Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Using shells, destroy every kind of enemy that can be hurt by a shell (no reset)
Mushroom Kingdom Smashed Bestiary (10) (214)
Using shells, destroy every kind of enemy that can be hurt by a shell (no reset)

Created by JAM on: 14 Jan, 2021 13:25
Last modified: 14 Jun, 2022 21:15

Won by 285 of 23058 possible players (1%)

Recent comment(s):
Artanis 28 Feb 2022 01:05
is it possible to kill a hammer bro with a shell? i tried many times, he is immune =/ how can i kill him with a shell? plz :(
mnavarro 16 Mar 2022 01:09
8-3 at the end of the level you encounter a troopa coming to you. Throw the shell and if you are lucky it will kill a hammer bro if they dont jump
Hamster 12 Apr 2022 16:13
В 5-2 заставьте снаряд стоять, он встанет и пойдет в другую сторону, еще раз остановите как вернется, и так несколько раз. Пока черепаха с топорами не пойдет к вам , тогда запускайте снаряд в него
Aeliana 10 May 2022 15:04
Is the continue code allowed here, or is that considered a "reset?"
Andrevus 10 May 2022 21:55
Yes it is allowed. Hard reseting the game with the "reset button" or loading the rom is what isn't. Game overing and continuing is still the same session.
AdamMacK 14 Jun 2022 19:23
Hi, I'm having trouble with this one. Is it the enemies in the achievement picture? Also I'm guessing no save states aloud...
14 Jun 2022 21:15
MaddieKittyTV edited this achievement's badge.
AdamMacK 15 Jun 2022 04:00
Hi, I managed to get it, thanks!
RetroSprites 22 Jun 2022 21:15
Red and green koopa troopas and paratroopas, the red one in 5-3. Hammer bro in 8-3, Buzzy beetle, bullet bill in 5-3, cheep cheep in 7-3 and Goomba.
flaviodnz1 18 Jul 2022 21:57
Killed all the enemies described by RetroSprites and didn't get the achievement. Can someone help me to figure which enemy I'm missing?
theW3RT 25 Jul 2022 03:15
I second flaviodnz1; I’ve gone through the game several times and it won’t trigger. Does the green paratroops have to be the flying ones in 7-3, or can it be any of the hopping ones? I can’t seem to find a way to kill the ones in 7-3 with a shell. And the only buzzy beetles I can kill are with another buzzy beetle shell. Does it have to be a koopa shell?
RetroSprites 25 Jul 2022 03:43
Maybe is the core that you use, cause i get the achievement after killing all that enemies.
theW3RT 25 Jul 2022 03:52
I tried both QuickNES and Mesen and still no dice. What core are you using?
RetroSprites 25 Jul 2022 03:58
Mesen, i always use it. Try to kill the enemies in the first quest and then do it in the second, if the first one didn't work.
theW3RT 25 Jul 2022 04:08
Cool. I’ll try that and see if I can trigger it. I appreciate the help.
RetroSprites 25 Jul 2022 04:25
Ok, i hope you get it.
theW3RT 27 Jul 2022 03:35
I finally got it. I was forgetting the Spiny in 8-2. So, for anyone else pulling their hair out, these are the enemies you need, and I included the level I got them in for the quickest run:

Goomba (1-1)
Koopa, green (1-2)
Koopa, red (4-3)
Buzzy Beetle (5-2)
Paratroopa, green (5-2)
Bullet Bill (5-3)
Paratroopa, red (5-3)
Cheep Cheep (7-3)
Spiny (8-2)
Hammer Bro (8-3)
RetroSprites 27 Jul 2022 04:01
Nice, finally.
Chicago73 2 Oct 2022 04:43
How do you kill bullet bill? Fireballs don't work
MarianS3 2 Nov 2022 21:25
Uno de los más difíciles de matar es el escarabajo negro (Buzzy Beetle), cuando llegás a la pantalla 8-2 al principio podés matar el espinozo (Spiny) con una tortuga de esas que saltan y un poco más adelante donde hay varios lanzadores de balas negros, hay una tortuga que salta, simplemente esperás a que salte uno de esos lanzadores de balas (el que está mas bajo) y cuando lo pase la tortuga que salta va a pasar a la zona donde hay un escarabajo negro (Buzzy Beetle) y ahí ya podés aprovechar para pisar la tortuga y lanzarsela al escarabajo (Buzzy Beetle), de esta forma ya tenés dos enemigos eliminados en una sola pantalla!

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