Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect 137 Coins in Tall, Tall Mountain
Treasure XII (10) (97)
Collect 137 Coins in Tall, Tall Mountain

Created by deng on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

Won by 454 of 16658 possible players (3%)

20 Sep 2020 19:22
Blazekickn uploaded this achievement.
23 Sep 2020 07:49
"psyduck" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
Darklinkgc 13 Feb 2021 18:26
This one was particularly annoying to get, especially with that bombomb who tends to kill himself without you realise it and yes i am aware that he can respawn but still anoying and that slide can go to hell.
LolindirLink 31 May 2021 22:52
Those darn bob-ombs and their suicidal coin throws...My sanity...
Olafur 25 Sep 2021 14:46
aside from those bombs, this wasn't too bad. Slide isn't too bad as long as you know what you're doing.
LolindirLink 25 Sep 2021 15:02
And if you die on the slide, you respawn in the slide area giving "unlimited" chances to practice :) you can also return to the slide so don't have to worry about one or two missing coins.
Olafur 26 Sep 2021 09:42
you also would respawn there if you die outside of it, provided you have been there once.
Chaos447 27 Jan 2022 21:27
If you fail, try to get to the slide. It's way easier to collect those coins first and then go back if you missed any.
adamdotpng 5 May 2022 05:22
I'm not sure how, but no matter what route I take, at least one of the Bom-Ombs on the upper level falls off the ledge before I'm able to get there. I had 135 at one point too. 8-\
Kamikoopa 21 May 2022 09:15
This is 100X worse than Lava world or any other. Fall off to stupid crap. Miss 1 coin. Fall off the slide. Just can’t get this done and I’ve tried for two days. Absolutely NO IDEA how I’m missing one coin, even when following a guide.
Olafur 21 May 2022 11:09
Most likely one bob-omb that explodes and the coin just magnetizes itself off the edge. Besides, I think the lava world is worse because that one coin from the bully... it's IN the volcano, which unlike the slide in this one, is a one-way entrance. You have to get all the coins outside the volcano before going in. Here, you can start with the hardest ones. Follow the video guide, do exactly as they do, pay attention to the coin counter in both videos. That's what I did and I kept saying to myself "Okay, I should have this many coins after finishing this part"
Kamikoopa 21 May 2022 12:41
It was the god damn coin to the god damn left of the god damn slide before you god damn go bloody down it! Jesus!!!!!
Minnalow 24 Aug 2022 16:31
This achievement isn't hard, it's just mind numbingly tedious to go for due to rng and the slide. It's honestly not even worth it, just use states
Bushando64 13 Sep 2022 02:47
62 Coins on the slide fyi, check around the left corner before you take the slide tho
AaronTruitt 2 Oct 2022 15:47
This one was a little challenging - my strategy was to hit the slide first (grabbing the first coin around the corner before the slide starts!), and then immediately going up to the spot where the two bobombs are and securing those two coins. Then, I would go back to the slide and get any coins I missed, then get the rest for the level.
TanteiRotana 16 Nov 2022 15:32
Reset at 136 at one point because I wasn't aware of the 1 coin hidden at the start of the slide. The Bob-ombs are a pain, thankfully going through the slide again resets them. I also found that picking them up and placing them down right before they explode tends to make the coins have less momentum. You can also move them to a safer location before they go off
ZillaRex 27 Dec 2022 22:25
I never want to see that slide again...

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