Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

Collect 133 Coins in Lethal Lava Land
Treasure VII (25) (246)
Collect 133 Coins in Lethal Lava Land

Created by deng on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

Won by 457 of 16658 possible players (3%)

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RandoT 25 Jul 2021 15:05
To limit RNG for the bullies outside the volcano, make sure you don't stand right on the edge of the platform when you push them into the lava. The coin will land at the point of impact, so the farthest the better. (some bs might still happen)
RandoT 25 Jul 2021 15:08
And for the last bully in the volcano, instead of trying to dive for the coin, practice sending it onto the rock-platform, diving after it, and killing it from there. It's very unlikely to miss the coin down there.Good luck!
CampingCarl 19 Oct 2021 12:04
My tactic is to use save states to practice inside the volcano. Then give the level a full try once your able to get the coins for both 3 times in a row.Starting outside, your first priority should be to kick off all the bullies as they pose the biggest challenge. Work anticlockwise around the level and get the red coins + 5 extra coins from the puzzle. Once that's done, use the shell and go for the coins under the ramp and on the small islands before going for any else. Then after you've got up to 107 coins jump in the volcano and hope for the best.
Blackoutdadx 21 Oct 2021 00:11
i did this with save states and it was insanely hard. big props to anyone that gets this on hardcore.
zyousuke306 12 Nov 2021 00:28
Not actually RNG, try turning the camera to be able to watch more carefully if you can. The bully coins *always* start out moving on a path to try to land where you hit them from. The problem is that if the bully lands in the lava too close to the platform, the side of the platform itself might get in the way of the coin's path, causing the coin to bounce outward into the lava. I had also thought I was having terrible luck at first, but as soon as I realized what's happening, I started having almost 100% success at all the bullies aside from the last volcano one.
Chaos447 26 Jan 2022 12:54
Please remove bully coins or demote to bonus. Achievements shouldn't have to rely on RNG
NewWizKid 26 Jan 2022 21:07
Shiyon 6 Feb 2022 04:55
Bullies are making my life a nightmare.
chocolatiel 14 Mar 2022 20:39
Thanks to devs for the challenge
jarccc 26 Apr 2022 21:39
fue duro, pero con esfuerzo y empeño. se consiguió
jarccc 27 Apr 2022 14:03
lo más dificil son los 2 enemigos del volcan,simplemente intenta tirarlo en un ángulo que se pueda llegar a la moneda aunque caigas a la lava pero obteniendo la moneda y acabar en una superficie segura
PrincesseCupcake 16 Jun 2022 21:51
Another tip for people struggling with the bullies, particulary inside the volcano. I never realized until I try this achievement that bullies will always go in the direction you're facing when kicking them, even if you hit them from behind. That helped me a lot to push them in a convenient way. I hope this may help you too.
EliasPapp 20 Jul 2022 00:57
I DID IT! Looking for the right angle for the last bully with save states was the best decision I ever made on this set. Throwing him to the southeast was a lot easier for me but have to say I got lucky to get this cheevo in my second try in Hardcore.
The1upBlock 11 Sep 2022 05:26
With a bit of patience this isn't TOO bad, but good gravy those bullies were buttholes.
BerkRider 10 Oct 2022 23:32
Here are some hints. OUTSIDE VOLCANO - if you're already riding the shell don't go for the Mr. I near the start, the coin he drops some times falls into the warp hole. When you go for the jumping box you have to wait for the platforms to be about totally submerged, and when you land try to do it on the middle of a single platform, if you land on the middle of all 4 the coins might touch the lava when it starts sinking again. Keep jumping with the shell to stand in one place, this is usefull if you're waiting for the Bullies or Mr. I death animation to finish so you can collect the coins. INSIDE VOLCANO - Try to make the first Bully fall back but not into the lava, position the camera facing the whole wall from afar and then knock him off into the lava, once you hear the landing sound just drop from the platform by walking the same direction he fell and you should get the coin easily. The second Bully is even easier than the first one, just do the same thing as the first Bully, make him fall back and then wait for him to face the wall, push him into the lava and follow him, he'll fall near a platform and the coin will always drop trying to reach it so you can safely grab it........... It did took me quite the time to get the 107 coins outside the volcano but I just needed 2 attempts inside it
DrewMHax0r 27 Nov 2022 16:16
heh. challenging, but doable for anyone with enough perseverance
Abyzz0l 10 Dec 2022 06:16
Thanks, I only hear the screams of an Italian everywhere I go now.
Celestial 4 Jan 2023 08:03
Miserable achievement, not worth the dozens of tries you'll have to put up and the geometric wizardy you have to perform to understand the bully coin trajectory and the leap of faith for the final stupid bully. Although collecting all outside volcano coins with the shell is always fun even after 30 attempts
ZillaRex 10 Jan 2023 06:54
This one was genuinely awful, I probably had to attempt it over a hundred times... Many hours spent, though I can't pin all the blame on the map. Some of it, though. Got some real questionable fails... Not looking forward to RR or THI. All I can say is watch an all-coins speedrun and practice what they do, it helped me a lot.
CassetteCobra 25 Jan 2023 07:08
I think I got a good strategy for the last volcano bully. On the platform it is on, position yourself on the third large yellow rock in the ground at the bottom while facing the camera towards the lava pit. When the bully comes for you, jump to knock him off and go down after it. The bully will land in the lava behind one of the large stone platforms and the coin will mostly safely land on it, allowing you to pick it up when you go to the ground.

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