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Super Metroid (SNES)

Escape planet Zebes with at least 2 minutes remaining
Professional Escape (50) (497)
Escape planet Zebes with at least 2 minutes remaining

Created by Brian on: 29 Jul, 2013 18:07
Last modified: 23 Oct, 2019 15:33

Won by 363 of 9138 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
31 Jan 2021
Message me if you need it, I'll help you out.
13 Mar 2021
3. following the video you can do a lot faster, at point 1:06, you can jump holding B from the middle platform directly to the save point ground, do a wall jump then wall jump again and you should be near top, saving seconds.
13 Mar 2021
2. At the beginning just half second before the "Immediately" word appears, jump as the video, if you time right you can exit this area with 3'00'00 timer.1. At the pipes section, just hold L, B to run, and shoot just after the screen fade out.
13 Mar 2021
0. At point 0.27 at the video, I found very easier to jump to left, above the door, then wall jump and stand on the middle ground, so jump right and follow the video.
13 Mar 2021
Final Tip: To control the shinespark without making mistakes, just let go of all buttons, hold R and jump.
16 Apr 2021
Consegui. Sinceramente, foi mais facil do que aparentou ser. Uma dica: treinem os pulos um pouco e criem um padrao para a ultima parte que nao tem erro.
19 May 2021
fuck this cheevo, its bullshit, the time is way too tight, im never doing this in hardcore.
28 Jul 2021
Took me over 50 tries and 3 days to get this. Theres a reason this achievement is rarer than even the barebones one. The key was mastering the final cave room, don't underestimate the amount of time you can save by not missing any jump and by optimizing your path. It can also make up for any other mistake you make along the way.
1 Aug 2021
Essa foi difcil
19 Aug 2021
After like 80 tries I finally did it with 2:00:01 .. hardest achievement I had to get to date.. this was a good set. Made me look up speed run strats for some of them
18 Sep 2021
is that not a little bit TOO close? Making an only mistake and you can begin again from the last save point^^ but this video is nice <3 professional speedrunner
20 Sep 2021
this achievement is a pain. I hate getting into the ship.
24 Sep 2021
too specific dude, this kind of achievement should be on a bonus set or something
29 Sep 2021
Raw brain output after 30 hours of: Bonking my head in the last climb room, not jumping through the door after the first shinespark, forgetting to jump when you see the 'I' of immediately in the escape message, failing a million billion wall jumps on possible winning paces, missing it by a third of a second, missing because I can't get into the ship, getting trolled by steam, bumping into those insect bastards, have to wait for mother brain kill that stupid Metroid. Yeah, I use to feel bad for that thing, now I can't wait for it to just die already. TLDR: The trial and error required to pull this off is a little too insane and I did not have fun getting this OR the Ceres Escape. I don't feel good about myself after getting this, I feel ashamed.
12 Oct 2021
This achievement really should be in a bonus set lol, don't expect every player to be a speedrunner please.
21 Oct 2021
The unskippable cutscenes is what really kills this, it would actually fun to try it otherwise
28 Oct 2021
2:00.64! This was way too close! And I agree, the worst part of this one is having to replay the final boss (and all the long cutscenes with it) every time you fail, it was fun to do but I wouldn't mind if this was moved to a bonus set
10 Nov 2021
Esta conquista definitivamente eh mais facil que a "Quick Escape", pois os movimentos nao sao muito complexos e principalmente a RNG aqui eh bem menos perigosa! Apenas use um save state para treinar pelo tempo necessario, a estrategia do video eh totalmente acessivel a jogadores casuais (como eu mesmo) tenha todos os E-Tanks e mate a Mother Brain rapidamente numa estrategia kamikase apenas atirando sem se importar com seus danos!
11 Nov 2021
2 Jan 2022
Bruh, I had to practice this for like 2 hours. This was insane. There is definately no room for error here!


UserHardcore?Earned On
hypnogramHardcore!17 Jan, 2022 07:37
KyleRXZero16 Jan, 2022 16:53
Raffaelsss16 Jan, 2022 00:27
KyoTheCatHardcore!14 Jan, 2022 20:56
NedRyersonHardcore!13 Jan, 2022 01:03
Titii00912 Jan, 2022 04:26
patco2311 Jan, 2022 06:52
kurganprime07 Jan, 2022 22:10
Jonny8567Hardcore!02 Jan, 2022 19:51
Blueshadow500030 Dec, 2021 03:38
BissoliPlayerHardcore!29 Dec, 2021 02:56
RockmanJL9981Hardcore!28 Dec, 2021 16:35
UjhafsuyHardcore!26 Dec, 2021 15:08
LucasFidelis1Hardcore!26 Dec, 2021 07:17
MegaxLPHardcore!24 Dec, 2021 05:08
tcoutant24 Dec, 2021 04:27
NinjaMonkey3Hardcore!20 Dec, 2021 19:00
MeV3KerHardcore!17 Dec, 2021 15:53
mokadynHardcore!16 Dec, 2021 13:56
Lewis50248Hardcore!05 Dec, 2021 02:10
HydroBobOmbHardcore!26 Nov, 2021 18:45
TLOLunaa18 Nov, 2021 11:28
MegaBluesHardcore!18 Nov, 2021 01:37
SuperRetro0bitsHardcore!15 Nov, 2021 01:56
Janderson500Hardcore!14 Nov, 2021 23:41
GrahamtamsHardcore!11 Nov, 2021 04:41
MauricioReisHardcore!10 Nov, 2021 03:18
Zoru09 Nov, 2021 03:51
VeldtHardcore!06 Nov, 2021 22:04
WanderingNepNep05 Nov, 2021 16:54
KidChameleonHardcore!03 Nov, 2021 03:41
DoragonKeiyouHardcore!02 Nov, 2021 21:32
AdSmokinStyleHardcore!02 Nov, 2021 15:12
AzureNightfallHardcore!31 Oct, 2021 07:18
FactoryDash31 Oct, 2021 01:00
RedMaster15Hardcore!29 Oct, 2021 01:20
Ness64Hardcore!28 Oct, 2021 18:40
metroidbluesHardcore!19 Oct, 2021 22:35
TyiiopHardcore!18 Oct, 2021 23:14
NaldinhoJoy16 Oct, 2021 00:56
starliteHardcore!12 Oct, 2021 21:18
williamgeesdorfHardcore!11 Oct, 2021 04:17
kogitahHardcore!10 Oct, 2021 08:56
arnautg200207 Oct, 2021 07:59
MushroomMcKennaHardcore!29 Sep, 2021 18:49
iAMjacksID22 Sep, 2021 20:12
FeragruvHardcore!22 Sep, 2021 00:50
14ausherHardcore!21 Sep, 2021 03:49
MidcoreHardcore!21 Sep, 2021 03:02
Val1407Hardcore!21 Sep, 2021 01:29
redmelon424Hardcore!20 Sep, 2021 15:52
leonox2335Hardcore!19 Sep, 2021 09:09
AeronBorjilHardcore!14 Sep, 2021 18:02
EverElsewhereHardcore!14 Sep, 2021 11:23
vanley29Hardcore!05 Sep, 2021 07:25
CadaxarHardcore!02 Sep, 2021 16:23
kiyoshi20 Aug, 2021 22:03
Bobbythegreat34Hardcore!19 Aug, 2021 02:39


Escape Planet Zebes as fast as you can. Time remaining is submitted.
Escape Ceres Station as fast as you can. Time remaining is submitted.
Complete the game as fast as you can with any percentage of items collected.
Complete the game as fast as you can with 100% of the items collected.
Escape Planet Zebes as fast as you can with saving animals. Time remaining is submitted.