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  • Defeat the Elite 4 with Johto Pokemon only. (Set, LVL: <=44, No Items in battle, One Session)

    535 (464) of 6,063 – 8.82%

    7.65% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.82% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by msdmario on: 22 Feb, 2022 08:04
    Last modified: 01 Oct, 2022 09:55

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    ribb2112 26 Oct 2022 07:13
    I beat it legitimately and I didn't get the achievement. None of my pokemon even got to level 44. Very sad. I might be able to try again, hopefully my pokemon don't get above the cap on the retry (the game saved so I couldn't reset).
    ribb2112 26 Oct 2022 07:45
    Yeah I turned off Retroarch and then tried again and got it the second time. Having to reset Retroarch seems like a common theme with a lot of these achievements.
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 14:45
    Do I need to beat Lance here too, or just the Elite 4? I've done this a few times already (and with Lance once) but it doesn't seem to pop.
    Agnam 9 Nov 2022 14:51
    Yes Lance also.
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 16:11
    Just did it again and still no cheevo. Not sure what I'm doing wrong :s
    Agnam 9 Nov 2022 16:24
    What's your team like? Levels? Are they going over 44 while battling?
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 16:41
    Lvl 41 Raikou, Lvl 42 Dunsparce, Lvl 43 Ariados, Lvl 41 Suicune, Lvl 43 Noctowl, Lvl 41 Entei. Ariados and Noctowl both hit Lvl 44 through the run, but no one reaches Lvl 45. I thought maybe it has to do with legendries but I see from some above comments that might not be the case. I only use items in between matches and don't even save between. I'll try a third time.
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 16:43
    Should the icon be displayed while I'm going for it? And do you know when the Cheevo pops? Is it after hall of fame or right at victory?
    Agnam 9 Nov 2022 16:43
    Try without using items at all. If that doesn't work, take a screenshot(at the end with levels)/record the run and make a ticket since that would be a bug with the achievement logic at that point.
    Agnam 9 Nov 2022 16:45
    I did it months ago so I'm not sure. I don't remember there being a icon but there might of been. and it should be sometime after lance. I was on fast forward with turbo so the hall of fame stuff only lasted a few seconds. You can always backup your save so you can go right to the end and let it save, so if it doesn't pop you can reload the older one.
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 16:51
    Will do, thanks for the insight!
    safi900 9 Nov 2022 18:03
    Just got it!

    For anyone with a similar issue, make sure that the Achievement icon is visible right when the door locks in Will's chamber. If it doesn't show up, then the game is glitched. I spent a bit of time reading through previous tickets and there was an issue similar to mine. Developer recommended saving before the Elite 4 Challenge and soft resetting (A + B + Start + Select) and the loading from there. Cleared up the issue for me, and the little icon showed up immediately when I started the Elite 4 Challenge. Just finished it and I got the cheevo.
    dreadlocke12 27 Apr 2023 13:53
    Do i need to do this the first time i reach the elite 4 or can i skip this and do it later in the game?
    dreadlocke12 29 Apr 2023 22:59
    To answer my own question: This can be retried later in the game as well.
    Gemyma 9 Aug 2023 21:38
    didn't realise hitting 45 midfight would disqualify me - rather frustrating as that hasn't been the case for any of the gym equivalents so far
    Fallencito 15 Aug 2023 23:45
    Anyone with the same problem? When I send Ampharos lvl 43, Retroarch disqualify my achievement. I'm using the set mode, no items and all that things
    Steven92300 19 Aug 2023 16:11
    @Fallencito Ampharos is banned because unobtainable without outside trading in crystal.
    CrosbieL 8 Sep 2023 00:27
    Final team -





    ENTEI L41


    Pretty easy honestly just have decent coverage and around 15 revives and 15 decent potions, just in case for between battles.
    DockVG 18 Dec 2023 17:26
    My team:
    Miltank lv42
    Espeon lv42
    Typhlosion Lv43
    Noctowl Lv43
    Quagsire Lv42
    Sudowoodo Lv41

    Noctowl is kind of useless, Miltank + Rollout is NUTS against Lance, Quagsire has decent coverage, Sudowoodo has low kick to deal (poorly, but it works) against Umbreon and Rock Slide against poison/fire/flying pokemon.
    Kirkizzle891 23 Mar 2024 21:03
    This one didn’t pop for me. Quagsire, Ariados, Typhlosion, Sudowoodo, Noctowl and Jumpluff all low 40s

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