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  • Obtain all 10 Trust Crowns in the Pokeathlon Dome by having at least 200 Medalist Pokemon.

    19 (17) of 2,463 – 0.77%

    0.69% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    0.77% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by SporyTike on: 14 Sep, 2020 16:23
    Last modified: 22 Jan, 2023 09:27

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    1 Oct 2020 19:16
    DanielARP edited this achievement.
    1 Oct 2020 23:59
    DanielARP edited this achievement.
    2 Oct 2020 01:45
    "DanielARP" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    Andrevus 20 Feb 2021 07:04
    At 200 species of pokmon requiring a win in all 5 categories, that's a total minimum of 1000 rounds of Pokathlon. Quite possibly one of the biggest, worst grinds in the entire series...i feel like this should be worth more.
    21 Feb 2021 21:38
    SporyTike edited this achievement.
    Fretzi 22 Jan 2023 09:02
    Most of the 100 points achievements I have done were less tedious than this.
    Andrevus 22 Jan 2023 09:18
    Yeah now that Hardcore doesn't give double points this should be bumped up to 100 to compensate.
    22 Jan 2023 09:27
    SporyTike edited this achievement's points.
    Fretzi 22 Jan 2023 09:39
    Wow, that was a quick adjustment. Still, after multiple days of continuous grinding this, there is no way I will be checking out this facility again in a very long time. At least I found new livestreamers to watch, thus... profit?
    CHIHI 23 Jan 2023 23:20
    Hey, greetings! I'm starting the grind. Could I ask a question? Did you you guys use mouse controls to grind these pokéathlon achievments, or did you use some alternative method? Because I'm struggling to get the high scores and get some consistent wins.
    Fretzi 23 Jan 2023 23:25
    I used a drawing tablet I got for osu.
    It's a tremendous help not only for winning easier, but it also made it much more enjoyable for me.
    CHIHI 23 Jan 2023 23:36
    Thanks for answering so quickly! Yea, thinking about it a drawing tablet would be perfect. I was trying to emulate on mobile, but somehow the achievments wasn't working, and I was getting frustrated that I was missing something out. Can I ask another question? Do you have some recommendation for a good drawing tablet or which tablet you use?
    Fretzi 23 Jan 2023 23:58
    I use a very old Huion 420, which isn't the best tablet, but it's good enough and fairly cheap.
    For better brands, I know Wacom (like the ctl 472) and XP-PEN (like the g640) are popular tablets in osu, so they should work more than great here.
    Andrevus 24 Jan 2023 00:11
    Personally, i used the mouse, it was pain. Would not recommend.
    Empovyle 11 Mar 2023 20:55
    I'm about 75% done with a little over 150 medalists so far, 24+ hours of Pokeathlon logged in the data machine (yikes), I was able to move my save to RetroArch on my phone and it made the minigames a lot easier. Definitely recommend it. The only minigame that's harder without a mouse would be Lamp Jump but it gives minimal points anyways.
    rustgarde 30 Jan 2024 17:23
    So do I have to win all 5 courses with 200 different pokemon to get this achievement? 1000 wins total?
    Empovyle 30 Jan 2024 18:31
    @rustgarde Yep, exactly. 200 different species
    rustgarde 30 Jan 2024 18:40
    But its ok to use lets say 200 different magikarps?
    Andrevus 30 Jan 2024 18:55
    No. They have to be different SPECIES. 200 completely different pokémon.
    rustgarde 30 Jan 2024 19:19
    Ok, thanks for clarifying. Had to make sure so I wont be wasting too much time :D Going to be a long ride.

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