Kirby's Adventure (NES)

Get 4 1UPs in the Crane Fever Mini-Game on Challenging difficulty
Free Plushie (25) (188)
Get 4 1UPs in the Crane Fever Mini-Game on Challenging difficulty

Created by Scootaloo on: 24 Aug, 2014 14:32
Last modified: 29 Jul, 2022 12:48

Won by 243 of 7216 possible players (3%)

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togguleru 20 Aug 2021 20:06
this one achievement makes me glad nintendo still doesn't have these things
BaguetteKirby 22 Aug 2021 14:07
I finally got it, but this achievement should be delete ASAP, this is garbage
diablo666 20 Dec 2021 13:21
This achievement is garbage. It will break your nerves. The good location of the big Kirby is in the middle and to the left
diablo666 20 Dec 2021 13:22
I got this achievement AFTER 167 attempts. This is a lot of wasted time
ItzNoFNJoke 31 Jan 2022 07:09
Megamet1998 19 Feb 2022 23:59
Is there any hints that the crane in Crane fever in the sweet spot of the big plush? As the only one I got down is the left.
thunderaquadragon 26 Feb 2022 20:28
Whoa, that was insanely lucky! Got it after 20-25 tries! Got ot with the left then center combo Im definitely not touching this minigame ever again
DarakuOu 7 Apr 2022 06:23
I tried this achievement a year ago, but I rarely grabbed one plushie, and I was like "This achievement is bullshit REMOVE IT NOW" I tried for a while and then forgot. Until today... I was playing the new Kirby and thought, "Wait, what if it's a problem with the emulation?" Went into RA changed the core and... got it in around 14 minutes with quickNes TL;DR: DON'T USE NESTOPIA FOR THIS ONE.
CassetteCobra 22 May 2022 01:25
What about Mesen? It seems to have problems with it. I only managed to get the middle large kirby once, despite landing on it directly multiple times before. This is easily a 50 pointer.
guineu 26 May 2022 21:40
After testing in softcore for a while, my conclusions: retry until you get fat kirby on the left, which can be picked 100% of the time, and hope the next fat kirby spawns in the middle and is pickable. Most of the times it is not (will drop even with crane perfectly centered).
CassetteCobra 28 May 2022 21:33
Finally got this awful achievement. Following what guineu said, If you get the small kirby on the right and the fat kirby in the middle, then you should attempt to get the fat one. If you so happen to get it then it will appear on the far left side for an easy grab (that is if you miss or RNG really hates you). Essentially the opposite of guineu's strat, but you get two set ups to get the achievement easier.
DavidLR04 4 Jun 2022 21:25
i'm afraid of what lies ahead
TinNova 20 Jun 2022 01:43
This should be deleted. This is not challenging but a waste of time. If only it were just about accuracy...
14 Jul 2022 02:46
WanderingHeiho edited this achievement's logic.
29 Jul 2022 12:48
gollawiz edited this achievement's wording.
asclub02 1 Sep 2022 14:23
this achievement should be deleted.
LuizDavid01 26 Sep 2022 19:28
I managed to earn this achievement by waiting a few minutes for me to get the next fat kirby, I don't know if it's a new method that I discover but anyway, of course you need to do it in pixel perfect lol
nahuelescobar 7 Dec 2022 23:03
One tip that I discovered or at least it seems to be so is that if you softreset or restart the game after failing you will NEVER be able to do it, you need to wait and try again manually, when I realized this I did it in less than 10 minutes
Bit4Tat 5 Jan 2023 00:49
Best tip I can give is to use the fast forward button to speed things up. Works in hardcore as well.
GalacticSpear 22 Jan 2023 14:23
Something that nobody is mentioning here, althrough RNG is in fact a part of the minigame, and in the first attempts the achievement was actually quite frustrating for me and I was able to understand the complaints in the comments, but then I noticed that a good part of my failed attempts was because I missed the claw and lost the Big Kirby most of the time considering that the claw is insanely fast on the hardest difficulty, but after I got consistent in catching the Large Kirbys and got used to the way the claw moves, gaining at least two lives each attempt became much more common to happen, especially with the combo of a Kirby on the left, which you will get 100% of the time unless if you keep reseting the game, and then a Kirby on the middle, which is a less likely to get, after suffering a lot earlier yesterday missing the Big Kirbys, I got this achievement in less than 3 minutes after reloading the game and being consistent in getting the Big Kirbies.

TL,DR: The achievement being 100% dependent on RNG isn't true, if you do your part by getting used to the speed of the grapple and catching the Big Kirbys more consistently, even if they keep dropping, you probably won't take more than 10 minutes to get 4 lives, I swear this would be one of the worst achievements I would have to deal with, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting.

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guineuHardcore26 May, 2022 21:34
ManiatikillerHardcore26 May, 2022 05:00
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