Super Mario 64
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Treasure VII

    (25) (228)

    Collect 133 Coins in Lethal Lava Land

    714 (597) of 26,142 – 2.73%

    2.28% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.73% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Unofficial Achievement
    Created by Blazekickn on: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22
    Last modified: 20 Sep, 2020 19:22

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    CassetteCobra 25 Jan 2023 07:08
    I think I got a good strategy for the last volcano bully. On the platform it is on, position yourself on the third large yellow rock in the ground at the bottom while facing the camera towards the lava pit. When the bully comes for you, jump to knock him off and go down after it. The bully will land in the lava behind one of the large stone platforms and the coin will mostly safely land on it, allowing you to pick it up when you go to the ground.
    Todaug 7 Feb 2023 12:32
    As soon as you realize that the behavior of the bullies coins are not random, and they simply bounce off the platform upon death if they're close of it, obtaining this achievement becomes less difficult.
    wesleywithoutat 20 Feb 2023 10:12
    The video that chocolatiel shared of them completing it was super helpful to me! That method they used on the last bully worked beautifully
    evansfm428 20 Feb 2023 19:23
    full video of completed achievement:
    SoulSoralis 17 Mar 2023 01:06
    I finally got it, man screw this one in particular, I hate even more the bullies not because they push a lot but because they have coins in them, the last one was freaking tedious! But I made it...
    RegularMaerk 15 Apr 2023 02:40
    This was hell
    4fterdark 4 May 2023 15:35
    Got it, but at what cost...
    olhomy 11 Jul 2023 01:02
    This was a terrible experience.
    Olra 16 Jul 2023 21:21
    If someone needs some kind of setup to do that annoying bully coin, here's a way to throw him all the way down without killing him. Standing on the third yellow circle seems to be the best place.
    Braitmark230 25 Jul 2023 18:06
    1 Sep 2023 19:24
    ThatAmericanSlacker removed this achievement's type.
    averypaledog 14 Sep 2023 03:20
    I hope everyone on earth dies immediately.
    thorigor 2 Nov 2023 04:44
    Just got it. It was miserable. Not only you need to nail the volcano bullies setup, you also need to nail the execution of the bullies outside the volcano, as their coin can hit the edge and bounce away if you drop them too close, or not reach Mario at all if you drop them too far from the platforms.

    Achievements like this take away the fun from the game. The whole "Treasure" thing should have some margin. Round it down, for example this stage has 133 coins, round the achievement to 130. Tiny Huge Island (another pain in the rear to get) has 191 coins, round it down to 185 (or at the very least 190) and so on...
    salvadorbastard 6 Nov 2023 20:01
    I enjoyed the challenge personally but there is a level of understanding the games mechanics ie the trajectory of the bullies coins as well as rng if the coin hits the side of a platform that is very frustrating and alienating to a lot of players. Does feel really good when you get it though!
    Jazmataz 14 Nov 2023 18:00
    Don't understand all the Anger & Frustration about this Challenge. The Coins are No RNG at all. I made a Recording of this and how to catch and stand for the Coins. It took me several hours but that was on me.
    Iniquitatum 21 Nov 2023 21:51
    These cheevs are such an outlier in difficulty compared to the others in the set that playing the game outside of going for them just feels like a lull til I get to the next challenge of willpower. I don't necessarily disagree with them because you are truly 100%'ing the game doing them but they do make it less fun
    rhas777 9 Dec 2023 13:59
    This is the hardest Treasure achievement. Both bullies inside the volcano will test your sanity.
    Alissongamerbr 27 Dec 2023 23:22
    Without a doubt, the worst treasure achievement in terms of difficulty level is very difficult, the worst part is that this achievement itself is not difficult, which makes it very difficult and is what makes people go into extreme rage is the drop of coins from the bullies, which is random. most of the time he comes right but there are times when he either hits the wall and ricochets or the coin falls the wrong way but what really hurts is the 2 volcano bullies, these 2 are what chip the achievement but one thing is a fact This achievement is no more difficult than the achievements Jump onto the Stone Cliff and Submarine Jumps for Red Coins.
    RanceAttack 30 Dec 2023 23:53
    15 Jan 2024 16:26
    Layton demoted this achievement to Unofficial.

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