Super Mario Bros.
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  • Using shells, defeat every kind of enemy that can be hurt by a shell

    567 (443) of 37,647 – 1.51%

    1.18% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.51% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by JAM on: 14 Jan, 2021 13:25
    Last modified: 12 Aug, 2023 10:51

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    Lendsarctic280 8 Jan 2023 15:13
    How in the world do you kill Hammer brother? I tried about ten times, but the shell always passes through him
    SYKEKO 18 Jan 2023 20:39
    Shell will go threw the last hammer bro at times. you have to stay as close to the shell as u can. keep trying
    17 Feb 2023 08:18
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    Chuckles 7 Mar 2023 18:15
    Thank you for the list, theW3RT! Very helpful.
    jarccc 22 Apr 2023 01:17
    el más complicado para mi fue el del (Cheep Cheep), porque se movian demasiado y acertar con el caparazón era un poco de suerte
    12 Aug 2023 10:51
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    RionAmane 19 Aug 2023 21:40
    Your list was a godsend, theW3RT! It made this one so much easier.
    gana0 21 Sep 2023 17:54
    Do all of these need to be in the same playthrough?
    HylianBrat 26 Sep 2023 00:12
    Finally got it. Soft resets didn't work for me though, I had to get them through a single game. Following theW3RT's list with some 1-up tricks in world 3 for insurance helped. Nice cheevo!
    blackrook29 1 Oct 2023 14:31
    8-3 shell keep running with the shell it will bounce off the pipe and bounce back take out the hammer bro. and i got the shell bullet 5-3 got lucky a bullet was in line with the koopa shell so did it that way.
    blackrook29 1 Oct 2023 14:54
    ah im stuffed i need to get goomba in first run.. struggling get the cheep cheep in 7-3.
    blackrook29 1 Oct 2023 16:20
    finally got it. make sure you get the goomba in first run then warp to 2nd run then scoop it all up. cheep cheep is the hardest its luck can get a shot in line. i got lucky shell hit it at bottom of screen.
    MakiMalice 27 Oct 2023 23:50
    Notes for future players:

    * For Paratroopa green rather than do 5-2 go proceed with 5-1 as the timing to knock down the shell against the paratroopa takes too much time.

    * Do not SOFT or HARD reset, you'll have a hard time doing cheep cheep again, believe me.

    *Game overs are fine just don't hard or soft reset.

    Happy cheevio.
    Jazmataz 7 Dec 2023 05:57
    phantomBSD 14 Dec 2023 05:52
    W3RT the legend, thanks alot. Didnt know bullet bill and hammer bros could be harmed
    cairojake 31 Dec 2023 15:26
    Got it. Thanks W3RT for the list!
    CryoGyro 2 Jan 2024 05:19
    warning: buzzy beetle shell doesn't count
    lo9i 24 Jan 2024 18:24
    Yup, this was not easy. At all. No need to farm lives; just do levels over and over. Do not soft/hard reset, as mentioned.

    The majority can be knocked out rather easy, but Hammer Bro (8-3) requires fairly precise timing. On 8-3, hopefully you're Big Mario. As soon as you get past the 2nd group of Hammer Bros, clear the pipe, and reach the other side - there is a single Koopa. Stomp on him, but be careful not to accidentally double stomp the shell left. Once you kick it right, you *have* to run after it; It's likely the 1st will leap out of the way. The 2nd will, too, but it *should* get hit by the ricochet (as the shell hits the pipe). The video in the comments shows as much. Get ready to learn 8-1 and 8-2 quite thoroughly.

    The Cheep Cheep (7-3) is also potentially hard. I can clear 7-1 no issue, but 7-2 (the middle bit) has 3 Bloopers that just want your blood - very tricky to dodge, unless you've manip'd one of them away, to make a small opening. Even then, if you clear the level with lives to spare, consider it a win.

    I got the Cheep Cheep with the 1st red Koopa, after failing to hit them with the first 2 green Koopa. Try & time when the Cheep Cheep jump up (there's a pattern to it). Good luck!
    Kchlangenddin 28 Jan 2024 10:46
    Smashing one buzzle beetle with another one - counts.
    Sawadadiego 26 Feb 2024 00:55
    Lakitu e a Piranha Plant não são necessários neste achievement. Lakitu pq é impossível de acertar, a Piranha Plant porque atravessa e não a mata. De resto, mate tudo. Goomba, tartarugas verdes e vermelhas, tartarugas voadoras verdes e vermelhas, balas, o buzzy beetle, o bichinho espinhoso que o lakitu solta (mate no 8-1), os martelinhos (8-3) e também os peixes que pulam na fase da ponte. (Tente em 7-3).
    É mais fácil do que parece. Boa sorte.

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