Super Mario 64
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  • Treasure XIII

    (50) (508)

    Collect 191 Coins in Tiny-Huge Island

    620 (532) of 26,142 – 2.37%

    2.04% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.37% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Unofficial Achievement
    Created by Blazekickn on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
    Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

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    DJD3 1 Dec 2022 19:09
    It was said already, but definitely collect all 33 coins in tiny land first (going the left way around the island so you do the worst goombas first) and then in the huge world start with the fly-guy. 181 coins before going to wiggler.
    Abyzz0l 25 Dec 2022 00:45
    well that was a very tedious but challenging achievement. I hope I never have to do that ever again.
    evansfm428 20 Feb 2023 22:53
    full video of this achievement from start to finish:
    4fterdark 6 May 2023 02:34
    I am dreading this so much
    4fterdark 9 May 2023 17:02
    Oh my god I did it.
    GameCubeBlock 13 Jun 2023 18:09
    Honestly don't get why this one is considered the worst. LLL and RR are much scarier, mainly because LLL basically forces you to do a full run before getting to the worst bullies, and RR is just nerve-wracking through and through. This one's just annoying, still hard, but if you get the small island coins first and keep it together afterward, you're good. To each their own though, I suppose.
    olhomy 13 Jul 2023 23:42
    Most of the Grand Goombas are dropping single coins. Is this a bug? I can't get to 191.
    Olafur 13 Jul 2023 23:44
    Groundpound them. You'll get blue ones.
    evansfm428 13 Jul 2023 23:44
    You have to ground pound them for a blue coin to come out
    olhomy 14 Jul 2023 03:38
    Thanks! Got it!
    olhomy 14 Jul 2023 03:41
    Easily the hardest coin achievement so far (doing levels in order). You could at least cheese the last bullies in LLL so that their landing is a bit consistent. This level requires 100% pure precision and almost each portion of the map requires a strategy. The tiniest mistake or coin trajectory RNG/enemy behavior RNG could ruin your run. I too believe these 100% coin collection cheevos should have been a subset, absolutely crushing
    1 Sep 2023 19:24
    ThatAmericanSlacker removed this achievement's type.
    proradii 3 Nov 2023 06:20
    Tip: to ground pound the huge goombas, you can press a and z when you're right up to them and this will 100% guarantee that the blue coin will spawn, instead of trying to time it in the air and risk landing on them early
    7 Nov 2023 21:49
    Blazekickn edited this achievement's points.
    salvadorbastard 12 Nov 2023 09:18
    That was tough. Heres a tip that saved me from resets. If your mini goomba decides they want to take a dive into the void, jump into a pipe and come back.
    As long as it hasn't come into contact with Mario in any way, it should respawn giving you another chance to rob it of its coin.

    Start from the left side and make your way around as the mini goombas are easier to get this way.

    Once you take down the mini goombas this one is suprisingly easier than you think. Tiny Island is the hardest and most rng dependant part. Only 33 coins on Tiny Island.

    Huge Island is really only difficult because its long and any mistake here was because of me, not the game.
    Once you've taken down the Fly Guys and Lakitu you're good to go.
    Take out Lakitu on the small island with the post as its easier to hit him and the coins can be grabbed there instead of wrestling with the camera underwater.
    Side jump and a wall jump from the beach part to the section where Koopa the quick resides as it makes life a lot easier traversing the island and avoiding that temperamental wind section.
    Run around the posts clockwise.
    For the red coin section, make sure the last red coin isn't the one near the fire ball thing on the same platform as the blue coin box. Once the red coin star spawned, the fire started coming for me once the camera started coming back toward Mario and I got hit but luckily didn't fall into the void.

    You got this!
    Jazmataz 16 Nov 2023 14:02
    Thanks evan for your Video! Got this at my Second attempt.
    In my Opinion this is way easier than the Lava Level and the Mushroom Level with the Suicidal Bomb-Omb so far. Rainbow Ride could be more difficult I guess.
    EnchantedEmi 24 Nov 2023 18:39
    This was a miserable experience. I genuinely think Lethal Lava Land was easier since the retry process was quick and the only real issue was the two bullies in the volcano

    But THIS? This was hell lmao

    Word of advice, for some reason I couldn't get the log to drop coins on the tiny island, but shooting to the island with the canon makes the coins able to be spawned? Really weird.

    These achievements shouldn't be main category for what its worth (still doing them all tho lol)
    rhas777 7 Dec 2023 19:24

    - If a Small Goomba fall of a ledge, they respawn. Just use a pipe and come back. They DO NOT respawn if they hit/push you.

    - The log in the center of the lake DO contain coins. You have to enter the course in a certain star objective, I not certain of ALL of them, but they showed up to me in Star 4.

    - There are 33 coins in Small World. Save Wiggler's Cave for last when you collect 181 coins.

    - The Giant Goombas spawn yellow AND blue coins. Any jump cause them to give yellow coins. A Ground Pound spawn a blue coin. Make sure you jump high enough before performing a Ground Pound, that way you secure a blue coin.

    - The Fly Guy next to the black balls can be a pain. No real strategy here. Lure him to you and pray to not get hit by the boulders, his fireball or his yellow coins fall by accident.
    rhas777 7 Dec 2023 19:31
    It's doable. Personally, I think Lethal Lava Land is more tricky simply because of the bullies.
    15 Jan 2024 16:26
    Layton demoted this achievement to Unofficial.

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