Super Metroid
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Escape planet Zebes with at least 2 minutes remaining

    604 (485) of 15,143 – 3.99%

    3.20% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.99% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Brian on: 29 Jul, 2013 18:07
    Last modified: 25 Jun, 2022 18:55

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    highTrolla 20 Apr 2023 18:49
    This achievement is ridiculous, it's so much harder than everything else in this set.
    MatheusBrazuca85 9 May 2023 19:15
    The WR for Zebes Escape is 2m 19s by ShinyZeni who has the any% WR and plays this game for years, the guy who knows almost everything about the game and how to do things like "mockball", "ledge grab" and almost perfect pixel wall jump on those tiny platforms at Zebes entrance.

    And then on RA we have 2 minutes achievement for people with their first experience with Metroid or are coming from others Metroid games which the mechanic are very different from this one, and asking them do to something almost close to the possible best speedrunner of SM so far.

    I don't think it's cry/choro, but people with good sense and a functional brain who wants a fun experience and while they want challenge, they don't want to turn into speedrunners to do this shit.
    Alexdatadestroyer 14 May 2023 09:27
    Fun experience VS Challenge achievement is something relative: if someone struggle a lot on an achievement, then, it becomes stressing for that person. Otherwise, it might be fun - and this applies for all games as you may know. The main goal of a challenge achievement is being the "last boss" on a set! Otherwise, we would have a lot of easy sets... You are on Retro Achievements, a gaming website that provides challenges, not otherwise.

    Also, giving the fact that achievement has a value of 50 points, if anyone expects any 25, 50 or 100-point achievement to be "fun" WITHOUT giving any kind of struggle towards it at first, better to give up.

    One more thing: Sets are created seeking for players that already know the game and takes the risk to attempt some challenges on them: NOT for kind of people that are playing the game for first time! On my case, I never played Super Metroid and neither Super Mario World and I wouldn't risk to take those sets (and neither Bonus Sets) before knowing well those games first - This is the common sense. The thing is: if it's your "first experience" playing that game, then, that set is not for you yet. You will need more skill.
    Alexdatadestroyer 14 May 2023 09:34
    @MauricioReis got this achievement even failing many times during some sections which is presented on this video posted by him on comments before:

    For people that got this achievement, wanna be a REAL hero? Try this Bonus Set and be THE FIRST to master it! Go, go!
    renanbrj 15 May 2023 16:54
    e o choro segue sendo renovado
    MatheusBrazuca85 18 May 2023 17:10
    So fuck new players? Makes sense ADD, really makes sense...
    renanbrj 19 May 2023 19:27
    Were you the greatest in your day at Mega Drive or SNES games? Wanna prove it?"

    thats the very first thing everyone will read on this site, just practice!!!
    MatheusBrazuca85 20 May 2023 04:56
    Then why bonus set exist? Why not put everything in core and be it? Why there is a Welcome Concept list for achievements and a Unwelcome one? Just read man, it isn't hard to read Renan. (sem textão add, vou ler nao)
    Empovyle 23 May 2023 20:32
    Everyone's talking about nerfs, but how about a buff? Increase the points from 50 to 100, it will make it more worthwhile and rewarding for the time and skill investment.
    Empovyle 25 May 2023 06:31
    I managed to get this first try on hardcore after spending maybe 4-ish hours practicing on softcore (new player). Here are some tips: learn to do the diagonal shinespark on the 4th screen. Run all the way to the right, don't cancel your dash to charge the shinespark halfway through like in Brian's video, just do the charge and the launch in one fluid motion. For the 5th screen, I haven't seen anyone mention this, but learn how to do a moonfall down the long drop, it's not necessary but it can save almost 4 seconds if you do get it and that's HUGE (moonfall guide: Besides those, just practice your wall jumps a ton until you are decently consistent with them and the 2:00:00 time will be yours.
    gamerX459 20 Jun 2023 23:03
    when u have people talking about needing glitches for extra speed in order to complete this cheevo i think thats when the line should be drawn and the cheevo either downgraded or removed

    your video demonstration also shows fairly good play with only minor mistakes with only a second to spare before going over a minute

    the 3 e tank one i can defend because it really only requires a 98 or less damage run through the entire mother brain fight (and mistakes can be fixed with a crystal flash if one gets hit too much right before the mother brain hyper beam is fired)

    i been getting into speedrunning this game and honestly im with the majority here when i say this cheevo is on the edge of what perhaps could be considered acceptable for a main set

    plus the unwelcome concept for "Requires Complete Perfection" is kinda pushed with this cheevo..given even the best runners for barely clear this in 2:20 with the wr clearing the escape with 2:21 on the clock and on RA the best time is a 2:17 which should be saying something about the difficulty and skill level required and thats with runners most likely abusing a huge list of glitches and tricks to get out faster

    i can see why this has such a low unlock rate and frankly..and im in favor of it being pushed to a subset
    Empovyle 21 Jun 2023 01:54
    The problem with moving it to the subset is that there is already a harder version of this achievement in the subset (escape in under 1 minute and save the animals). So if anything, it would probably just be removed instead of moved over to that set.

