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Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect 133 Coins in Lethal Lava Land
Treasure VII (25) (248)
Collect 133 Coins in Lethal Lava Land

Created by Blazekickn on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

Won by 357 of 13008 possible players (3%)

Recent comment(s):
24 Dec 2020
This wasn't nearly as bad I was expecting from the comments. It only took me two tries! I pushed the last volcano bully off to diagonally to the upper right, the coin bounced safely onto the platforms near the start.
6 Jan 2021
Enter the Volcano with 107 coins and the other 26 are in the volcano.
6 Jan 2021
Please, if anybody needs help message me I know how to do this.
21 Jan 2021
YEESH, this deserves the RR it has. I only got the last Bully when it landed on a rock!
27 Jan 2021
Sheesh...this one was tough
28 May 2021
I made a video in HD for this one: The Bully RNG at 6:00 is the one you should look out for most as it's among your last 108-133 coins! GL ALL!
13 Jul 2021
I hate those last two bullies... SO freaking much.
13 Jul 2021
And finally, FINALLY did it. Just needed a bit of a break to calm myself, and finally got this done.
25 Jul 2021
To limit RNG for the bullies outside the volcano, make sure you don't stand right on the edge of the platform when you push them into the lava. The coin will land at the point of impact, so the farthest the better. (some bs might still happen)
25 Jul 2021
And for the last bully in the volcano, instead of trying to dive for the coin, practice sending it onto the rock-platform, diving after it, and killing it from there. It's very unlikely to miss the coin down there.Good luck!
19 Oct 2021
My tactic is to use save states to practice inside the volcano. Then give the level a full try once your able to get the coins for both 3 times in a row.Starting outside, your first priority should be to kick off all the bullies as they pose the biggest challenge. Work anticlockwise around the level and get the red coins + 5 extra coins from the puzzle. Once that's done, use the shell and go for the coins under the ramp and on the small islands before going for any else. Then after you've got up to 107 coins jump in the volcano and hope for the best.
21 Oct 2021
i did this with save states and it was insanely hard. big props to anyone that gets this on hardcore.
12 Nov 2021
Not actually RNG, try turning the camera to be able to watch more carefully if you can. The bully coins *always* start out moving on a path to try to land where you hit them from. The problem is that if the bully lands in the lava too close to the platform, the side of the platform itself might get in the way of the coin's path, causing the coin to bounce outward into the lava. I had also thought I was having terrible luck at first, but as soon as I realized what's happening, I started having almost 100% success at all the bullies aside from the last volcano one.
26 Jan 2022
Please remove bully coins or demote to bonus. Achievements shouldn't have to rely on RNG
26 Jan 2022
6 Feb 2022
Bullies are making my life a nightmare.
14 Mar 2022
Thanks to devs for the challenge
26 Apr 2022
fue duro, pero con esfuerzo y empeño. se consiguió
27 Apr 2022
lo más dificil son los 2 enemigos del volcan,simplemente intenta tirarlo en un ángulo que se pueda llegar a la moneda aunque caigas a la lava pero obteniendo la moneda y acabar en una superficie segura
16 Jun 2022
Another tip for people struggling with the bullies, particulary inside the volcano. I never realized until I try this achievement that bullies will always go in the direction you're facing when kicking them, even if you hit them from behind. That helped me a lot to push them in a convenient way. I hope this may help you too.

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
DarkSide130530 Jun, 2022 20:53
Blocko765Hardcore!28 Jun, 2022 03:20
KitsuneXHardcore!21 Jun, 2022 01:05
ColtonKPHardcore!19 Jun, 2022 13:02
BanjoIsaacHardcore!17 Jun, 2022 13:26
KyleKatarn17 Jun, 2022 10:25
lypsixHardcore!16 Jun, 2022 23:40
ProgjiHardcore!13 Jun, 2022 16:46
GoddessBowHardcore!13 Jun, 2022 16:08
PrincesseCupcakeHardcore!12 Jun, 2022 14:41
NycromeHardcore!07 Jun, 2022 01:24
cutegirlcloverHardcore!05 Jun, 2022 23:42
terrafan8704 Jun, 2022 06:49
FlowleydHardcore!27 May, 2022 20:33
RSJonasHardcore!27 May, 2022 17:08
ZoraitoHardcore!26 May, 2022 00:02
KrispyBagel25 May, 2022 05:19
MrFrozyy24 May, 2022 18:04
TeknoKitHardcore!22 May, 2022 22:17
SneakyTurtleHardcore!22 May, 2022 11:25
KamikoopaHardcore!17 May, 2022 12:43
PurceHardcore!17 May, 2022 10:22
dreamer72Hardcore!11 May, 2022 21:11
PenguGGHardcore!09 May, 2022 11:42
MagicSoupHardcore!09 May, 2022 05:20
learninglettHardcore!06 May, 2022 06:38
pulsexpHardcore!05 May, 2022 23:58
RulriteHardcore!30 Apr, 2022 16:23
GlittermorrisHardcore!28 Apr, 2022 14:55
PonsariHardcore!28 Apr, 2022 13:44
jarcccHardcore!26 Apr, 2022 21:36
DerGoldfish25 Apr, 2022 01:35
alvayuso24 Apr, 2022 07:24
devocalizedHardcore!21 Apr, 2022 02:44
MintyEllieHardcore!20 Apr, 2022 22:59
Wofel18 Apr, 2022 04:32
gabo1423Hardcore!17 Apr, 2022 02:06
SefHardcore!11 Apr, 2022 12:23
Sakura67Hardcore!10 Apr, 2022 16:51
kfestHardcore!08 Apr, 2022 22:22
ErohsHardcore!07 Apr, 2022 17:34
ExcessiveiserHardcore!03 Apr, 2022 10:29
kdashHardcore!27 Mar, 2022 17:15
Webber1900Hardcore!26 Mar, 2022 15:22
Spark5SHardcore!26 Mar, 2022 02:51
Captain800020 Mar, 2022 22:55
MariklodHardcore!19 Mar, 2022 06:47
DrakelHardcore!13 Mar, 2022 20:05
joaovithorga0029Hardcore!13 Mar, 2022 12:43
carlosgamer3557Hardcore!11 Mar, 2022 17:58


Race with Koopa in Bob-omb Battlefield.
Race with Koopa in Tiny-Huge Island.
Fastest Time on the Princess Secret Slide.
Power Stars collected without taking damage or dying.