Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Console icon Game Boy Advance

  • Fill out all of the enemy data and monster drops in your bestiary.

    501 (447) of 14,614 – 3.43%

    3.06% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Infernox on: 16 Mar, 2021 21:51
    Last modified: 06 Apr, 2021 07:21

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    6 Apr 2021 07:21
    Infernox edited this achievement.
    Rata 7 Apr 2021 19:39
    Gotta catch em all and shit
    seilahehe 19 Apr 2021 12:54
    souls not needed
    Brickman 25 May 2021 22:36
    Luckly i forgot to get all the items in my already beat save! :D
    LeturLefr 28 Jul 2021 20:45
    took me 85 level for this shit
    Ness64 26 Oct 2021 20:52
    This was the final achievement I got, and it isn't hard, just tedious. I recommend doing it on Hard, where you can get Death's scythe and robe (they boost Luck), ideally after getting the Rare Ring and the Chaos Ring (this effectively means you already know where to farm for every enemy). I've beaten the game at Lv. 50 and was done with this one at Lv. 81...
    iamnotokay 19 Nov 2021 01:43
    if you do this in one sitting it will make you hate your life, i spent two days farming monsters
    MrDynamite 8 Jan 2022 21:10
    one sitting? I have filled my bestiary but achievement don't pop up
    Emoon 7 Feb 2022 04:34
    Talk about tedious. A heads-up for anyone trying: Luck in this game is pretty much useless. The formula for actual rare item drop is: 1 / Max(16, (1/base_drop_rate - LCK/16)). Which means that, for an item with 0.5% base drop rate, if you boost somehow your luck from 80 to 160 you'd get a grand increase of... 0.01% on your chances per monster killed. Rare Ring is something else, though: it makes rare drops 3 TIMES more likely to happen! Apart from it, it's better to just forget about rates and focus on boosting your _other_ stats for killing monsters quickly and efficiently.
    Emoon 7 Feb 2022 04:35
    (also, 25 is too little for a task so time-consuming. Picking up all souls grants 75 points total, so this should totally be worth 50 instead)
    LuidoLives 1 Aug 2022 07:09
    eu cheguei no lvl 95 apenas tentando pegar todos os drops, pensa em uma conquista agonizante pra pegar, precisa de paciencia, tempo, e sorte, boa sorte pra quem tentar
    princentvice 18 Sep 2022 19:04
    To whomever is reading this: I hope you read the full text of the achievement description and didn't kill your last shadowknight and are now wondering why the achievement didn't pop. FML.
    MajinWamu 17 Apr 2023 23:04
    This one was wild, and for some reason my save file kept mysteriously going back a couple saves, making me have to repeat progress all over again. Left the man-eater for last and that sucker didn't want to cough up the sword. It was a relief once I finally got it. There's a Bloodstained achievement just like this one. It was a nice call back...kind of. Should be worth more than 25 points. 25 is kind of a ripoff.
    noisepolice 10 Jun 2023 23:27
    lvl 86 11:33:29 for me to complete this one
    MenaceInc 20 Aug 2023 13:51
    The drop rates on Final Guard is slowly killing my soul. Still have items from Demon Lord and Shadow Knight to get. Already at 86 with 15hrs in
    sucopessego 5 Jan 2024 19:12
    my game crashed over 4 times while i was grinding this, now i have more than 13 hours in the save file and my chracter are in level 95
    qAkiba 9 Jan 2024 10:50
    WOO! Final sword drop finally! Little tip; the killer doll soul can be used to distract and turn the big guard armors around, making farming them just a little less of a pain
    Vassi 25 Feb 2024 07:27
    11h29:08.65 and Lv.89, finally finished it. Unlike everybody here talking about shadow knights, final guards, they did not trouble me it only took 30-45 minutes for both of them, infact i got almost all drops with an average of 10 minutes the only 2 mods that gave me rememberable pain and trouble was those 2 damn chickens, BASILISK AND COCKATRICE, i literally went from level 80 and 89 farming those 2 only, it took almost 5 hours for those 2 to drop, I hate them from the bottom of my soul and heart, i had to make myself hatefully grind those 2 just for the Milican's Sword and THE FUCKING POTION!??? Goshhh thank god it's over
    qAkiba 25 Feb 2024 07:36
    Lmao that's rough. Guess the game punished you for that initial luck. Congrats on finishing it!
    Vassi 25 Feb 2024 16:23
    but Seriously tho, I hate those 2 cocks

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