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Insector X (NES)

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bl4hs Super Secret Mystery Challenge (5) (12)
Enter BL4H in as your high-score

Created by Bl4h8L4hBl4h on: 25 Sep, 2020 00:12
Last modified: 10 Jun, 2021 07:28

Won by 5 of 24 possible players (21%)

Recent comment(s):
25 Sep 2020
Bl4h8L4hBl4h uploaded this achievement.
25 Sep 2020
"Bl4h8L4hBl4h" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
25 Sep 2020
Bl4h8L4hBl4h edited this achievement.
25 Sep 2020
if you have played any of my past sets the clues are there im not handing it out in the descriptions any more. its a secret.... a super secret. enjoy working it out.... the current description is a clue.
24 Oct 2020
Are you on drugs?
24 Oct 2020
For real tho, when i look at sets and see this kind of cryptic shit it makes me not want to play any games for cheevos... stupid
25 Oct 2020
A. yes i amB. Search the site man, its not that cryptic.C. many games have little easteregg cheevos that can get a little cryptic. This is my way of paying credit to myself for bothering to make a set for it in the first place.
25 Oct 2020
If you have an issue with any set, become a dev and request a to make it better. Its not that hard.
10 Jun 2021
Bl4h8L4hBl4h edited this achievement.


UserHardcore?Earned On
ZanderCheevosHardcore!20 Mar, 2021 20:45
guineuHardcore!20 Oct, 2020 11:04
PozitronHardcore!29 Sep, 2020 22:16
RideTheSkiesHardcore!27 Sep, 2020 21:23
WendigoHardcore!26 Sep, 2020 00:32


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