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Xenogears (PlayStation)

Reach Margie in less than 5 minutes without being spotted by patrolling guards.
Secret Agent Man (10) (163)
Reach Margie in less than 5 minutes without being spotted by patrolling guards.

Created by FBernkastelKues on: 14 Oct, 2020 00:31
Last modified: 01 Dec, 2021 05:42

Won by 10 of 1088 possible players (1%)

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brunoelric777 1 Nov 2020 22:02
i can't be seen by the guards who are walking right? but those who stand in front of the door can I fight with them?
AFutureFoe 2 Nov 2020 02:28
Yeah, there's a few unavoidable fights in the last couple rooms.
brunoelric777 2 Nov 2020 02:35
time only runs on the bart part? or in the tournament also counts
AFutureFoe 2 Nov 2020 02:37
Only when playing as Bart. I paused my timer during Fei's fights.
BenGhazi 3 Nov 2020 11:53
If it's a door you have to go through you're allowed to fight them, otherwise avoid them.
brunoelric777 4 Nov 2020 05:18
man I've done everything here, I got to Margie with the time below 5 minutes and even then the achievement won't go. take a look at the achievement because the achievement must be in trouble
brunoelric777 4 Nov 2020 05:38
If I am spotted by the guards whoare stopped and pass by them without entering the battle, still the achievement account?
brunoelric777 4 Nov 2020 05:39
sorry for google translator
BenGhazi 4 Nov 2020 15:08
No you have to be stealthy, bum rushing the exit after being caught wont work.
adamdane 29 Jun 2021 08:02
You'd think more than 3 people would have gotten this achievement 8 months later if it were remotely fair.
Osiristime 19 Aug 2021 23:19
I've done this about 5 times, didn't pop :/
Shianderu 17 Sep 2021 23:56
I leveled up with bart and fei until level 35 or so, equipped 1 power ring and 2 speed ring on bart and 3 power ring on fei. So I could always start the fight by attacking and defeating the guards with an attack using square. Use the waterway entrance near the inn (save point). In the first fei fight in the tournament, take more than 6 turns to win (defending doesn't count, use a weak attack and end your turn). That way you'll have time to swim with Bart without being interrupted. In the next fights, win as quickly as possible.In the first part of the infiltration, go southeast from where Bart climbs the ladder and try to get past the guard without using the door (it's pixel perfect, tricky, but with training you can do it). Run straight up the ladder on your left, open the door and win Fei's next fight in less than 3 turns.Now there's an interesting part: you need to get past the LEFT guard in pixel perfect again, but touch him from behind and stay like that to lock him in place. Stay like that until Fei's next fight starts and win. When the game returns to Bart, the guard at the door at the end of the hall will be buggy and you can get past him without a fight.In the next part run and go up the farthest stairs. On the next screen, go up the stairs and jump off them towards the guarded door above. Finally, on the next screen, after the tournament finals, run northwest, beat the guard and enter the door. If you were fast enough, you'll get the achievement, good luck!
1 Dec 2021 05:35
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
1 Dec 2021 05:42
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
Whithbrin 22 Nov 2022 01:39
I have some questions about the above strategy. I have no idea how long I'm actually taking since there's no timer, but waiting for a Fei battle to bypass a guard seems inefficient. At least as I'm playing, by the time I reach that guard, it takes a full minute for that battle to trigger. There has to be a better way, right?
Whithbrin 22 Nov 2022 01:49
And another question: There is some dialogue spoken by the guards outside the first door that you seemingly have to wait for before you can leave. Is there any way around that?
Shianderu 22 Nov 2022 01:54
The thing about wait for the guard is the following: if you open the door, the fight will trigger anyway, but before the door there is a guard that will fight you. You have to wait because the loading to start the fight, win the fight and the loading after the fight take a lot of time.
Shianderu 22 Nov 2022 01:59
About the pixel perfect glitch, you have to walk side by side with the guard in a way that, when he turns back to continue his patrol he won't see you and you will pass by him without fighting
Whithbrin 22 Nov 2022 19:35
Well, I did it. That was *close*. I'm not positive this is a welcome concept. I did some looking in the memory, and it seems setting the CD read speed higher does make the achievement easier. I'm not even sure if it's possible without that. If anyone ever takes a look at this, I'd propose the time to be shortened by 20-30 seconds, at the very least.
weltall600 9 Mar 2023 05:57
Can someone shed some light on this? I followed Shianderu's guide, and I am still not able to get it to pop. I play on hardcore mode, so no save states are being used.

Here is what I am currently doing:
1. Load the memcard save inside the Hotel. I (Bart) take to the sewers just outside.
2. Have Fei win first tournament fight in 6 turns
3. When I gain control of Bart, I b-line through the sewers and reach where you climb the ladder to head outside. This forces the Fei tournament fight against Big Joe.
4. I win on turn 1 with Fei against Big Joe
5. I do the pixel perfect patrol guard skip and enter the door after the two guards finish their dialogue, climb the stairs and enter the big door. This forces another tournament fight.
6. I beat the pill user with Fei in 1 turn
7. I do the pixel perfect guard trick, but do not let him move by hugging him. I wait for the next battle to be forced.
8. I defend against Dan (I have also tried defeating him in 1 turn) until the fight ends.
9. When I regain control of Bart, I open the door passed the glitched guard, rush the far stairs, climb and jump off the next set to a guard. I defeat the guard(s) with only Square attack.
10. I enter the door, which launches the tournament finals
11. I take the forced "win" with Wiseman
12. When I regain control of Bart, I rush the last guard, defeat them with only square attack, and enter the door.

I can't seem to get it pop, and I have attempted this multiple times. I can't imagine doing it any faster than this. Any help is appreciated.

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