    The best option imo would still be to buff the points from 50 -> 100, because there's over 500 people who have grinded the hell out of the final sequence to get this time, some people even doing it in hardcore and fighting the final boss every attempt, it's far too late to remove it now (the achievement is almost a decade old). It's definitely doable, if you practice in softcore you will eventually get consistent enough and glitches aren't *necessary* but they do help shave off some seconds.

    I do agree 100% that the balance is completely off, it is way too hard in comparison to the rest of the set. No other achievement in the set even comes close to the amount of time you need to invest in practice for this.
    Soren90 11 Sep 2023 21:06
    I've been speedrunning any% on this game for a while. I just came back now to see if I can do this achievement, but it's still insanely hard. I think 01:45 or 01:50 would still be a hard challenge for a casual player.
    OceanManow 12 Sep 2023 16:18
    Acabei de pegar esse cheevo e com isso fechei o set por completo, antes de fazer o desafio eu li todos os comentários pra saber o que me esperava.

    Eu não sou tão familiarizado com Super Metroid, o que eu jogava quando eu era menor era o Fusion, e ainda por cima eu sempre detestei conquistas de time trial ou de speedrun no geral, tava tudo montado pra eu odiar fazer essa conquista e dar razão pra todo mundo que pediu pra ela ir pro subset, até eu pegar ela em menos de 2h de tentativa...

    Dito tudo isso eu venho dizer que eu não tiro o direito de ninguém de achar a conquista muito difícil e de que ela devia ir pra um subset, ate porque eu não sou juiz de porcaria nenhuma. Porém na minha opinião eu não achei ela tão difícil quanto me venderam pelos comentários e acho ela completamente plausível de se fazer, tendo em vista que eu to longe de ser bom no jogo, joguei no teclado e não usei nenhum glitch tão pouco treinei com save state, optando por fazer no hardcore (com save state provavelmente seria mais rapido aprender e desenvolver um fundamento pra cada sala criando um padrão).
    OceanManow 12 Sep 2023 16:34
    A parte mais chata da conquista é que a cada tentativa você é obrigado a matar a Mother Brain e ver a cutscene do Baby Metroid morrendo até você conseguir, e levando em consideração que qualquer deslize durante a fuga pode e vai matar a sua run, não é dificil ver porque tem gente que não gosta da conquista.

    Minhas dicas pra quem quiser fazer a conquista é simples: Mate a Mother Brain com o cérebro no automático (o seu no caso) até porque você provavelmente vai tá com 100% de itens e nada te mata, use o shinespark diagonal pois ele é mais rapido que o vertical, aprenda a dar wall jump porque se errar eles você não passa de jeito nenhum, crie checkpoints mentais dos tempos que você tem que chegar em cada sala pra saber se você esta indo bem, ex: você precisa chegar no final da ultima sala vertical com no mínimo 2:20 min pra poder passar, e caso você tenha paciência pra aprender vá atrás do MoonFall que te permite cair mais rápido na sala 4.

    Fora isso o resto é ter disciplina e praticar, não tenha vergonha de usar save state pra treinar e ver vídeos pra ter referencia.
    cavsfan2313 23 Sep 2023 22:41
    I don't think this achievement is terribly unfair, but my only issue with speedrun-related achievements are when there are RNG components. The wall jumping sections are tough, but the inputs are consistent and the space pirates don't really interfere with the wall jumping. The issue is more with the final stretch with the steam. Depending on the steam RNG, the final run could be inhibited along with the final jump onto the ship (which is tough to center in itself). That being said, it is what it is, and makes sense that it doesn't get moved to any subsets.
    Boomer69 22 Nov 2023 18:54
    This isn't nearly as crazy as some people are making it out to be. As long as you can wall jump semi-decently, it's entirely doable. Use save states to practice a bit and you should get it pretty easily after that. Even the steam isn't really luck because even getting hit 2 or 3 times near the end stretch isn't enough to bar you from getting it and you shouldn't ever get hit more than that as long as you're consistently moving and you jump over that first big rock.
    swagtile 1 Jan 2024 11:45
    There's challenging achievements, and then there's "do a speedrun within 20 seconds of the world record" achievements. The Great Escape is challenging enough - why does this exist in the standard set?
    ParzivalWolfram 9 Jan 2024 09:32
    This isn't, practically forcing a moonfall and other bugs isn't what this site is for. "It's supposed to be hard" isn't even true, it's TEDIOUS, not hard. There's a huge difference when you have to fight the last boss hundreds of times or more to get close to a speedrun time.
    ThiccZag 23 Jan 2024 18:51
    Honestly the only achievement stopping me from coming back and finishing the set

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