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  • Defeat Miguel in Tower of Geddon without any casualties [Normal Game Only - not NG+]

    217 (149) of 3,054 – 7.11%

    4.88% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.11% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Altomar on: 27 Aug, 2020 18:56
    Last modified: 27 Aug, 2020 21:17

    27 Aug 2020 18:56
    Altomar uploaded this achievement.
    27 Aug 2020 21:17
    Altomar promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    i2ocker89 2 Feb 2022 23:04
    Ive been trying to beat this guy without dieing, is their a strategy to this??
    Glendaal 30 Apr 2022 03:25
    The team I used was Lynx, Starky and Norris. Equip Starky with the MagNegate to protect Lynx and equip Lynx with the Daemon Charm to avoid having black magic locked. Have Norris act as a healer and do everything in your power to not have a white field, even if it means using a lvl 1 magic to avoid it. Have Lynx use your most powerful black spells and you should be able to pull it off unless you get too unlucky with the missed hits
    alphacomp 24 Apr 2023 21:57
    Ness64 28 Aug 2023 21:25
    Got this on the first try, but I read before how infamously hard this guy can be, so I prepared for it. And yeah, Daemon Charm is useful, besides that just forge the best gear you can and equip other accessories as needed.

    I had Irenes and Sprigg. Sprigg in Lagoonate form (which you're guaranteed to have) can hit like a truck, especially if the field is favoring blue.

    My strategy was to set Diminish asap (despite the "temporary" description, it seems it stays for the entire battle once you cast it), then focus on regular attacks and keep at least a few element levels so I could always keep my HP up with Lv1/Lv2 heals.
    I'd go for whatever element color I used twice in a row if I could, but even just going CurePlus + HealAll would help, as you don't want 2/3 of the field white (let alone the entire field).

    I also sometimes used BlackHole, Iceberg and Deluge if everyone was at full health.
    Obtained these from the Tragediennes, they drop Deluge sometimes and you can trap/farm Volcano, Tornado and BlackHole - I hope you bought the traps in Another Marbule earlier in the game...
    For other recommendations, equipping higher attacking elements in a lower level is OK, if you haven't done that by now. Sure, ideally you want them at the right level (or higher), but they still generally will do more damage than the corresponding element of that level; IceBlast -3 in a Lv. 1 slot would still hit harder than AquaBeam at the same slot.

    Support magic also doesn't care about that, which is great for Diminish as you can cast it at Lv. 4 instead of 6. Going from that, LoRes (especially if you bring Norris like it was mentioned, as he would benefit from the free yellow), Strengthen and EagleEye are good to have, all of these can be at Lv. 1
    djlaw56 10 Sep 2023 01:01
    i beat miguel but the achievement didnt pop up and everyone on my team survived not sure what the cause of not getting it
    Altomar 10 Sep 2023 01:13
    Restart the emulator and make sure you have logged in RA in case you had any connection issues. The achievement check the status of you party members. If anyone died during the fight the achievement will fail. Also you can't obtain this achievement on a new game plus because you party at that point is overpowered.
    DaviPx 18 Feb 2024 02:27
    You can algo trap his holy light element, he uses it when fatigued

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