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Pokemon FireRed: Rocket Edition (Game Boy Advance) Hack

Finish the game with a Bounty over $850.000
Genocide Route [m] (100) (240)
Finish the game with a Bounty over $850.000

Created by voiceofautumn on: 30 Jul, 2020 15:16
Last modified: 17 Nov, 2022 18:29

Won by 26 of 180 possible players (14%)

30 Jul 2020 15:16
voiceofautumn uploaded this achievement.
30 Jul 2020 15:17
voiceofautumn edited this achievement.
30 Jul 2020 15:32
"voiceofautumn" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
23 Aug 2020 19:56
voiceofautumn edited this achievement.
20 Sep 2020 15:44
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mquay2 14 Jan 2022 01:01
Beat every trainer in Kanto, avoided as many as possible before each checkpoint, completed every side-quest... But forgot to go through Route 23 before I got the badges. 838,000. Don't be like me. Remember to go through Route 23 before fighting any of the Leaders.
Buitrako 17 Feb 2022 09:37
mquay2 good advice provides from failures. