Super Mario 64
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  • Treasure XII

    (10) (89)

    Collect 137 Coins in Tall, Tall Mountain

    713 (607) of 24,894 – 2.86%

    2.44% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.86% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Unofficial Achievement
    Created by Blazekickn on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
    Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

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    Chaos447 27 Jan 2022 21:27
    If you fail, try to get to the slide. It's way easier to collect those coins first and then go back if you missed any.
    adamdotpng 5 May 2022 05:22
    I'm not sure how, but no matter what route I take, at least one of the Bom-Ombs on the upper level falls off the ledge before I'm able to get there. I had 135 at one point too. 8-\
    Kamikoopa 21 May 2022 09:15
    This is 100X worse than Lava world or any other. Fall off to stupid crap. Miss 1 coin. Fall off the slide. Just can’t get this done and I’ve tried for two days. Absolutely NO IDEA how I’m missing one coin, even when following a guide.
    Olafur 21 May 2022 11:09
    Most likely one bob-omb that explodes and the coin just magnetizes itself off the edge. Besides, I think the lava world is worse because that one coin from the bully... it's IN the volcano, which unlike the slide in this one, is a one-way entrance. You have to get all the coins outside the volcano before going in. Here, you can start with the hardest ones. Follow the video guide, do exactly as they do, pay attention to the coin counter in both videos. That's what I did and I kept saying to myself "Okay, I should have this many coins after finishing this part"
    Kamikoopa 21 May 2022 12:41
    It was the god damn coin to the god damn left of the god damn slide before you god damn go bloody down it! Jesus!!!!!
    Minnalow 24 Aug 2022 16:31
    This achievement isn't hard, it's just mind numbingly tedious to go for due to rng and the slide. It's honestly not even worth it, just use states
    Bushando64 13 Sep 2022 02:47
    62 Coins on the slide fyi, check around the left corner before you take the slide tho
    AaronTruitt 2 Oct 2022 15:47
    This one was a little challenging - my strategy was to hit the slide first (grabbing the first coin around the corner before the slide starts!), and then immediately going up to the spot where the two bobombs are and securing those two coins. Then, I would go back to the slide and get any coins I missed, then get the rest for the level.
    TanteiRotana 16 Nov 2022 15:32
    Reset at 136 at one point because I wasn't aware of the 1 coin hidden at the start of the slide. The Bob-ombs are a pain, thankfully going through the slide again resets them. I also found that picking them up and placing them down right before they explode tends to make the coins have less momentum. You can also move them to a safer location before they go off
    ZillaRex 27 Dec 2022 22:25
    I never want to see that slide again...
    wesleywithoutat 22 Feb 2023 10:17
    Well, the slide is pretty easy for me now. But that freaking suicidal Bob-omb...!! Probably 20 tries sand I still haven't gotten his coin.
    Atlas007 5 Mar 2023 16:53
    I don't know if this will help everyone, seeing as how every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized, but I was able to get this achievement this morning, which was an incredible moment! Literally ran to him, dived after him off the side of the cliff and grabbed him mid-air. It was insane, and I wish you all could have been there!

    At any rate, my "work around" that worked for me was that I didn't long-jump to the area where the gophers, which I often did, and I noticed as I was jumping over the first gap from the beginning of the level that I would see him explode above me. When I just ran normally, the explosion wouldn't happen. Lo and behold, when I made my way up there, the Bob-omb was there waiting for me.

    I hope this helps someone!
    Osodrilo 14 May 2023 22:23
    just make sure you grab the coins of the 5 bombs with rng, the blue coins in the slide, the red coins and then the rest
    PaddyShade 18 Aug 2023 03:22
    If your bob-omb falls off you can do the slide to reset them and they should still have coins.
    1 Sep 2023 19:24
    ThatAmericanSlacker removed this achievement's type.
    ssolle 10 Oct 2023 23:07
    anyone missing 1 coin, check the left side of the start of the slide! good luck to all who try to get this achievement, and may god have mercy on your sanity.
    EnchantedEmi 24 Nov 2023 19:48
    This one speaks VOLUMES about how bad these "Treasure" achievements are..

    This should've absolutely been the "easy" one to relax with after a few really tedious ones


    ONE Bob-omb decided he didn't wanna let me have the easy way, and every time I was still by the goombas at the start, I could see the bob-omb fall from the top and die, any times I rushed there fast enough he'd fall before I could grab him.. any time I could FINALLY grab the coin, a different bob-omb would start being obnoxious in the same way

    Funny how I thought the slide would be the hard part, but no I ended up first trying the slide most attempts lol

    These Treasure things really make this whole experience anything but fun ngl-
    rhas777 12 Dec 2023 05:00
    Not that hard. Entering the slide resets the Bob-ombs. And you can start the level inside the slide and return there if you miss any coins.

    62 coins on the slide. One on the left side before the slide + one 1up on the other.

    Lethal Lava Land is much worse because you have to go inside the volcano for last and those two bullies are simply the worse.
    Iniquitatum 12 Jan 2024 12:40
    god damn that little bastard bob-omb
    15 Jan 2024 16:26
    Layton demoted this achievement to Unofficial.

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