Super Metroid Subset Bonus
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Beat the game in a single session with 14% items collected or less (14%Speed Category)
Quick Bare Bones (100) (142040)
Beat the game in a single session with 14% items collected or less (14%Speed Category)

Created by ggodeny1 on: 21 Jan, 2022 03:06
Last modified: 05 Sep, 2022 18:54

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21 Jan 2022 03:06
ggodeny1 uploaded this achievement.
8 Mar 2022 19:59
MrOwnership promoted this achievement to the Core set.
leislonjose 8 Apr 2022 12:22
14% Speed: Morph Ball, Bombs, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, 3 Energy Tanks, 2 Missile Tanks, 2 Super Missile Tanks, 1 Power Bomb Tank, Charge Beam and Speed Booster. Speed Booster is required because of the room right before Botwoon, where you need run and destroy a wall of speed blocks, and because of Mother Brain's room, where you would normally need at least 15 missiles to destroy one wall at a time and then go back to refill (since you can't refiil supers at that point and will need at least 9 of them). With Speed Booster, you can just clip through the first wall by doing a tight short charge in the previous room and aiming a diagonal shinespark in a specific way (look up "Zebetite Skip"). Mother Brain takes exactly 300 charged shots, so that fight takes forever and is really hard and stressful. Also, you can turn off Speed Booster on the pause menu to get a bit more height out of your running jumps, as they kinda suck at very low speeds without High-Jump Boots (specially helpful on the Ridley fight, which sucks even more without Ice Beam). And don't worry, you can kill metroids with Power Bombs in this game. Just make sure to group them all up first. If you're low on ammo for the next room, go back to the ship to refill. Metroids don't respawn in a room where you have already killed them all once. I recommend doing this after 14% Ice.
5 Sep 2022 18:30
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5 Sep 2022 18:54
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5 Sep 2022 18:55
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ggodeny1 5 Sep 2022 19:00
This will only pop if the game is started from the begin. You can die as much as you like, no problem, but loading a saved game will lock the achievement.

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