Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
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    [Magician Mode] Defeat Necromancer without taking a hit and always having Poison Clouds around you (Jupiter + Manticore, no Cross allowed)

    156 (145) of 8,520 – 1.83%

    1.70% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.83% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by VampireLord on: 05 Jan, 2022 15:53
    Last modified: 01 Aug, 2022 14:02

    5 Jan 2022 15:53
    MarioJunior10 uploaded this achievement.
    6 Jan 2022 03:19
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    6 Jan 2022 03:38
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    7 Jan 2022 16:46
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    MarioJunior10 7 Jan 2022 17:05
    The combination will auto deactivate when the dialogue starts, but this isn't a issue, all you need to do is reactive it when the fight starts
    Ghal416 8 Jan 2022 02:36
    Got it. Fuck this boss lol
    Jazmataz 23 Jan 2022 22:03
    Hardest Boss with Hugh Baldwin in the No Damage Category for me.
    Glendaal 15 Feb 2022 03:44
    This boss would have serious PTSD if he heard all the things I called him while attempting this
    23 Feb 2022 21:27
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement.
    Olafur 22 Jun 2022 14:15
    remember one thing: You don't have a level cap. You can level-grind as much as you desire for this. And smacking him with the whip is acceptable, as long as the poison clouds never disappear. I grinded to 28. If you're lazy like me, go to the room with the coffins that spawn an infinite amount of mummies, put on the Jupiter + Unicorn combination and if you're tough enough, the mummies will die the instant they touch it, giving you 3 EXP a piece. Then, turn fast forward on as fast as possible, then just go about your day. Come back a few hours later and you'll be a lot tougher.
    1 Aug 2022 14:02
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement's wording.
    MrDynamite 13 Oct 2022 19:29
    beat it with level 17. second phase you need good rng and stay on the podest to avoid his green ball.
    AzureNightfall 20 Oct 2022 22:57
    utterly maddening. the key is figuring out how to manipulate the rings in first phase, which i still don't fully understand. second phase is free.
    Lipe33 28 Apr 2023 09:39
    definitely doable, I'm level 17 and getting to the second phase consistently. A good grinding spot i found was the flame armor at the leftmost part of the castle, where you get the cross. Just use thunderbird + uranus or something like that
    Redjuan22 13 Nov 2023 01:43
    Is the sub weapon axe allowed?
    FabinSS 16 Jan 2024 00:20
    1 - You can use the axe.
    2 - The major problem here is that Nathan is super clunky, so play safe and stay far away when he launch his (oh boy) balls.
    3 - When he summon skeletons, I had more luck just ducking and attacking, the cloud will get rid of their bones.
    4 - good luck
    darksonic872 17 Feb 2024 17:45
    achievement bien chiant, j'ai du recommencer 7 fois pour le débloquer, 7 fois avec les conditions demander !!!!!!
    ArchieGradian 29 Feb 2024 02:36
    Just got it at Lvl 15 after a lil grind. I had gauntlets and prison garb, which got me 16 p/whip, 1 p/cloud tick, and 6 p/holy water.

    At the very start of the fight you can get 4 hits in straight away with 1 full jump whip, then a backstep with a small jump whip as he comes down, then a floor whip as he hits the floor, then if you're quick you can get a small dash jump whip towards him as he backs off before releasing his rings.
    A 5th hit with a small jump whip after that is possible, but RNG to get hit.

    I stayed on the ground and away for the first two sets of rings, trying to get hits in in the short time you get between 3-ring throws. Jump to the platform for the shield animation and get some hits in, as it doesn't seem to affect your whip damage. Remember that the purple balls can't hit you, only the rings, so you can afford to be just a little bit aggressive here.

    So long as you were on the ground for the first rings, he should stop inside the platform, or close if you're unlucky. Jump up and chuck a holy water on him before 4-5 whips, 6-7 only if you think you can kill with them. After this you should stay on the platform, as scary as that sounds. Remember until he has rings he only gives direct contact damage. and then you can time out the rings and jump over him when he fires them so they don't home in. He should die soon after, or at least before his next zombie phase.

    Second phase is easier if longer if he keeps balling. Stay on the platform and DON'T be tempted to try and slide under him, you'll just fall through, this counts for the first phase.

    Anytime he casts, you can get 4-5 free hits in.
    If he balls, run away to bait him into a shallow dive and double jump over. then the same movement the other way for the next pass and most of the time you'll be fine. If you stay on the platform, he should pass between attacks low enough for you to jump over and back whip him. If he loops after, take a jump whip on him.

    Hope this helps :3

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