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    Beat the First Round Elite Four with only one Pokemon in your Party

    1,025 (896) of 9,509 – 10.78%

    9.42% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    10.78% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Delmaru on: 28 Jan, 2022 16:04
    Last modified: 16 Apr, 2024 03:44

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    fedpo2 11 Oct 2023 18:21
    Gracias máster
    11 Oct 2023 23:04
    Delmaru edited this achievement's description.
    Chrizical 13 Nov 2023 12:38
    Did it with a LVL 65 Vasperon - Surf / Ice Beam / Toxic / Bite. Level it up at Kindle Road you can VS Seek 5 Trainers at once. Fun Achievement!
    moraisandre 18 Nov 2023 15:11
    I did it with a lvl 84 Kadabra with Psychic [Psychic], Shock Wave [Electric], Psybeam [Psychic], Thief [Dark]. I've used PP up on Psychic and Psybeam 3 on each one. I used around 4 X-Attack and 2 X-Defense.

    I strongly recommend to NOT used Kadabra on this one. This Pokémon is not strong enough for Lorelei, Lance and you will also have a tough time with your rival.

    Just reinforcing what @wesleywithoutat said it's truth, this cheevo pops after professor Oak takes you through the door AND then later the game auto saves. So there enough time to force quit the game. But it's cool to make a backup file just in case you know...
    SonicRanticoot 5 Dec 2023 05:27
    I did this with Jynx because it grinds really easily due to being a trade mon, I used nothing but it in battles whenever possible after using it to beat Koga (only exception being Blaine and Giovanni's gyms). Level 68 after leaving Victory Road and using five Rare Candies I had. Lovely Kiss / Calm Mind / Psychic / Ice Punch. Ice Punch has more PP and gets every relevant KO so you don't need to grind for the Ice Beam TM if you don't want to. Set up 3-4 Calm Minds on Lorelei so everything gets OHKOed with Psychic (Dewgong is set-up fodder), KO Bruno and Agatha for free (remember to use Ice Punch on the Onixes and Golbat to preserve Psychic PP), use one Calm Mind on Lance to OHKO Gyarados with Psychic. Using one PP Up on Psychic you should have enough PP to cover every pre-Blue fight. Had to use one Elixir after Lance unless Agatha decides to use Protect which is annoying.

    I did try to do it with no items in battle, but I eventually got tired of missing vs. Blue's teams with consistently awful sleep luck (Pidgeot would always get a one turn sleep) and getting hit by Sand Attack and used a Dire Hit into a Calm Mind on the winning run. You need one CM on Blue to OHKO Arcanine with Psychic.

    Jynx is absolutely insane in this game. Ice / Psychic is maybe the best possible STAB combo you can have in Kanto.
    f01under 16 Dec 2023 06:11
    Can confirm, I was able to get this one with a lvl 61 Jynx (Lovely Kiss / Calm Mind / Psychic / Ice Punch). I did have to reset a few times after getting unlucky sleep durations from LK on Lance & Blue
    Rohbert 21 Dec 2023 02:01
    +1 to using Jynx. Easy to level her up. Easy to teach her psychic and calm mind. Got her to level 70 and easily got thru entire E4+Champ. Used one Ether on psychic after Agatha and a full heals. Highly recommend.
    31 Dec 2023 22:48
    Delmaru edited this achievement's logic.
    s1rZer0 7 Jan 2024 18:04
    I did it with Jynx, is easy to level up because is a traded pokemon and its moveset is Psychic, Ice Beam, Calm Mind and Lovely Kiss.

    The strategy is use Lovely Kiss on the first pokemon, use 2 calm mind, and destroy the rival.

    PLEASE DO NOT USE ETHER, MAX ETHER, ELIXIR AND MAX ELiXIR BEFORE THIS BATTLE, save it for this achievement and its second part, they are not replenishible, and you must use at least some in the elite four.
    Daivaz 11 Jan 2024 14:09
    Bruteforcing this achievement with level 69 (nice) Hypno with Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, and Headbutt with a lot of X items
    Daivaz 11 Jan 2024 14:09
    Somehow didn't unlock at first so had to reload my save
    Gabbe0411 12 Feb 2024 23:44
    pros br, usem um zapdos, upem até level 65 (60 até 65 com rare candies pra poupar tempo), com os golpes: Double-Edge, Thunder, Fly e Drill Peck. Levem bastante full restore e Ether e Max Ether pra ficar com o PP no máximo, e pra finalizar itens pra aumentar o dano, defesa, e Special Attack e Special Defense, Boa sorte.
    AbKun 20 Feb 2024 18:40
    Gente, a parada da Jynx ser OP é pra valer.
    Eu fui com uma Jynx level 67, completei a elite 4 sem tomar hit kkkkkkkkkkkkk o combo Lovely Kiss + Calm Mind + Psychic + Ice Beam QUEBRA o jogo, literalmente QUEBRA kkkkkkkkkkkkk
    Genin43 28 Feb 2024 22:32
    this one session of this achievement means that I have to defeat the entire elite four the first time without losing
    lusuria 13 Mar 2024 21:47
    o "all in one session" significa que você precisa derrotar a Elite 4 e o Gary sem pausar/salvar o jogo. Pode resetar quantas vezes precisar, mas precisa refazer a Elite 4 e o Gary de uma vez. Salve o jogo antes de entrar na porta pra Elite 4 pra caso precise resetar, vc volte ali.
    Tsuyoki 23 Mar 2024 23:01
    Agora sim alguém explicou. É vencer direto do 1 ao gary. OBRIGADO PELA EXPLICAÇÃO
    Nerdex 13 Apr 2024 23:33
    I want to see if I can do it with a Dragonite. What 4 move types would be best to ensure they have for this?
    16 Apr 2024 03:44
    Delmaru edited this achievement's description, logic.
    LordCharizar44 16 Apr 2024 04:46
    Surf, fire blast, ice beam/thundelbot/thunder, dragon claw/ Outrage
    AndreABR 5 May 2024 20:02
    Can I fail the Elite four and use it to level jynx easily?

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