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  • Wall Flowers

    (25) (478)

    Complete Flower Cup 150cc or EXTRA with 36 points without hitting walls. Use "Retry" to continue on any track!

    192 (135) of 13,449 – 1.43%

    1.00% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by MGNS8M on: 28 Jun, 2021 22:38
    Last modified: 04 May, 2024 00:26

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    2 Jan 2024 00:10
    MGNS8M edited this achievement's logic.
    6 Jan 2024 00:09
    MGNS8M edited this achievement's description, logic.
    RetroVanny 7 Jan 2024 07:09
    I removed my previous comment, not because Im ultimately embarrassed by it or anything. Honestly was being a little childish in the statement.
    If anyone is curious, it was essentially just a huge rant on why I think this achievement was not fun and “ruined my experience” with MK64. It ultimately didn’t, but it did make going for 100% Mastered not fun.
    Just didn’t want a huge topic being left on here for a bunch of negativity on the subject.
    Just thought I’d clarify 🙏🏻
    marshm8low 10 Jan 2024 17:08
    it's okay Retrovanny, it's much more enjoyable now, thank you MGNS8M for the set.
    RetroVanny 11 Jan 2024 00:01
    Was this actually changed? Wait NO CAP? Guys/gals i’m happy for you, and good on you MGNS8M for changing this.
    Mad respect 🙏🏻
    rhas777 12 Jan 2024 20:19
    Remember guys: You can retry any race! If you hit a wall, dip down to 5th or lower and the game give you that option. The achievement restarts in the stage you currently are with the points of your previous races.

    Choco Mountain is the bad guy here. Take it easy. Don't drift and choose a heavyweigth Character (Wario, DK or Bowser).
    RetroVanny 16 Jan 2024 09:15
    No no see, RHas. Here’s the thing. Before this was edited earlier this month, you couldn’t do that. It used to be you hit a wall, restart the whole cup. THAT is why this achievement was the devils advocate before the change. Be lucky you didn’t have to suffer through that. LOL
    MGNS8M 24 Jan 2024 18:07
    Except for Mushroom Cup walls(which is dirt easy enough that even I was able to get it), my original intent was to allow Retry ... but up until now I couldn't think of a good way to restore the "Trigger" icon correctly on Retry. I could have made it WORK ... but you wouldn't have any indication that it was still working(especially since hitting a wall before you first cross the starting-line will also disable the achievement)....either the Trigger icon would only appear on the last track, or it would disappear on any Retry attempt and never show up until the achievement worked.

    Allowing Retry now was all thanks in part to "ResetNextIf" which is a somewhat-new-tool that can thankfully work in-line with multiple-other-checks(to ONLY reset indicators on a specific track and not the entire achievement), AS WELL as realizing that I didn't need to reinitialize Trigger per-specific-track(which would prevent Trigger from showing up until the end), I only needed to restore it BEFORE you reached a specific track.

    It's kinda hard to explain it correctly, but basically I didn't think about doing that before, and just kinda came across the idea as I was fixing an achievement for something else. I was so stuck on per-track indicators that I forgot I can just restore ALL indicators(and allow Trigger to appear) before they are encountered by using <= instead of specific ==.
    MGNS8M 24 Jan 2024 18:15
    In other words, my previous-methods were hitting a catch-22 that I couldn't get around, but then I did.

    I really feel bad for those who did it the hard way and I'm sorry for not changing it sooner, but the winners after several years were well under 100. While I normally disagree with 'hard achievements' being made easier after other people got them, this isn't really a legacy-challenge other games have, it's just one I came up with, and it WAS my original intent to allow Retry on at least the last two anyway if I was able to do it, and now I am. (I wasn't going to change it for Wall Flowers .... but Choco Mountain is straight up garbage on its "walls" being considered walls or not.)
    UsedForks 25 Jan 2024 09:17
    This is the worst thing ever. What on Earth were you thinking?
    cavsfan2313 25 Jan 2024 10:03
    Technically it can't be the "worst thing ever" if it's better than before :) While it was pretty painful to unlock previously, it's cool the dev took the time to revisit the achievement here to make it much more tolerable.
    UsedForks 25 Jan 2024 16:23
    I mean, I do appreciate that, but it’s still awful lol. I don’t know how anyone would have had the patience to get this before the update. It’s bad enough you have to finish the race to retry, I can’t imagine having to redo the whole cup.
    TheJediSonic 25 Jan 2024 22:16
    Going through it and yes, its all Choco Mountains fault lol
    TheJediSonic 25 Jan 2024 22:17
    ... Im stupid, I just read that it allows retries now lmao. Choco Mountain isn't so bad when you get to retry it a lot
    RetroVanny 27 Jan 2024 19:32
    @TheJediSonic Yeah doing it beforehand was something that actively messed with my head sometimes LOL
    But honestly even though it was the most stressful thing i’ve ever done in a MK game, I’m glad I can say I have done it. I’m super proud I did it. 🙏🏻
    RockinRex 6 Mar 2024 21:28
    Man, this one broke me
    Would've gave up unlocking this if we're not allowed to 'Retry' everytime I hit a wall. You're going to need a lot of practice and perhaps sheer dumb luck to beat it.

    I can finish 1st place on Toad's Turnpike, and Frappe Snowland just fine without touching walls, it's Choco Mountain that is the real bad guy here. So many turns, ramps that you have to be precise on going straight or else you hit the wall midair, and of course the AI who obviously loves to cheat just being faster than you, and use bananas to end your run (worse case scenario would be lightning).

    Once you finally skilled, and lucky enough to finish 1st on the dreaded Choco Mountain, Mario Raceway is when you can rest easy since it's the easiest course since the walls are far away from you. Just don't let the AI steal the victory from you when you're at final lap, and about to cross the finish line or you're gonna START ALL OVER AGAIN. It happened to me before which makes me wanna toss these cheating AI into the river.

    Best character to do this would be either Bowser or DK since you're heavyweight and the other racers won't push you around easily.

    I wish you the best of luck for beating this chevo, and honestly I wouldn't blame people for using save states.
    But if you beat it either Softcore or Hardcore, then I congratulate you. You should be very proud. The last two cups should be at least a bit more forgiving than Flower Cup.
    Kit3210 9 Apr 2024 18:51
    I somehow beat Choco Mountain on my first try! I think the time trial I did before helped a bit. But I admit you do need a bit of luck with items to keep the AI away (like 3 shells). I also didn't do the boost at the beginning to be extra cautious. And I just barely beat a CPU at the end on the hills.

    Toad's Turnpike gave me more trouble because of the vehicles and the items that the computers lay. Once I got past that level, I felt much more comfortable and confident.
    terra22 29 Apr 2024 06:10
    Choco Mountain looks scary as hell at first but once you get the sharp turns down around the beginning and being better at holding still or not drifting near the walls as much at the end it's not as terrible. Still a stage that is susceptible to run enders
    4 May 2024 00:26
    MGNS8M edited this achievement's logic.
    ChiringoCyan 4 May 2024 06:55
    This one was easy after doing special cup cheevo, a recomendation you can practice choco mountain if you fail them, just before complete the last lap in 5th place and retry and doing some mini turbos with some luck getting red shells to stay in 1st place without touching walls (Beware with the last part from choco mountain, it will be agresive when you jump in them or move to left or right)

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