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  • Catch all 373 (HG) | 371 (SS) obtainable Pokemon on the National Pokedex. [Non-event and no external trades]

    38 (38) of 2,925 – 1.30%

    1.30% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.30% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by DanielARP on: 02 Sep, 2020 16:37
    Last modified: 12 Jan, 2021 01:59

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    Superbegita 18 Apr 2023 14:50
    I think that if we want all pokedex , best is to obtain these acheviements BEFORE obviousely made some trade in logical.

    Witch will be the best case scenario. I remember that melonds stanalone allow for multi instance (for wifi connection and rightly in pokemon games cases allow trade to be made

    Ex one session with SS , other with HG

    But ONLY you already the silver and gold licence.

    It wont be considering as cheat no in logical ?

    If you get LEGIT Silver/Gold licence of course ( in hardcore i mean)
    Andrevus 19 Apr 2023 11:21
    Yes, these achievements are coded in a way that non-npc trades (as in between players) would void the achievement due to link trading not existing yet when they were made (it's also a way to protect from hacking in all pokédex entries)

    So if you want a "living dex" (meaning ALL pokémon obtained in the generation) you have to get it AFTER completing this achievement. Once obtained the only way to "un-obtain" an achievement if you personally reset it on the site.
    Superbegita 20 Apr 2023 02:46
    I understand so here by ex the save i use is the one for "Start Ethan.dsv" witch i have renamed in my actual game file name and .sav to the end (i use MelonDS only sav format is recognized bythe core)

    So i have just Celebi and Pichu witch are given thanks to the save (and also lbtain the myterious crystal from the green postman).

    We agree that's ingame itns normal the silver/gold licence to being put in llcked statut...for now ?

    So if we get another event pokemons as Arceus by ex directly ingame (and ONLY thanks to the save) and other pokemon events in this way it s ok ?

    Only thing tl avoid is to the same but in external trade if i understand ? Same for evolutions of some pokemons ?

    Meaning i could use PkHex only when i have legit obtain the silver ans gold licence ? As you said for having a living dex (but of course legit one , i play only in Hardcore).
    Andrevus 21 Apr 2023 15:07
    Yes, EVENT pokémon provided on the Forum start save IS legal for the achievement, hell i'd say it's outright required. PkHex i'd avoid using or even talking about in general, that's technically cheating.
    Superbegita 21 Apr 2023 16:29
    Thanks you ^^ yes but because otherwise you wont be able to have 100% of the pokedex.

    Specially when you have no choice and being in wifi for melonds or even desmume i mean.

    Of course AFTER having legit silver and gold licences it without to say. Apparently it only work in ethernet mfor not being a headache. (For melonds witch is not as up tondate that the standalone version...but this one doesnt support RA).
    Andrevus 22 Apr 2023 04:34
    At that point you're just better off transfering your finished achievement save out to a standalone emulator and continuing off from there. Save editing on the other hand is "external software" and is, again, considered cheating, so i'd advise against even mentioning it.
    Superbegita 22 Apr 2023 14:31
    Yes that's what i was thinking but only if i cant do this otherwise.

    Like i said it s problematic for recognized in game trading (i have look how to do legit trade with myself but appparently it s very tricky ane yet i donthave several computer but just one meaning it can put problems for having several access points for trading with several devices).

    So it s why my question was for : for knowing if i cant get LEGIT licences (both of them) without use this method.

    If after i can made some trade i will of course. But i can still use the stanalone (if it s not for some acheviements).

    You how have you done that if ever you have had your Pokedex at 100% ?

    But i understand your point lf course (myseld i hate cheating the goal is to get what it s notmaybe possible the way wifi is handled.

    It s for that i prefer to ask how people have done that without use some externalway.

    My goal here is exchange if possible with myself not CREATE pokemons or even modifiy their stats far of that.a way to trade without troubles sort of.

    In all cases thanks you for your answers but just for let you know again: i dont intend to cheat or other just found a reliable way to trade with myself in wifi/4g if possible (if i play and use both versions by ex)

    Actually no problem i am on my way flr the second badge
    ribb2112 27 Jun 2023 15:32
    I have to redo the entire game just bc I wanted to use Gengar and Steelix. Why. Oh why.
    RetroSprites 27 Jun 2023 20:24
    How do you get them?
    ribb2112 28 Jun 2023 04:47
    I would just look up "how to trade pokemon emulator hgss" or something. Pretty simple, just follow instructions.
    RetroSprites 28 Jun 2023 21:49
    Ok, thanks, i want to use them, but, obviously, after i complete the Pokedex
    mrtylersquared 6 Jul 2023 17:43
    So this achievement is still possible even if you don’t use the event saves correct?
    Kasmora 17 Sep 2023 15:53
    What are the missables for this achievement? I can imagine Legendaries and Sudowoodo if you kill them, but is there anyone else?
    Andrevus 18 Oct 2023 20:12
    Your starter if you for some ungodly reason decide to release them before evolving them/breeding, any breeding that requires an item (like incense) that you sell before using it to breed.
    jarccc 19 Oct 2023 00:54
    Ya me di cuenta de mi error... Tendré que cargar otra partida guardada de hace semanas. Fijarme en todo detalle para no cometer el mismo error.
    Kirkizzle891 7 Feb 2024 21:01
    Are pokewalker exclusives included for this achievement or no?
    RagingSkittlez 20 Feb 2024 12:18
    So does that mean, trading in game I.E. Bellsprout for Onix would void the achievement?
    Andrevus 20 Feb 2024 12:26
    Trades from NPCs are required technically, it's trading between PLAYERS that's banned.
    blood 6 Apr 2024 03:39
    Hey guys, just want to confirm one thing. There is no problem if I use the event Pokémon provided by the dev’s save file, right? I would absolutely hate to play through the entire game and find out at the very end that I’m locked out of this achievement.
    Meneboy88 27 Apr 2024 05:42
    Jarccc cuál error? Para no cometerlo los demás xD

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