Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Perform 100 consecutive Super Jumps to deserve a Super reward

    281 (130) of 12,467 – 2.25%

    1.04% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.25% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Searo on: 01 Aug, 2020 01:25
    Last modified: 04 Jul, 2023 18:34

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    Tabbysas 26 Oct 2022 03:35
    Never before have I held a deep concentration for as long as during the winning try. After a certain point Super Jump just turns into meditation.

    also god bless run-ahead for making this achievement actually doable for me :p
    bcrew1375 26 Oct 2022 18:54
    It's intense. At 60 frames per second and 3 frames for the input after 13 jumps, you essentially have to react within 1/20th of a second 87 TIMES IN A ROW.
    TindalosKeeper 3 Nov 2022 14:13
    Holy crap... When I felt bad doing 65 jumps, I come and do the 100 jump one next morning in a fit of rage, like something snapped inside of me, lmao.
    You need to time your jumps every 80 BPS or so (Beats per second).
    With the help of a metronome, you can train yourself in the art of getting perfect jumps this way!
    A speedrunner gave me the timing and I managed to pull it off.
    Just be warned, it's at around 80 BPM... Might be a tad little bit earlier or later, but you should be trained enough to do it in-game.
    If you need any more info, don't hesitate in PM'ing me.
    I'll be happy to help you out.
    Good luck! :)
    TindalosKeeper 3 Nov 2022 14:29
    Also, for the newcomers, the moment you level up to 10, you can start attempts right away. But I'd suggest waiting until you can do 3 attempts per reload or so.
    SuperMeatBro 27 Nov 2022 15:30
    I used to play kaizo mario maker a lot and doing a lot of shell tricks which usually has a 2-3 frames windows too. I was extremely concistant at it after a year. So the hard part for me here was to find where the frames window was and than i got it dyring the next hour.
    supersebbl 16 Dec 2022 18:47
    Just continue trying, eventually you can get it. If you can get to 30 Jumps you can get 100 jumps! The Timing is always the same :D I am so proud that I finally did it after 20 years of playing this game. Thanks Achievement!
    sulpemago 5 Mar 2023 13:12
    Depois De Quase 1 Ano Eu Finalmente Consengui é Muito Complicado E Eu Só Consegui Agora Por Causa Da Opção de mudar A Região do Console se não eu não iria conseguir
    sulpemago 19 Jun 2023 01:48
    Para aqueles que se perguntam como a região do console que o toya acima tá falando funciona seguinte no retroarch existe uma opção chamada region console NTSC vem para jogos americanos e japoneses e dentro dessa opção os jogos rodam a 60hz que podemos chamar de 60 fps
    E PAL que é para jogos europeus e rodam a 50hz ou 50 fps
    Mudando para PAL fazer os 100 pulos fica mais fácil mais não totalmente fácil
    Mia 30 Jun 2023 15:50
    Just chiming in here to reinforce that if you can regularly get past the 13th jump then you CAN get this achievement. It will most likely take a bit of grinding and a lot of focus, but you can do it.

    I tried practicing on multiple enemies (goomba, spikey, artichoker)and what worked best for me is getting a group of 3 goombas in Mushroom Way and super jumping on the middle goomba because it is the lowest on the screen. I watched for Mario's right foot and when it was in the goomba's face thats when I pressed the button. Goombas were easiest for me because of this tell. Enemies that don't move are supposedly best but things like Artichoker have a hard tell of when Mario is actually landing on them.

    Recommend getting the EarlierTimes item in Seaside Town via frog coins to make this grind a lot more bearable. What it does is reset the fight including any enemies you killed and FP you used, so it really helps on not having to find another trio of goombas or going back to heal FP. Also having a party where Mario goes first (Mario, Bowser, Mallow) to save you having to defend with an ally is really nice. All these little things add up in saving a lot of time in the long grind.

    Worth noting that I got it 3rd try on a fresh morning, so if you're feeling burnt out on grinding maybe it's best to take a break and come back later. Good luck!!!
    4 Jul 2023 18:34
    Layton edited this achievement's badge.
    leonox2335 12 Jul 2023 16:43
    Got it yesterday.

