you survive it with your Focus Band so you can sketch it.
    0.75% chance of success overall each time you fish
    mayamcdougall 6 Feb 2024 16:11
    Try using a Pokémon with Flash to lower Gyarados’ accuracy first.

    That’ll significantly increase the chances of surviving it using Dragon Rage, since you can still Sketch it even if it misses.
    TROTMAC96 11 Feb 2024 17:19
    Ugh... Fuck this achievement. I finally managed to get it thanks to the advice from u/DOLPHINTYPE4 and u/starlite.
    Even then it still took me around 30 attempts...
    mayamcdougall 12 Feb 2024 22:04
    I suppose I should also give a HUGE +1 to Dolphin’s team.

    Smeargle and Wobuffet are super easy to prepare (use flash for that Dragon Rage! ๐Ÿ˜‰), while Blissey with Toxic is still a lot easier than tutoring one for special attacking.

    For me, Smeargle was the MVP while Blissey underperformed a little (though still provided a few good saves). I don’t think I fully maxed Smeargle’s speed with Carbos, though I probably should have given him a few extra for better luck with the RNG.

    If you do get good RNG, Smeargle will sweep quite a few of your opponents. Wobuffet is VERY strong as long as you can predict whether a physical or special attack is incoming. Blissey can help stall out a stubborn opponent, but only if they’re not a strong physical attacker (Kangaskhan, Aerodactyl, and Miltank are indeed menaces).

    I had put off this achievement for a while due to not wanting to raise a special team for it, but this team is well worth the effort! (Especially with how little effort it was! ๐Ÿ˜)

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