Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

Complete Flower Cup 150cc or EXTRA with 36 points without hitting any walls, steep hills, or pipe.
Wall Flowers (25) (710)
Complete Flower Cup 150cc or EXTRA with 36 points without hitting any walls, steep hills, or pipe.

Created by MGNS8M on: 28 Jun, 2021 22:38
Last modified: 15 Jan, 2022 20:04

Won by 75 of 7494 possible players (1%)

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DanTheEnigma 10 Jul 2021 19:25
Garbage cheevo. If the AI decides you don't get to win, you gotta do it all over and that's WITHOUT the stipulation of hitting a wall.It's literally a crapshoot as to whether or not you win. If it was just "Win the Grand Prix" instead of 36 points, this would be more bearable and less stressful.
Signum 10 Jul 2021 21:41
I agree that this cheevo is very hard because of the AI shenigans present in this game.
cavsfan2313 13 Jul 2021 23:55
How are "steep hills" defined and where are they located in the context of these levels?
RandoT 26 Jul 2021 21:14
Dan, I was also very frustrated by the game's AI when trying the 36 points using Bowser cheevo, but I discovered that, if you realise you're not getting 1st place, you can just drop 5th or below and retry. This works both for No Walls cheevo and the other types.
cavsfan2313 28 Jul 2021 18:24
RandoT, are you aware if you can get 5th or worse to negate hitting a wall, or does hitting a wall permanently mark you for the rest of the Grand Prix, regardless of starting the race over?
cavsfan2313 29 Jul 2021 20:01
I would agree, pretty disappointing achievement. I held out some hope that you could reset a race if you hit a wall, which would be very fair, but you absolutely have to avoid them for 4 straight races.
DanTheEnigma 2 Aug 2021 18:35
Yeah, this achievement needs some form of revision or just flatout be removed. Same for the other No Wall achievements. The AI can just decide to hit you with a lightning strike out of nowhere and ruin your run or you can just lose control because of something you had no way to avoid and you suddenly can't get first anymore.
cavsfan2313 2 Aug 2021 18:52
I eventually got it. I would highly, highly recommend using RAP64, as you can press escape during the race to see if you are still eligible for the achievement. Choco Mountain takes some practice to get down. If you know you're going to lose, avoid hitting walls and finish 5th or below to start over. It's a slog still, but a small positive.
cavsfan2313 2 Aug 2021 18:53
Fortunately Frappe Snowland and Mario Raceway have no wall issues really, and Toad's Turnpike for the most part, given it's the first race.
PlatinumPaz 3 Aug 2021 01:19
Does anyone know if i get hit by a wall, i have to remake all the Races or i could only restart that especific one ?
cavsfan2313 3 Aug 2021 02:02
If you hit a wall, you must restart from the beginning. The only situation you can restart a race is if you haven't hit a wall but know you aren't going to get first. Then you can drop to 5th and restart the race, just no walls period.
27 Oct 2021 17:29
MGNS8M edited this achievement.
Ivsucram 12 Nov 2021 03:05
This is an extremely hard achievement. Although 3/4 of races are quite easy, Choco Mountain is the one that gives me anxiety.Finally got it.(This is not a complaint. This is a hard achievement and I think that it should continue like that. It made me play the game in a different style. Thanks.
MINI91 28 Nov 2021 16:33
The RNG, the rubber-banding, the chance of spinning out and hit a wall, the random lightning strike, the bumping from heavier racers and so much more. This achievement was the worst time I have ever had in a Mario Kart game in my 30+ years on this planet. My disappointment is immeasurable and the Flower Cup is ruined. Use DK, take your time, don't use mini-turbo too much and sandbag the AI with bananas and shells. If you can get past the first three stages, the Mario Circuit should be easy.
15 Jan 2022 20:04
MGNS8M edited this achievement.
Kamikoopa 12 May 2022 13:33
I haven’t even started this achievement yet and I already want to shove glass up my urethra.
Kamikoopa 13 May 2022 01:23
Okay so after a few attempts it’s flat out unfair and pure RNG. Example: I’m on Choco Mountain 3rd lap, first, then suddenly out of no where Peach and Warrior materialize in front of me, that’s it, I lost. I couldn’t catch the pair of them and there were no more items. Just pure bad luck.
Kamikoopa 13 May 2022 01:23
DavidLR04 20 Jun 2022 22:36
solo en Choco Mountain se pica la cosa diría
EliasPapp 28 Aug 2022 02:59
The last portion of Choco Mountain with the 3 slopes is pure bs. No matter how far I'm from the second place, it always passes me and ruins my run.

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