    Some tips from the "100 Super Jumps Guide" on GameFAQs that really helped me:

    Green Piranha Plant in Bean Valley: In the section where the Shy Fairy waters the plants, you can get a encounter with two Green Piranha Plants, the leftmost is really low on the screen that Mario doesn't fully leaves the screen after each jump.

    Pressing the button pretending that I was manually controlling Mario's jump (holding the button to make him ascend) helped me into getting the timing, just tapping the button most likely will make you push it earlier and fail 90% of the time.

    Counting: I'm counted the jumps like 35-35-30, I knew if I did 30-30-30-10 jumps like the guide recommended I would choke on the last 10 jumps :p

    Good luck!
    Searo 12 Jul 2023 17:22
    I'm excited to do this again for the remake when it comes out :)
    bcrew1375 12 Jul 2023 17:31
    @Searo I think you might be a masochist.
    Loemon 29 Jul 2023 21:55
    3h training and I did it. Nice !
    atratus 22 Aug 2023 20:54
    everyone better have their switch pro's on wifi mode and not usb mode when the remake comes out else you already at a disadvantage lmao

    we get to relive this hell all over again, but in 3D!
    Tabbysas 29 Sep 2023 07:34
    One tip I can give which really helped me personally is to try doing this against a Machine Made; since they use a more quiet battle theme, you can more easily use the constant 1-up sounds as a metronome of sorts.
    AlexanderZ640 12 Oct 2023 03:01
    Yeah as much as a love this game, I ain doing this 🧑‍🦯
    starlite 24 Nov 2023 22:00
    Took forever to do, but finally got it. Never have to do that again.
    My strategy was to do it on the bottom-right Tentacle in the first phase of the King Calamari boss fight. It barely moves in its animation, and it’s low enough that mario’s body is onscreen for the entire jump.
    HydroBobOmb 10 Dec 2023 01:07
    I just got it. Thanks to TindalosKeeper who said the rhythm of the jumps is at 80 BPM, I used a metronome and I noticed one thing : the jumps are indeed around this beat, but the time Mario spend to starting the super jump seems to be around one beat AND A HALF. The problem is how to start from a good point.

    So, I used a metronome of 160 BPM and I tried to start the super jump on this beat. If did correctly, Mario will be pretty much aligned on the beat when bouncing on the enemy and reaching the peak of his jump.
    It was very helpful for me. To have an audio cue is good instead of focusing purely on a visual cue, which is pretty tiring (just blinking my eyes screwed me a lot).

    Maybe using a 160 BPM metronome can help you too. The thing is to have a good cue of when you are at the middle frame of the 3 frames window. There is no strict setup to align the beat on this specific frame, but if you got it, it can carry you and save your energy (like avoiding to stare at one point of the screen).
    cicco 10 Feb 2024 08:23
    Finally did it after a week of grinding, don't give up you can do it.
    If you can't do more than 13 jump try checking your latency settings, this helped me immensely.

    It took me a lot of practice to do this so what I did to minimize the time loss was to grab a bunch of royal syrup and jump on a spikey without jump shoes equiped so that I would do 0 damage and i could stay in battle as long as I wanted. You don't need to count how many jumps you do since the game will prevent you from doing more than 100 so you just need to go for as long as you can focusing on the timing only. If you can do more than 13 jumps it means you are on the right path and you just need to grind more. The longer you grind the more you get used to the timing and you will start to feel the weight of each jump less and less, today's 40 jumps will feel like yesterday's 30 jumps and tomorrow's 50 jumps will feel like today's 40.

    I used both a visual and an audio cue that worked for me, now this might not work for you but I'll explain so you can test if it works.
    -As a visual cue I looked below the spikey's right eye, that area is where you will see mario's left foot at its lowest, what worked for me was pressing the button when i saw mario's foot.
    -As an audio cue when the 1-up sound plays you have to press the button just after the first note, this is what worked for me, it took me a long time to get used to this but after you get used to it you can use it as a sort of metronome.

    You will get tired grinding for this so you need to take pauses for as long as you need, what I noticed is that I was more performing in the first few attempts than the later.

    Good luck with these achievement, keep on grinding and don't give up, you can do it.

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