Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
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  • Starting in the broken statue, playthrough the Underground Waterway and reach the last room without having the Cleansing (no Fighter, Magician or Unicorn allowed)

    267 (191) of 9,455 โ€“ 2.82%

    2.02% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.82% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by VampireLord on: 05 Jan, 2022 15:53
    Last modified: 06 Jun, 2024 18:15

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    ae90 29 Jan 2022 05:07
    It didnt trigger for me, on the Vampire Hunter mode, no Cleansing
    30 Jan 2022 19:55
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement.
    23 Feb 2022 23:21
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement.
    nahuelescobar 13 Mar 2022 16:03
    Unlocked in 1 hour 33 minutes, very creative!!!
    raniejogos 7 Apr 2022 18:06
    Advice: Don't select the unicorn card, I've completed this challenge with the unicorn card selected, and doesn't work. (I didn't use the effect)
    1 Aug 2022 14:34
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement's wording.
    MajinWamu 6 Sep 2022 03:57
    I'm curious if there are more rules to this because I made it through several times without the cleansing, and it didn't trigger. Are we not allowed to heal? I already defeated Camilla, are my chances lost?
    DesertWorms 30 Oct 2022 18:14
    Same made the run and dont even have the unicorn card? Im I not allowed to die or use save point in the waterways?
    DesertWorms 30 Oct 2022 23:06
    Odd ran all the way back and noticed the challenge symbol activate on the right bottom screen, went up to save and back down to start challenge and it is not activating now running in and out of the room with the statue.
    a8pineapple 25 Dec 2022 00:19
    1st try. I used only Jupiter+Thunderbird (halves damage from blood water) and Jupiter+Mandragora. I didn't use a save point.
    GoleMMan 18 Oct 2023 18:19
    Did not pop for me, either. I'm not sure what's being checked, but it's certainly flaky. It's a bummer, too, because this is a one-try-per-run thing, I went back and did the waterway after killing Camilla and before getting Cleansing and it still didn't pop.

    Honestly, this should be simplified all the way down to "kill Camilla without the Cleansing". Same result, much more reliable check.
    VampireLord 18 Oct 2023 21:08
    Camilla must be alive, this requirement exists because having the Roc Wing turns this challenge into a joke
    GoleMMan 19 Oct 2023 14:22
    But to kill Camilla you first have to go through the Waterway anyway, right? Barring full-on OOB sequence breaks, at least. As it is, it creates this scenario where you are very likely to accidentally break an unreported check (I suspect most often saving and quitting), then kill Camilla and lock yourself out of the achievement for the entire playthrough. If you are able to sequence break into getting the Roc Wing without going through the Waterway you are probably good enough to get through the Waterway.

    IMO, reliable triggers should be prioritized over glitch safeguards, as a general design rule. It's better to have a few people cheese it (and again, AFAIK killing Camilla requires completion of the challenge unless you're breaking the game to extreme degrees) than fail to grant the achievement to casual players who did the required steps and will think the set is broken. Especially on a challenge like this, where you get one attempt per run and have to grind all the way back from the start of the game to retry.
    AABattery 24 Dec 2023 21:02
    Wasn't too bad actually, only problem was learning the route.
    FabinSS 13 Jan 2024 19:03
    Oh ok, you can recover your health at the save room but you can't die, so just recover and don't save till the last room.
    FabinSS 13 Jan 2024 19:09
    Jupiter + Golem works wonders here, if you get frozen the invulnerability will have an enormous duration.
    Leestey 11 Feb 2024 13:19
    Getting this cheevo was not as hard rather than killing camilla at level 29 ๐Ÿ™ƒ
    IndieRok 24 Mar 2024 15:28
    It triggered for me! I had previously tried it once briefly and died. I had reset the game instead of clicking continue, must be why it still worked :). I was scared this was a one shot deal and would have to start a new game and whatnot. I used Jupiter+Golem (Invicibility duration) and Jupiter+Mandragora (stand still/heal) like someone mentioned above and it worked wonders. I did not save at all, followed a youtube video that showed the proper way to the boss door, and each time I died I reset as well instead of Continue. It seems pretty consistent. Hope it helps others! Cheers
    petersozzy 29 Mar 2024 00:35
    did it at the Shooter Mode run.
    6 Jun 2024 18:15
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