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  • Voltsweeper

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    Complete level 8 of Voltorb Flip.

    206 (62) of 2,408 – 8.55%

    2.57% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.55% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by DanielARP on: 08 Sep, 2020 03:56
    Last modified: 04 Dec, 2020 13:49

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    Fretzi 24 Aug 2022 02:46
    Make sure you actually know how to get to Level 8. I went all the way to Level 7 a couple times, only to realize that's not even how you do it. In short, you need to win 5 Levels in a row and flip at least 8 cards in each. Easiest way to do this is to reset back to Level 1, should you ever get a Voltorb. Once I understood that, it only took about 2 more hours to finally get it. The Voltorbflip website linked higher on the page seriously helped.
    Hfdcseqdecdmks 11 Sep 2022 21:20
    Oh man, it's still here
    CHIHI 17 Oct 2022 23:01
    It's possible to follow the RNG manipulation guide with an emulator? Because I can't find the Auto Mode option on Retroarch, or does Auto Mode don't matter on an emulator?
    Wayne121 18 Oct 2022 00:53
    The auto mode starts the game automatically without going trough the DS Menu, like the emulator would do so it doesn't matter
    Empovyle 24 Mar 2023 03:55
    I tried to follow the RNG manip guide but it seems like so much to learn just for 1 achievement. The google doc doesn't fully explain everything either for a speedrunning noob. Also if you have any kind of performance issues I feel like it wouldn't work. I ended up just getting really lucky on my 3rd level 8 attempt and the calculator solved it flawlessly. This achievement could probably be downgraded into simply "Reach level 8" because that itself is already a feat, and you don't really get anything special for beating level 8 anyways (except a ton of coins).
    CassiLightning 4 Apr 2023 15:47
    I thought this achievement would be fun. I really did.

    Usually, I love Voltorb Flip and I had no clue there was a secret 8th level until now.
    For the first few hours, finding and beating it seemed like a fun challenge. Then that became 10 hours. Then 20. Then 50.

    As is, this achievement is an RNG-fuelled nightmare that can keep you stuck in purgatory until it arbitrarily decides you get to win. Even since I resorted using the calculator, 20 hours have passed with absolutely no luck.

    Right now, I wouldn't wish this process on my worst enemy, but I don't think the whole achievement is unsalvageable. Simply changing it to 'reach level 8' rather than actually having to beat it really would mitigate a lot of the random, mindless flipping and let players have fun learning the different strategies and exploits instead.

    There's potential here for a charming and memorable addition to the game. But in its current state, I'll be thinking about Voltorb in my nightmares.
    XRaidenX80 2 May 2023 21:23
    If you don't want to go insane, just use this
    it's not perfect, but it can help
    adamjohnny5 1 Jun 2023 17:57
    I hate this so much.... so so much...
    JackDSF123 28 Jul 2023 18:27
    OMG this was insane, the second time that I got to level 8 there was literally 25% of chance to win (thanks to strategy that I was using) and I unlocked the chieve. It has some RNG in it but with strategy you can improve greatly your chance to win. 4 hours and chieve unlocked.
    jarccc 17 Oct 2023 10:22
    Si haces los primeros niveles (todo perfecto), te llevan al nivel 8. Es solamente pillarle la mecánica
    DragonCurse4 11 Nov 2023 10:57
    Oh boy this was stressful. Took me a few hours and several different VoltorbFlip Calculators to get this one. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss the slots.
    DragonCurse4 11 Nov 2023 11:15
    For reference I used these two calculators http://www.voltorbflip.com/, and this one https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/profile/53280-gentlemans-hat/?status=39947&type=status (this one is a download, and it only started downloading for me when I opened the link in a new tab).

    I found that these two complimented each other. I mostly used the second one to see where all the 1's could be, and if the calculations on the first one had a high chance of being a voltorb (and when I say high chance I mean 20% or higher) then I would look at what the second one says. If it says that square is a voltorb then I wouldn't choose it, and instead choose what the second one says is the best pick. Once I started using these two, I was actually able to complete level 1-5 and then 8 first try.
    Nhekno 12 Nov 2023 18:34
    After around 20h I got an absurd 1-5 good rng rounds and level 8 was also quite lucky, I really recommend using at least two different calculators and compare between the two if you get at least 20% chance of voltorb. This was insane.
    safeGarlic28 27 Nov 2023 04:56
    I finally got it!,I tried it for 3 days and then read the comments about how to get to level 8, then I tried it for 3 hours, got to level 8 three times, the third time I finally got an easy board.
    celestorion 5 Jan 2024 00:47
    Are people seriously trying to defend this achievement by manipulating the game's code to do it? Two calculators? This just proves that this achievement is not worth hosting because it's all luck, not skill.
    NineBreaker 5 Jan 2024 01:05
    If an achievement requires unintended gameplay manipulation, it's bad design. If it's RNG/luck based without proper player influence as dictated by the game, it's bad design. If it requires outside tools to be feasibly completed on a normal run, it's bad design.

    This achievement is bad design.
    CHIHI 5 Jan 2024 04:45
    I agree with CassiLightning. It really needs to be changed to "Reach level 8" instead of beating it. Less RNG reliant while you still learn that exists a shortcut to level 8.
    Wayne121 6 Jan 2024 21:22
    I find that even if RNG is involved, it's a secret level that a lot of people don't know about and is nice to have in the set. It took me a bit to get it without a guide, but not too bad. I guess that 'Reaching level 8' could be a good middle ground.
    Jedgesaurus 14 Jan 2024 20:14
    After a few hours of trying with the above calculators/methods and having no luck, I used this one that calculates the RNG and provides you with the exact board solutions - https://scotteh.me/voltorb/

    1. Make sure the time/date is accurate on your device/emulator/DS
    2. Save in front of the Voltorb Flip table and reset your game
    3. Keep hitting A until you are back in the game and start up a game of Voltorb Flip
    4. Immediately quit the game of Voltorb Flip without flipping a tile and leave it on the screen showing the flipped over tiles
    5. Quickly type in all the values on Voltorb Flip solver https://scotteh.me/voltorb/ and click 'Run'
    6. It should show you the solution to level 1, if not reset your game and try steps 3-5 again
    7. Start up another game of Voltorb Flip and flip over the 8 tiles highlighted in red from the solver
    8. As soon as you see "Game cleared!" text in your game, click the 'Run' button in the solver again
    9. You should see level 2's solution, keep doing the same for levels 3, 4, 5, and then should jump to 8.
    10. Enter solution for level 8 and you are done

    I don't think this should be an achievement, or maybe like others are saying just change it to "reach level 8", but using this solver and getting the right timings makes it a lot more manageable.

    Using this solver eliminates the RNG aspect, but if you have to use solvers, calculators, or spend hours and hours suffering the RNG - should this really be an achievement in the core set?
    adamdotpng 25 Jan 2024 20:45
    Can confirm the solver from scotteh.me works. Be sure not to fat-finger a tile; it changes the entire RNG and you'll have to start from lvl 1. I've tried the usual solver and reached lvl 8 once, then lost to a 9% chance.

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