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    Obtain all of the items within Johto. (Red Pokeballs and hidden items)

    230 (214) of 5,421 – 4.24%

    3.95% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.24% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by msdmario on: 22 Feb, 2022 08:04
    Last modified: 19 Apr, 2022 22:08

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    thunderaquadragon 19 Nov 2022 16:34
    I had missed one of the hidden items in the lighthouse, I’m now at 98%
    What’s actually missable? I checked again everywhere following the guide and I can’t find anything else.
    I got the items in the department store basement, the tin tower and the sprout tower…
    Hopefully I didn’t miss anything that I can’t get now, I don’t want to replay the whole game again
    angelfmf 19 Nov 2022 16:55
    Remember you could also be missing pokeballs not only hidden items. Which was.my case too. And consider finishing Kanto first then go back to johto, that might help too
    thunderaquadragon 19 Nov 2022 21:51
    Ok… I wanna scream.
    The last four were in one of the alcoves of the Ruins of Alph (the one where is a guy “thinking”outside one of the exits of Union Cave), they were in the secret room after the puzzle. But I thought I had them all since I got the achievement for getting all the items inside the ruins??? What? These didn’t count??
    Oh well I’m glad it’s over, this was driving me mad
    bonecrusher1022 4 Dec 2022 00:47
    I asked msdmario, this is ONLY missable if you kill Entei/Suicune/Raikou instead of catch them. You won't be able to get into the Tin Tower which has items. I followed a walkthrough with the map Agnam linked above and it took me 4 hours. Good luck
    FrancisFreudespiel 31 Dec 2022 14:51
    I dunno if this can be useful, but I was 207/209, then I got the Exp.Share from Mr.Pokemon in exchange of Red Scale, and now I am 208/209.
    FrancisFreudespiel 31 Dec 2022 14:59
    And I found the last one. It was a Protein near the boat. You have to sail from Kanto to Johto, then when you arrive, go out the boat, and immediately use Surf on your left.
    BiohazzardCR 16 Jan 2023 19:43
    I wish my emulator showed me the progress like all of yours lol. Mine doesn't even tell me if im close. Have to keep a tally myself on a piece of paper
    RossWyatt 2 Feb 2023 15:11
    I saw it asked earlier, but I want to ask again, which items can I miss before I get too deep into this game?
    telepathos 6 Feb 2023 02:12
    See bonecrusher's reply, only missable if you kill legendary beasts, because you wont be able to get into tin tower which has items
    telepathos 20 Feb 2023 22:05
    Ok I followed the map posted by Agnam ("https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/ez1v43/gen_ii_map_of_overworld_and_dungeons_as_they/") to write them off one by one and I was 208/209, was driving me insane, turns out the hidden Revive in the north of Cianwood is on the wrong rock in this map, and I'd just assumed I had already got it. It's not the rock on the right of the house, it's the one beneath it. Good luck!
    RotaryTripod773 4 Apr 2023 01:52
    are there any items in the ss anne aside from the metal coat?
    GamingMom170 9 May 2023 00:33
    Second biggest obstacle. The last item I needed was a Carbos in Ice Path
    KonkeyDong 24 Jun 2023 19:54
    Was missing one item for the longest time. The last item I needed was the protein after leaving the boat from Kanto to Johto
    hylia7 28 Jun 2023 21:50
    My last one was the hidden Ether on the Burned Tower near the rival battle.
    Sabrinafelix5 6 Jul 2023 00:20
    After spending hours looking with the help of the map, I discover that the item I miss was the max revive that is above where Lugia is, and I thought it was some hidden -_-'
    LordCharizar44 15 Jul 2023 22:38
    Solo puedo decir, dios bendiga a smoogon y Agnam
    LucioNemesis 17 Aug 2023 15:09
    An advice for those who are at 207/209 having already collected all the hidden objects: remember to go back to Violet City as there are two items that can only be gained with Surf! They were my last stuff
    FatBat 1 Nov 2023 23:08
    Cianwood City - Revive. Some guides/maps I've read have it hidden under the incorrect rock. The correct rock, for me at least, was the one just outside the house of the lady who tells you where your Pokémon was caught. Down, and to the left.
    mdkgx 28 Nov 2023 14:54
    i have 208/209 and dont know what im missing, i have every hidden item
    DockVG 23 Dec 2023 05:22
    After a really long time, I managed to find the remaining 2 items: The VERY FIRST item (potion on route 29) and an Ultra Ball inside the Radio Tower (5F).

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