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Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect 10 Extra Lives in Tiny-Huge Island
Lifesaver XIII (10) (101)
Collect 10 Extra Lives in Tiny-Huge Island

Created by Blazekickn on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:23
Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:23

Won by 449 of 17752 possible players (3%)

20 Sep 2020 19:23
Blazekickn uploaded this achievement.
23 Sep 2020 07:49
"psyduck" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
Kryle 26 Sep 2020 06:37
For anyone who is struggling.. get the 1ups from the 3 sets of butterflies before doing anything else. Those will not respawn and you will have to redo level if you miss 'em.
VGLongplays 26 Sep 2020 19:55
those butterflies are the worst man
debugoctopus 23 Dec 2020 04:22
This achievement was disgusting
debugoctopus 24 Dec 2020 14:49
After getting the three butterfly green mushrooms, my hands were the sweatiest they have ever been.
Lexicon250 28 Mar 2021 13:26
Man this one took forever all due to those butterflies. Glad this is over, the Lifesaver achievements are just not very fun to be honest
adamjohnny5 3 Apr 2021 17:21
Butterflies can go right to hell. All butterflies...forever....
ArturMK 16 Dec 2021 18:36
Todas as vidas secretas do Super Mario 64
jarccc 5 May 2022 17:57
los 1ups con mario pequeño: 1:justo donde está el pez grande en el agua. 2:al lado de donde se consigue el anterior dentro del cubo amarillo. 3:donde se consiguen las monedas rojas. 4:disparando hacia el arbol con el cañon. 5:al bajarte del árbol con las mariposas. 6:donde te eleva el viento y caes en la superficie q hay otro cubo amarillo. Mario grande: 7:al mismo empezar el nivel q hay un goomba,saldrá mariposas y te dan 1ups. 8:donde te reta koopa al lado saldrán mariposas. 9:las 2 monedas amarillas de la esquina. 10:cubo amarillo donde te dispara fuego
Kamikoopa 24 May 2022 06:54
Why link a video that doesn’t even show the level in question.
BerkRider 12 Oct 2022 11:39
ignore the link this guy spammed in every lifesaver achievement, it's useless if you're going for most of the upper floor levels, same for bowser and special levels such as block switches
EricFilippoBR 5 Jan 2023 13:32
Pt-BR: O link do vídeo que você postou é incompleto! Pesquisando no YouTube, achei um vídeo completo, contendo realmente todas as vidas em todos os cursos do jogo. Espero que ajude à todos pessoal!

Todas as vidas em Super Mario 64:

English (Google Tradutor): The video link you posted is incomplete! Searching YouTube, I found a complete video, actually containing all the lives in all the courses of the game. Hope it helps everyone guys!

Every 1UP In Super Mario 64:
EricFilippoBR 5 Jan 2023 14:08
Pt-BR: Uma dica/alerta para pegar todas as conquistas de 1up sem problemas:
Se você usa save state e o contador de vidas chegar a 100 vidas, a conquista não cairá!
A dica é: Sempre que o contador de vidas chegar a 100, verifique o número de vidas que se tem que obter no próximo curso e faça a diferença MORRENDO. Assim, quando você obter as vidas do curso (conquista), o seu contador voltará as 100 vidas normalmente.
Espero ter ajudado pessoal!

English (Google Tradutor): A tip/alert to get all 1up achievements without problems:
If you use save state and the life counter reaches 100 lives, the achievement will not drop!
The tip is: Whenever the counter of lives reaches 100, check the number of lives you have to get in the next course and make the difference by DYING. So, when you get the course (achievement) lives, your counter will go back to 100 lives normally.
Hope I helped guys!
evansfm428 20 Feb 2023 05:35
full video here:

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