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Xenogears (PlayStation)

Change screens without moving the D-pad.
That's What Friends Are For (5) (39)
Change screens without moving the D-pad.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 14 Oct, 2020 00:31
Last modified: 17 Jun, 2022 06:25

Won by 27 of 1077 possible players (3%)

14 Oct 2020 00:31
BenGhazi uploaded this achievement.
14 Oct 2020 00:40
"BenGhazi" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
14 Oct 2020 12:03
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
AFutureFoe 2 Nov 2020 02:32
Completely stuck on this one...
AFutureFoe 2 Nov 2020 20:57
So I've had Margie change screens "for me" on the first floor of the cathedral, but I assume that's only part of the cheevo.. since I still had to walk all the way over to her first. Any tips?
AFutureFoe 2 Nov 2020 22:22
After watching an inordinate amount of speed runs, I'm not sure this is possible? I did see a full stair skip on the Japanese version, but even that required d-pad input...
BenGhazi 3 Nov 2020 14:22
You're not really on the right track with Margie, the achievement won't work during cutscenes so you're going to have to find a way to do it with gameplay alone.
ricardol14 3 Nov 2020 18:09
AFutureFoe 3 Nov 2020 18:09
ricardol14 3 Nov 2020 18:19
the BenGhazi comment, dont help in anything..that's is why "OMG"
HippopotamusRex 22 Nov 2020 01:42
I mean this could apply many places. I could be in the balloon mini game and just not press anything and the screen would change without moving the dpad. What even is this.
maiksonstrife 14 Mar 2021 03:22
I aiming to try this game, but not sure what this is about, someone explain ?
YungHotDog 17 Mar 2021 22:07
i've only just started this set so i probably haven't reached this yet, but i've been thinking in preparation. perhaps it has something to do with the verbs at fei's disposal, and how that interacts with others.
MDGeist 3 Aug 2021 23:26
Stuck on this currently, watched a bunch of speed runs and heard of a exploit in the JPN version but confused as to how to unlock this, assume it's in the Cathedral from the achievement icon? Any tips?
Shianderu 15 Sep 2021 01:59
tip: keep an eye out for passersby who walk around nissan exits (forget the cathedral, focus on the city itself)
17 Jun 2022 06:25
FBernkastelKues edited this achievement's logic.
Salamandes 7 Feb 2023 22:37
Can someone please explain what this achievement is about?
weltall600 17 Mar 2023 06:10
There is a guy walking around Nisan in the town that crosses the green bridge. Just jump on his head and let him carry you to the exit.

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