Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Seasons
Console icon Game Boy Color

  • Defeat Manhandla without being harmed.

    304 (239) of 3,412 – 8.91%

    7.00% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.91% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 23 Jul, 2013 05:25
    Last modified: 30 Sep, 2019 18:20

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    RuSsile 3 Oct 2020 21:09
    Took me 2 days to finally best him. Bested GanGan in just 30 mins in L2TP. No that thus guy is hard, just unpredictable, plus it never opens its mouth when your next to it. Strategy: Walk slightly away from the head you wanna hit, wait till it opens
    RuSsile 3 Oct 2020 21:10
    walk back to strike, or control maguc boomerang if you got it like that.
    gameboyjames 7 Oct 2020 02:29
    Quicksand Ring helps too, if you have it. Negates the moving floors.
    RuSsile 7 Oct 2020 02:54
    Omg how cud I forget to mention that. Without that QRing I wudve had a much harder time. But yeah, the heads never open when your right infront of it, gotta trick it by moving away slightly an quickly coming back or controlling the BoomRang perfectly
    mrmistermistermr 3 Mar 2021 20:53
    Quicksand Ring and roc's feather really helped on this one. You can fully control your boomerang and just hop out of the way if a fireball comes close.
    professorgascan 10 Aug 2023 22:20
    What worked for me was firing the boomerang past it entirely and then walking to a position which means the boomerang will come back to you through the enemy, you can hit two or three heads at a time like that.
    CassetteCobra 11 Aug 2023 07:35
    You definitely want the Quicksand Ring for this fight, the one of two times its ever useful in both games, it makes dodging its attacks a whole lot easier, and you don't want to get hit in this fight because of how tedious it is to get back to the boss room.

    Each head takes three hits to kill. Each head that's destroyed speeds up Manhandla, so you want to even the number of hits for each head until their down to one hit, then Boomerang them to death. When it's in the final phase, dodge as best as you can and hit it three times to open up its core and slash it with your sword to defeat it.
    professorgascan 11 Aug 2023 11:13
    I got to it's core but forgot to switch to my sword so just jumped into it and took damage. Don't do that.
    OniStarWolf 9 Sep 2023 14:20
    Well, I can't add much from my experience with Manhandla ,but this might help. I used Pegasus Seeds to counter the floor (because I didn't have the Q- Ring and didn't think of that honestly haha). Once you get a pattern it becomes easier to master. Thing to note is if Manny is off screen his fireball won't fire so a little breathing room maybe? When you finally got all the heads switch seeds for sword and line him up horizontally so you can spam Boomerang easier to get that final hit with sword.

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