Tomb Raider
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  • 32 Kills, 50 Pickups and 3 Secrets, no save no meds only Pistols

    85 (68) of 1,348 – 6.31%

    5.04% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.31% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by NgNvNn on: 04 Aug, 2020 08:45
    Last modified: 18 Jun, 2023 15:18

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    BenTobitt 25 Mar 2023 21:09
    I'm not saying this should be worth more than 50 points, but I've spent less time on the 100 pointers I have gotten than this heap of excrement. It's going to be an amazing feeling once it's finally done.
    williamgeesdorf 25 Mar 2023 21:52
    This would be better if you could use at least 1 medpack (as an exception).
    BenTobitt 26 Mar 2023 00:05
    I'm not so sure. It would ease the suffering tenfold, but then it wouldn't be a true NLNMPO 100%. Maybe the whole set of Extreme Raider achievements should have their own subset instead? Just throwing ideas out there. It's supremely satisfying to get though lol
    Phaynney 4 Apr 2023 06:22
    So, this one is hard, but i spent here less time than in the Mines. In this level you can actually manipulate the RNG so the mobs are shooting at you. Simply jump in, jump back. Sometimes they do what they want but in most times they are shooting.... then you can left,right pretty easy.
    My tip is to go through the level, save slot before the big rooms and practice. This is not REALLY that hard. Just 45 minutes of focus. Good luck everyone.
    18 Jun 2023 15:11
    Falcus edited this achievement's logic.
    18 Jun 2023 15:18
    Falcus edited this achievement's logic.
    blackrook29 29 Aug 2023 20:38
    caw finally got this one, took me 8 hours of tries. once i got a routine it was ok, worst part was the first room those 6 mutants random how they behave. almost missed uzi clips in room with spine on other side there is uzi clips that blend in the floor on the corner. look me up on youtube if you wanna see my run for help. i sort of rage and talk myself through it.
    NicNamSam 29 Aug 2023 20:55
    A tough one. Here are my tips.

    For incubator enemies, it's best to jump towards them to trigger them, because you can backflip quicker away than when you step forward. Try to jump so you're just inside their activation zone, not too close.

    For the five switch/4 incubator room, I start with the toughest switch to the southeast (relative to the entrance). I stand as far left as I can at the switch to activate it, roll immediately, then standing jump forward, and keep holding jump and forward. Try to jump over the water. You may end up in it, though. DON'T swim anywhere towards the center or you'll activate the other enemy. Get out of the water on either side, and position yourself so you can sideflip back and forth over the water while shooting the enemy. For the rest of the foes in the room, walk until you are into the square that is by the water and in the center line of the room (the farthest the water reaches), then backflip, then sideflip back and forth while shooting. I think that whether they shoot bullets vs explosives is dependent on your distance or maybe what side you are on relative to them. I once saw an enemy get stuck switching between weapons as I sideflipped. IDK.

    For the fleshy ramp with 3 bad guys, I position Lara so she is in the last square of the hallway, against the left wall when facing the ramp room, and her right foot is into the next square, which is in the ramp room. I make sure she is as straight as possible, but the camera is on her left, then sideSTEP right once and then do the sideflip and shoot maneuver.

    For the centaur before the doppelganger room, stand near (but not against) the right wall, and jump forward to trigger the centaur. To find the right distance, if he doesn't trigger, backflip and walk forward once to narrow in. The immediate backflip prevents me from being hit immediately.
    NicNamSam 29 Aug 2023 20:56
    For the centaur after the doppelganger room, I run up the ramp, roll into the first square of the intersection, run back, and fall into the pit. Then I either try to jump and shoot him from there, or if he seems gone, climb back up and step one square forward to attract him, then step back. As soon as Lara aims her guns, I shoot a few times and step back into the pit before he can hit me with explosives again. I couldn't coax him to stand near the pit, so I just did this bait and retreat move over and over.

    For the next guy, I did the method in the video above. I stood against the midpoint of the left wall so Lara's head intersected the left side of the white spot in the wall texture, rolled to turn around, and sidestepped left once and started shooting. The enemy's explosive shots were blocked by the corner.
    rhas777 26 Sep 2023 22:15
    This is the hardest achievement in the game. Took me sixteen tries. Extreme this level will test your patience.

    People would argue that The Great Pyramid is more difficult. I don't think so. More enemies, more RNG bullshit.

    The Atlanteans are relentless. No matter what you do, one of them will always hit you in the room with five levers. You must dodge perfectly in the corridor with the three Atlanteans. The flying ones can be unpredictable.

    However, I've notice people having trouble with the last room with the Centaur. Just lure him back where you came (with the Mutant Lara) and jump down as he comes at you. Takes time, but is the safest way, and you can repeat the process with the last Atlantean too.
    FabinSS 22 Oct 2023 01:20
    I can add two things that can save time: 1 - At the room that the boulder blocks your way, you can easily jump through it with a diagonal jump. 2 - At the Throne Room, you can skip the trapdoors by going behind Qualopec's throne. Try to climb the movable block and after that, do a side jump to the left.
    I'm still trying, reached the last centaur. It is pain.
    FabinSS 23 Oct 2023 01:25
    The problem here is that not even the "safest" methods are precise. That corridor with 3 beasts? Well, one of them can just use the smaller projectiles or just ram you to death, and... 20 minutes gone. 3 days and I have no hopes. I just hate RNG based achievements.
    FabinSS 23 Oct 2023 10:01
    Can't believe I did it, finally!
    MrDynamite 21 Jan 2024 16:01
    The level has far too hard RNG moments of enemies that you can't use video strategies as a measure. I thought I could copy the tactics from a video myself, but unfortunately all 3 mummies messed up the run where I was very far. The beginning of the level is also a problem, especially the fifth or sixth enemy who has no weapon and just jumps around. The flying enemies weren't the problem in my first attempts. However, I currently lack strategies.
    splintercell90 17 Feb 2024 02:53
    Finally I unlocked this achievement, I can't believe!
    DaniellMSouza 22 Feb 2024 20:21
    Man, I don't know if anyone here has gone through this, but happened to my twice, the doppelganger get stuck in the wall and I can't open the door, this is so frustrating.. lost 30 minutes because of this bug, I would like to know what I could do to avoid this
    Pit100 26 Feb 2024 10:00
    PranHunter 26 Feb 2024 21:51
    Consegui finalmente, esse é Hard! um dos troféus mais difíceis que já cacei, a rage é real, 30 ou 40 minutos de jogo se perde por algum erro bobo, a maioria das partes dá pra memorizar e ir, o grande problema é aquele corredor com 3 mutantes, que é preciso dar "sorte" deles não te acertarem, o restante com treino dá pra fazer, mas não é fácil, xinguei demais até conseguir, UFA! Esse vale o comentário: Consegui!

    I finally got it, f*ck Hard! one of the most difficult trophies I've ever hunted, the anger is real, 30 or 40 minutes into the game you lose it due to some silly mistake, most of the parts you can memorize and go, the big problem is that corridor with 3 mutants, which is necessary "lucky" they don't hit you, the rest can be done with training, but it's not easy, I cursed a lot until I got it, PHEW! This is worth the comment: I did it!
    PranHunter 26 Feb 2024 21:51
    PranHunter 26 Feb 2024 21:53

    This bug happened to me, it's simply annoying!

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