Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Collect all 100 gold coins in a round of Midas River

    229 (166) of 11,875 – 1.93%

    1.40% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.93% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Searo on: 15 Mar, 2021 00:46
    Last modified: 04 Jul, 2023 18:34

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    CassetteCobra 6 May 2022 04:53
    Advice for yall having struggles with this achievement; When you get to the second split and get both of the bottom left coins, hold right the entire time while mashing A to swim up. You can't be moving in multiple directions or else the rocks weird Collison will stop you and ruin your run. I figured out that this strategy works very good, used it twice and got past the rock both times.
    RetroSprites 25 Jun 2022 22:48
    Finally done this fucking achievement, for those who have problems:
    1st part: It is best to swim maximum 3 times, since when you swim 4 times, the game pulls Mario further down, it also helps to have a synchronization in the head, every time you stop swimming, count "one" in your head, so you have a perfect frame and Mario does not go so far down. Just swim 4 times when you are close to a coin that is above you.
    Part 2: Write down on a piece of paper or memorize where all the coins are, keeping in mind that on some sides only one is taken and then Mario bounces with the other barrel to take 4 on the opposite side.
    Phantomizer 2 Oct 2022 06:26
    Haven't even tried this and I already hate It
    wedgordo 4 Nov 2022 02:13
    wedgordo 4 Nov 2022 04:41
    Senhores, para aqueles que pegaram as 100 moedas e no final marcou 99, isso aconteceu porque durante a descida da cachoeira apareceu uma moeda verde (ela não conta como score).

    Vá uma segunda vez na sequência, sem resetar o game que aparecerá uma moeda normal.
    PrestoJoe 12 Jan 2023 02:11
    Ah... FUN.
    Fretzi 9 Apr 2023 10:45
    I was confused why I only got 99 coins at the end, but turns out frog coins don't count. Make sure to collect every frog coin in the first section first before trying this.
    DrxD 21 May 2023 06:37
    My heart was pounding after having my first successful waterfall run! I cleared the barrel hopping section on the first try after finally getting all the waterfall section coins! best advice don't tap super fast kinda go with a smooth tapping even when u think you might not make it!
    leonox2335 3 Jul 2023 12:48
    Got it! Not really fun...
    Some tips:
    Waterfall Section: As stated above, you need to tap A in a rhythm to swim faster, the best pattern I found was something like A.A.A..A, after 4 press Mario will fall really fast no matter what, so it's best to do three then let him fall a little and keep swimming with three presses.
    River Section: I found that the pattern that you need to follow is:
    Change sections in the first section
    - Stay in the line 2 times
    - Change the line 2 times
    - Repeat this 2 and 2 pattern
    Maybe it isn't 100%, but having this pattern in mind really helped me in predicting the line with the most coins, good luck!
    4 Jul 2023 18:34
    Layton edited this achievement's badge.
    Mayonnai 25 Oct 2023 00:12
    Thank you for making me hate playing my favorite nintendo game.
    Mayonnai 25 Oct 2023 00:18
    As if getting the Super Suit wasn't bs enough. This is an awful achievement set for such a gorgeous game
    Searo 25 Oct 2023 01:03
    Thank Square for acknowledging both of these feats I guess
    Reiyel87 13 Nov 2023 17:56
    I'm too old for this...
    Knex4545 23 Nov 2023 20:15
    GOT IT. Took me maybe 2 hours. Tip for that second split, do four timed taps instead of three. It gives juuuuuust enough height to go over.
    ConfluentOhm 4 Dec 2023 06:28
    Advice for anyone who wants to smash their head into a wall: You can reset the game by pressing L+R+SELECT+START.
    This first fucking cave and it's stupid god damn invisible barrier that keeps pushing me in..
    KirbyKing186 16 Dec 2023 02:12
    Wowie, this was a tough one. For anyone that was pissed because they got 99/100, keep going! Remember, frog coins won’t count.
    RedrumOverdose 29 Jan 2024 05:00
    Normally, I see a YouTube video and I'm like "Oh, nice. This made it look easier." This time, I saw it and immediately knew. I will never get this. Props to those who did, though!
    cicco 4 Feb 2024 11:36
    Finally got it, when I first saw this minigame I thought it would be impossible for me to get all the coins but thanks to the video wedgordo posted I was able to better understand this minigame.

    My first advice is to not give up on the run when you make a mistake but take this as a way to practice later parts of the course. Check your latency options, it may make timing the presses easier. Do not be afraid to take pauses, if you see that you are getting worse pause and do something else.

    Waterfall section: the first thing you need to do is learning how to "swim" as other people said you can't swim more than 4 times otherwise you'll lose height but it's not necessary to always swim 3 times, you can also swim 1 or 2 times without losing too much height.
    In my opinion the most difficult part of this section is getting the coins around the first cave, this is because there's little room for errors. On the right side of the cave, when going right from above DO NOT swim 3 times if you do you are going to be pushed into the cave. When you manage to get the coin to the right of the cave you have to lose as little height as possible because the last coin could despawn.

    River section: this is easier than it seems, you don't have to memorize everything, it's a simple pattern.
    You start on the upper lane, you immidiately switch to the lower lane, than you stay in that lane for two set of coins and switch to the upper, and then you repeat this pattern until the end. only when you are in the upper lane you have to take the coin right before switching lanes. So the pattern goes:
    -Lower (5)
    -Lower (4)
    -Lower (4)
    -Upper (4)
    with the number in brackets representing the number of coins you have to take.
    Be careful when switching lanes because you will have to immidiately jump at the right time to take the coin, it will take a bit of practice to learn the timing but it shouldn't be too difficult.
    cicco 4 Feb 2024 11:36
    This are the things I noticed that made it easier for me, hope this helps as much as it did for me and good luck with this achievement.
    You can do it.

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