Super Metroid Subset Bonus
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Beat the game in a single session with 14% items collected or less (14%Ice Category)
Frozen Bare Bones (100) (142040)
Beat the game in a single session with 14% items collected or less (14%Ice Category)

Created by ggodeny1 on: 21 Jan, 2022 03:06
Last modified: 05 Sep, 2022 18:54

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21 Jan 2022 03:06
ggodeny1 uploaded this achievement.
8 Mar 2022 19:59
MrOwnership promoted this achievement to the Core set.
leislonjose 8 Apr 2022 11:56
14% Ice: Morph Ball, Bombs, Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, 3 Energy Tanks, 2 Missile Tanks, 2 Super Missile Tanks, 1 Power Bomb Tank, Charge Beam and Ice Beam. Ice Beam is required because of the room right before Botwoon, where you need to clip through the ceiling by freezing a metroid, and because of Mother Brain's room, where you would normally need at least 15 missiles to destroy one wall at a time and then go back to refill (since you can't refiil supers at that point and will need at least 9 of them). With Ice Beam, you can just clip through the first wall by freezing and enemy and taking damage in a specific way (look up "Zebetite Skip"). Mother Brain takes exactly 200 charged ice shots, so that fight takes forever and is really hard and stressful. Also, Ridley sucks. I recommend doing this before 14% Speed.
5 Sep 2022 18:30
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5 Sep 2022 18:54
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5 Sep 2022 18:55
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ggodeny1 5 Sep 2022 18:59
This will only pop if the game is started from the begin. You can die as much as you like, no problem, but loading a saved game will lock the achievement.

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