Golden Sun
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  • Lord of Gods

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    Defeat 25 consecutive hordes of enemies in Battle Mode while Isaac is level 40 or higher

    446 (377) of 6,571 – 6.79%

    5.74% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.79% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Rewsifer on: 30 Oct, 2014 02:12
    Last modified: 29 Apr, 2024 13:39

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    Markisino 8 Oct 2021 18:27
    Can we lower the level requirement? Or remove it? There's no high exp monsters to grind for. It takes days of fighting the same pink tornado lizard.
    18 Oct 2021 15:39
    Infernox edited this achievement.
    Infernox 18 Oct 2021 15:42
    Changed the description using Gemyma's fixes.
    MegaZeroX7 13 Nov 2021 20:28
    Yeah, I agree with the others, in that it really should just be testing that you can go to win 25 battles in a row, without caring what the level is. It also makes an unfun too high of level to want to import to Lost Age
    Senzaki 14 Nov 2021 18:11
    Level 40 is fine IMO. Got all the drops I wanted by level 37ish without manipulations. It's a short game, did 100% plus the achievements in under 30hrs gametime. Stop whining.
    Sines 19 Nov 2021 14:04
    If this is the last achievement you grind (which it should), doing a full run of all the tornado lizard + boss only take a minute or two with speed-up. You start one rounding enemies around lv32 with just basic attack. Assign Douse to a shoulder button, put on a show on a second monitor and it should only take you one to two hours of running around to get the right level.You will also end up with tons of potions, which is useful for the Colosso fights.
    HolographicDoll 27 Jan 2022 04:19
    Level 40 is a bad call. You naturally get to about 30 by the end of the game. It then takes twice as much experience to go from 30 to 40 as it did from 1 to 30. Winning 25 battles in a row is not meaningfully harder at level 30, either, because nothing in GS1 is scaled beyond that level.
    Jendrej 11 Jun 2022 23:25
    I think the level requirement is there because of difficulty scaling. Battle mode scales either with level or game progression, it’s much much harder starting with the first enemy with a loaded level 40 save of the game completed than it was when I tried it out earlier. The enemies are much tougher than those fought in the story, even if they’re the same type.
    Modsquad 22 Aug 2022 13:22
    Grinding to 40 isn't fun. Anyone defending this saying stop whining clearly doesn't care having their time wasted for for something unfun.

    This isn't like gs tla where you can grind the Phoenix revives in the underground tunnel for unholy xp. If there needs to be a level cap for the achievement it should be 30.

    Achievements should want you to waste your time, not just simply waste your time.
    pyrospade 23 Nov 2022 15:51
    Level requirement should be lowered to 30. “Just watch a show while you grind” is a pretty shitty justification, if the challenge here is to watch a show while I mindlessly mash buttons then there’s no challenge at all and this is not an achievement.
    MisterGoemon 28 Feb 2023 07:26
    Definitely Agree With The Level Requirement Since 40 In Golden Sun Feels Like 99.

    Found The Quickest Way To 40 By Entering The Beginning Of The Suhalla Desert With The Best Weapons & Just Kill The First Tornado Lizard On The Right Then Leave And Repeat.

    I Found It Faster Than Walking Through The Entire Desert To Kill All 7 Of The Tornado Lizards.

    It's Still Tedious, But Faster Overall When You Consider That You Only Have To Defeat A Single Enemy For 620xp Compared To Defeating Groups Of Enemies In The Venus Lighthouse For A Possible Chance To Get Around 1,200xp If You Get Lucky With Enemy Groups.

    Hope This Helped My Ninjas! 😎🤙
    DirectLinkk 6 Mar 2023 07:48
    I did it on the secret island where the pink tornado respawns every time you enter the overworld.

    And I can see why the level cap is there because the enemies are WAY stronger now in the arena. After I had all the other achievements I was level 33 and could basically auto attack everything but now it's much harder
    Superbegita 27 May 2023 02:50
    I have just had it and can confirm for the legel of the ennemies it had nothing to do with their usual countrerpart in the main game i mean. It's doable honestly , hard but doable you have to think cleverly specially thinking that as the battles are in a row you clntinue in your actual stqte you was when you finish a battle.

    I think the battle are random , see some boss (kraken by ex)...see one comment of the girl i was ecpecting Dead beard at a moment but no just two random foes..

    For the grind , chain the Sahalla desert (after the town) take down quickly all the tornados and when you are about the last part (you have three tornados and after that you have the pink one).

    Flee from the dungeon with Issac ! Go out and enter again ! Here we are tornados are here again !

    I have notice something interesting that i can confirm too: when you kill an ennemy with whith his elemental weakness WKTH a Djinns and ONLY with a Djinni well you gain some say +25% bonus ex

    So tornado lezard comes from 600 xp to 800+ xp

    With Flint you can lurder them easily and with enough speed they wont even touch you.

    With several hours you can goes from level say 32 to yes 36/37 see more.

    It's doable really but yes you have to being cautious foe the arena (give everyone something to ressurect in items
    JamesBond 27 Jul 2023 06:07
    yeah mate i gotta agree with everyone else the level requirement part really sucks and its the one thing keeping me from completion, it would be much nicer if was just 25 battles any level, especially since you need to import the save in the sequel anyway and being level 40 at the beginning is a little cheaty
    KingKherzo 6 Sep 2023 00:48
    This achievement lined up well for me. I grinded in Venus Lighthouse as soon as I reached the last level and by the time I got both the Kikuichimonji and the Blessed Mace, my Isaac was level 39. Five minutes later, got level 40, ready to finish everything.
    permafrosty 29 Sep 2023 14:38
    I grinded by messing around at the top of the lighthouse with turbofire
    SolidarityGG 23 Dec 2023 05:31
    25 battles at level 30 would be so much better...heck, make it 32 I guess, but 40 is total BS, you have to sit there for hours for mastery before you can even get to the actual skill related part.
    27 Apr 2024 01:38
    ladynadiad edited this achievement's logic.
    ladynadiad 28 Apr 2024 04:30
    Yeah, I did the 3, 10 and 15 while in the 20s and then did this at 40 and the difference in difficulty is night and day. It was actually quite challenging with Isaac at 40. Yes the grinding was annoying and tedious, but I will say this is valid content and the level should not be lowered.
    29 Apr 2024 13:39
    Nepiki edited this achievement's description.

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