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    Finish 100cc or Faster Star Cup in Overall 1st Place without hitting walls. Use "Retry" to continue on any track!

    188 (126) of 13,195 – 1.42%

    0.95% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.42% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by MGNS8M on: 28 Jun, 2021 22:38
    Last modified: 15 Jan, 2022 20:05

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    DavidLR04 25 Jun 2022 15:16
    el mundo sería un lugar mejor si bowser's castle fuese la primera pista de la copa
    DavidLR04 25 Jun 2022 18:48
    aaaamiiigooo. la CPU es casi imparable en la última carrera, para colmo te pueden empujar en la parte del puente o la subida, y no paran de tocarme los peores poderes!!!!¡11!!!1 (Man!!)@
    DavidLR04 25 Jun 2022 20:17
    Dominator 22 Sep 2022 00:56
    if i hit a wall, can i restart the race or do i have to play the cup all over again?
    Dominator 13 Nov 2022 04:15
    I gave up on this achievement, I won it either by restarting the races or playing the entire cup at once without touching any walls, but the achievement does not unlock at all
    hardcoregamertop 17 Nov 2022 23:50
    this.... was worse than special cup's... wow... kinda painfull.
    Dominator 10 Dec 2022 04:09
    MGNS8M man if you can change this achievement to allow us to restart the race if we hit a wall I would really appreciate it, I'm tired of this achievement, on the last lap of bowser castle the CPU used the lightning powerup and I went straight into the wall, I'm tired having to restart the whole cup just to have a bad rng in the last track
    Dominator 10 Dec 2022 04:32
    Damn, finally
    Husknou 7 Feb 2023 12:13
    Passar a visão pra quem for fazer.
    Fica em último na fase do bowser até a final lap, tenta ficar com um relampago e usa. Tenta pegar pelo menos quarto lugar que da tudo certo
    poisongirlss 6 Mar 2023 17:58
    Funnily enough I found this one easier than Wall Flowers, except for Bowser's Castle, because at least you don't have to come in 1st place in every single race. Tips:
    Use DK/Wario/Bowser - they're the heaviest and other racers can't send you flying unless they have a star.
    Wario Stadium: easy, but long. Course is wide. Just beware some sharp turns.
    Sherbet Land: Don't get the turbo boost at the start, you'll go flying into the water. Watch for penguins that can send you spinning. Otherwise fine.
    Royal Raceway: easy, but beware the boost and the ramp and line it up as straight as you can otherwise you'll go into the wall. Some sharp turns.
    Bowser's Castle: Awful. Come in 1st place in the last three races and come 4th in this one. Take your time.
    poisongirlss 7 Mar 2023 13:40
    Done with Wario. I can't stress the importance of taking your time in Bowser's Castle if not outright stopping and waiting for other racers to pass. Come in 1st in the first three races then 4th in BC to ensure you win.
    salvadorbastard 16 Mar 2023 15:45
    I did this with Bowser. Mainly because of his own stage being the most challenging for this cheevo. Bowser being the heaviest means you don’t get bumped into the wall unless you get blasted by Luigi with a star (it’s always damn Luigi on this stage!)
    And as always Bananas will be your worst enemy here so stay alert!
    Much easier than the Flower Cup cheevo.
    professorgascan 20 Jul 2023 18:05
    I’ve messed up in a myriad of ridiculous ways on this. Bored of Wario stadium now. But I will get it.
    2 Jan 2024 01:54
    MGNS8M edited this achievement's logic.
    6 Jan 2024 00:09
    MGNS8M edited this achievement's description, logic.
    TheJediSonic 25 Jan 2024 23:41
    To hell with Bowser's Castle, go as careful as you can and you still end up nipping a wall. Stupid course
    RockinRex 7 Mar 2024 05:56
    Star Cup although not as devastatingly hard as Flower Cup, it's still pretty tricky mostly because of Bowser Castle. Thankfully, you don't have to finish this cup with 36 points, and you get to choose 100CC (Can you imagine doing this on 150CC? It'll be like hell no doubt).

    Your best character would be either Bowser or DK so you won't get pushed around so easily. Even in Bowser Castle cuz they might push you to the wall if you don't pick them.

    Wario Stadium - Just keep away from the walls when you're about to make a jump on ramps, you should do just fine

    Sherbet Land - Probably the cave being the hard part here, but at least Penguins don't count as walls (thou you still should avoid them), and you're on 100CC this time so then again you'll do fine.

    Royal Raceway - Lots of tricky turns, and most walls are far away from you until you get to the big jump where you have to align yourself straight or else you hit the wall midair.

    Bowser Castle - Be sure to finish 1st place on 3 tracks if you can because you're gonna need to take your time in this track. Most turns are 90 degrees so your best option is to slow down and go carefully, especially the part where you have to make a loop near the end. Thwomps are a pain in the butt to dodge and will make your day miserable when you get hit by them.

    You don't have to finish 1st place if you couldn't, but do make sure your overall score gets you to gold trophy.
    MARKY95 22 Mar 2024 21:48
    This one was pure evil!
    Ironically though, I managed to do this on the EXTRA cup.

    Race 1: 1st place
    Race 2: just squeezed into third place
    Race 3: 1st place
    Race 4: 4th place

    Was enough for 1st place overall, thank the heavens.

    Aim is, take your time when you get to boswers course, the AI will inevitably make mistakes giving you wide margins to squeeze into 4th or maybe even 3rd or 2nd.

    I used Wario, as others have stated, the heavier drivers are your ticket to success here.
    XrandomXBlack 3 Apr 2024 17:34
    Al ver los comentarios me doy cuenta que soy un imbécil. xD

    Yo creí que para conseguir este logro había que quedar PRIMERO en TODAS las carreras, tremendo reto loco me avente. xDDDD
    Kit3210 9 Apr 2024 19:40
    Bowser's Castle was tricky, but still pretty fun. Took me a few tries.

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