Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
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  • [No NG+ | Hard | Lv.<=15] Defeat Headhunter without taking damage using only knives, daggers, and bows.

    355 (314) of 14,614 – 2.43%

    2.15% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Infernox on: 31 Mar, 2021 22:09
    Last modified: 01 Apr, 2021 02:20

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    Kiutgh 28 May 2021 00:25
    RDPateau. i believe that would require you to utilise the precisely timed jump to get into floating garden early, but I could be wrong about it.
    seilahehe 21 Jun 2021 19:37
    Cutall+ Skull Archerspam arrows in the first and second form;in the form of a lizard, get down from the tongue attack and cutall hit 2 times the tongue
    Olafur 12 Aug 2021 14:25
    What I did was utilize the trick to get to Floating Gardens early. I got the Golem Soul for an extra 8 strength over Skeleton Knight as well as the Black Belt drop from Werewolf for more strength and the Ripper Soul. I'd say its better than Skull Archer. Its easier to hit the second guy with and hits 6 times per shot. Just aim well, it costs a lot of MP. Stock up on Mana things if needed.
    dimenfer 19 Aug 2021 04:53
    That one needs practice, I used combat knife for the first two, for the woman just wait for her to attack, after is your turn, you can jump attack + land attack + backstep and repeat she will not fight back, for the old man just follow him and attack but be aware of thunder attack, the fire one is easy to avoid, for the reptile just maintain distance and use Cutall to hit the tongue as suggested by others.
    MauricioReis 8 Sep 2021 04:26
    MrDynamite 5 Jan 2022 16:09
    third phase became a troll. 1st and 2nd phase are doable with Cutall.,
    Isaac33 5 Feb 2022 23:10
    I used Golem, Ripper, Black belt and mind up potions. My advice is just spam Ripper in the third phase, its way too cheesy with this combo
    FrQise 21 Feb 2022 17:43
    Tips : You can hit-lock the first phase : As soon as the ennemy hurtbox become active, hit her with the combat knife, backdash immediatly, throw a Ripper knife and run in front of her (she'll start to move back) and just spam her with combat knife melee attack and move forward as the same time as she is moving back. She'll eventually get in the corner and you can just spam attack, she'll never fight back and you'll just destroy the first phase.
    Seaofstars86 5 Jul 2022 21:15
    finally after about 200 resets without exaggeration in the end I was able to beat this achievement and the only thing I can think of to say is that this achievement is difficult as hell, seriously whoever thought that knives were the best weapon to deal with a boss as annoying as the headhunter >:c this achievement is not fun at all
    KaiserBel 6 Jul 2022 22:25
    I confirm, it's not funny
    AnTiHrIsTiS 17 Aug 2022 15:22
    Lizard form is too chaotic for such a short weapon
    Raptec 26 Aug 2022 05:58
    Finally! , my OBS insist in try to show up my screensaver XD.
    Leires 8 Mar 2023 01:55
    Forcing players to defeat a boss as inefficiently as possible does not demonstrate mastery. This is one of the worst achievements on this site.
    Rampagingtaru 25 Mar 2023 00:57
    Yea that one was annoying. But ripper, black belt, and minotaur soul helps.
    OniGearEye 7 May 2023 02:35
    infpgamer 11 Jun 2023 18:55
    Finally got it after a handful of tries. I used Issac33's strategy though I had Triton instead of golem. I used all my regular, super, and prism mana potions to get through. and attacked with cutall under the tongue.
    HachimanGamer 12 Dec 2023 17:01
    Finalmente consegui...
    Kishinjou 22 Feb 2024 23:23
    Having finally finished this I can safely say this is the worst achievement I've ever suffered for on this site. Cutall can carry you through the first 2 phases but for the last one, get the Ripper and Wooden Golem souls and run around like a thumb waiting for knives to charge and pray the erratic rat running all over the screen doesn't snipe you with contact damage (it will happen 4895435903475349768 times).
    Carloszoross 27 Feb 2024 21:10
    Me da uma tristeza porque quando eu pega essa conquista eu não vo fica feliz eu vo fica triste porque tem mais conquistas igual a essa
    MauricioReis 27 Feb 2024 22:38
    se isso ajudar vc, esse no damage pra mim é de longe o mais dificil, pq é o único em que as restrições realmente fazem com que a luta seja muito apertada, os demais chefes, mesmo sendo monstros mais difíceis, possuem restrições com margem para vc abusar das mecânicas do jogo, mesmo o no damage no boss final Chaos se torna fácil se vc usar todos os recursos permitidos

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