Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
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  • Soul Stealer

    (10) (115)

    [Magician Mode] Defeat Adramelech without taking a hit and using only the Holy Sword (Mars + Unicorn)

    178 (164) of 9,457 – 1.88%

    1.73% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.88% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by VampireLord on: 05 Jan, 2022 15:53
    Last modified: 06 Jun, 2024 18:12

    5 Jan 2022 15:53
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    6 Jan 2022 03:19
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    Redjuan22 13 Nov 2023 12:45
    The Bubbles are the real boss.
    FabinSS 16 Jan 2024 16:09
    This guy is a beefcake. At level 23 it took 4 minutes.
    The skulls: slide back, it prevents you from take damage from the bubbles.
    Always destroy those f**** bubbles. I played safe and dodged all fire attacks from a big distance.
    Good luck.
    ArchieGradian 1 Mar 2024 12:14
    Beaten at Lvl 23, with Night suit and 2 STR rings you can get from the hyenas and were bears in the room next to the save point (Good grinding to be had in the secret room on the left). Here was my strat for the fight:

    The good thing about the holy sword being the requisite for this achievement is that if you get up close enough to hit with the hilt, you do double damage. For me this meant 98 max p/hit. all max hits means 18 hits minimum to kill. This said, don't risk damage just for max hits. Hit from wherever it's safe and take your time.

    If you running jump whip right at the start, and then land/position yourself on the gap between wall panels beneath his left horn, you can get just over 6.5 max hits in right at the start before the first attack.

    From here, if you're within range make sure you're ALWAYS crouched where the bubbles can't hurt you, unless BOTH 1. You're certain you can stand and not hit a bubble and 2. You'll have time to get a hit or two in before the next skull/fireball. Remember the idea is to not get hit, not to speedrun the boss.

    Skull are easiest to avoid, slide to the opposite pillar, and then assess where the gaps are you might be able to travel to while the skulls swoop. If you were in a great position for damage before this attack, this means if you slide twice in one direction and then back you'll be laughing. Don't rely on there still being a gap though.

    Fireballs take more timing, but the concept is the same, when a fireball spawns fully, it locks to your position, so if you watch and time your slides with the animation, you'll be fine. Slide maybe three or four times towards the far wall, and if there's still a wave to go, you can safely jump them if you're careful. Try not to slide all the way into the wall, cause then you won't be to get back to a good position just by sliding back to get hits in quicker.

    Patience is the key for this one. You'll be fine ^.^
    IndieRok 22 Apr 2024 11:49
    Beat him at Level 32, my close range max hits were dealing 133dmg per hits. It took less actual combat time to achieve this but it still took me at least 2 days to do this because I have piss-poor hand-eye coordination and the green bubbles RNG played against me most the time. If you don't mind the grind to reach such a high level tho, it will speed up the battle process.
    6 Jun 2024 18:12
    ModelZGolden edited this achievement's type.

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