Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons
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  • Bested Onox

    (25) (143)

    Defeat both forms of Onox without being harmed.

    185 (129) of 3,412 – 5.42%

    3.78% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.42% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 24 Jul, 2013 18:31
    Last modified: 20 Oct, 2019 16:49

    ShadwSonic 18 Apr 2016 21:18
    Do I keep on trying this with my first save file, or do I start a whole new one for the sole purpose of having the L-3 Sword... besides the 3 Heart run, of course.
    FireSonic 16 Apr 2018 23:57
    i did this with the master sword and red ring... still took me around 1-2 hours or so though...
    26 Jan 2019 09:50
    BenGhazi edited this achievement.
    30 Sep 2019 18:21
    DrPixel edited this achievement.
    RuSsile 9 Oct 2020 19:20
    1st Onix is easy but the 2nd.. still would be easy if Link would jump high enough to hit that forehead rubby. Everytime I do the spin jump off the hand Link just plops to the ground, sucks.
    RuSsile 10 Oct 2020 05:28
    Nevermind. Just need to practice your spin jump before and get it right. Was holding up while jumping before. Just need to HOLD the direction towards the next hand and let go of spin charge. Practice makes perfect.
    MrDynamite 14 Nov 2021 11:16
    finally. this boss was a pain^^ I'm jumping from hand to hand and hit the ruby 11-12 times
    starlite 26 Nov 2021 04:35
    This was a serious pain, dealing with his random ball spitting attack. Finally found a strategy that trivializes the fight: Use the L2 sword and Red Ring. At the start of the fight, get on his hand, but don't attack yet. After a couple of seconds, he'll slam his palm onto the ground again - when he starts to move his hand, jump and spin attack the gem. You'll land on the ground, but are able to jump back onto his hand again since he's slamming it down (Basically you get two hits instead of just one). Since he goes down in four spin attacks, you win easily in just two rounds.
    Throgg 4 May 2022 16:08
    Red Ring and Spin attack jump between his hands , its the only way I could find to not get hit, if he has a chance to spit fire at you , you get hit
    loganizer 21 Sep 2022 20:22
    What a pain. Finally got a good strat down. L-3 Sword + Red Ring and spin attacks mean you only need three hits on his final form. You can also use the mirror shield to stand in the corner and block the red fireballs.
    Jonny8567 3 Jun 2023 04:03
    Damn this was hard! You have to learn to react fast to his movements in dragon form. I had the most issues with dodging his blue spitting fire attack, took alot of practice to get down.
    ShaeTsu 21 Jun 2023 17:12
    Don't bother learning to dodge anything. Get on his claw, use a pegasus seed, and hop back and forth hitting him with normal sword swings twice per jump. Move fast to minimize his movement because it can cause you to slip off. If you land all swings and have the noble sword and red ring he'll die in 6 hops before you're forced to the ground.
    CassetteCobra 12 Aug 2023 05:34
    Onox is by FAR the hardest to do damageless by far. Manhandla and Mothula don't even come close. Getting to his room with multiple attempts becomes tedious as well. His first form is really annoying because all of his attacks are a pain to dodge. His flail attack is less of a danger and more so of the little rocks he spawns.

    Do what ShaeTsu suggests for the second phase as that cheeses the fight. Although I do like to add that you'll have to jump off the ends as soon as you land on it to attack Onox again. Do it too slow and he'll knock you off and likely hit you soon after.
    NinTheFolf 24 Dec 2023 00:04
    Taking the bomb ring in one of your slots (assuming you upgraded the ring box) and equipping it for the room before Onox speeds it up. As everyone else has pointed out though, red ring is ideal for the boss itself.

    Phase 1: This phase isn't too bad, stand near his foot and sword spin to get knocked left/right, go lower and jump under him to avoid the mace when you get too close to the wall. Slap Din away with the rod of seasons when needed. If he summons falling rocks, pausing buffering makes the rocks' shadows WAY MORE APPARENT and easier to dodge out of the way. If he uses tornadoes, it's fine to jump over them but DO NOT deploy the cape. In my experience, every time I did that I got hit. This also has two flavors, 3 and 6 shots, so don't assume the 3rd is always the last.

    Phase 2: Stand center-ish of the platform under onox, but not *directly* center so you can easily tell the difference between red/blue fire startups. If you see onox line his head up with your position, he's likely about to do the blue fire attack, stop moving but get ready to move. The moment his mouth opens, move a little left/right. Enough to dodge, but not too far away from the fireball. Bait all four fireballs out this way.

    He's likely to follow this up with his swipe attack. You'll want to eat a pegasus seed and get ready to run across the screen the moment he lifts the hand out of the way.

    The last attack are the red fireballs, which he'll go center before starting. Just like with the rocks, I just found pause buffering to be effective. Pop a pegasus seed at the start of this. His attacks tend to have a "flow" to them, attacking more inward or more outward as they go. Never stand too close to the center though because while MOST of the time I've found his attacks go in and out then back in, sometimes he just resets at the center when he's gone all the way out.

    An example in motion: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2011767170

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