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Defeat Janna without taking damage
This Chick Is TOAST! (25) (631)
Defeat Janna without taking damage

Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 24 Nov, 2021 00:01
Last modified: 24 Nov, 2021 00:01

Unlocked by 18 of 1,071 possible players (1.68%)

24 Nov 2021 00:01
wilhitewarrior uploaded this achievement.
24 Nov 2021 00:01
wilhitewarrior promoted this achievement to the Core set.
WilHiteWarrior 24 Nov 2021 05:56
For Janna, first phase is easy. Dodge the hearts, run away when she throws the sword. Second phase, make sure you have the barrier. You'll need it from time to time. Only pop it when you need it to get out of a tight spot and just long enough to get out. Dodge when you can but don't be afraid to use the barrier. Aim for the flat top!
TindalosKeeper 27 Nov 2021 09:03
There's a way to do this without barrier. You can bait her scythe by jumping before she throws it. If done correctly, she should target the place where you were in mid air, completely missing you. The only time you may need to be careful is when you are repositioning if she gets too close. Bait her attack, if possible and move the fuck away. Time every time she attacks and jump, so you can continue the bait. Quite simple when you get the hang of it. Use the Phaser and shoot for the head for maximum damage.

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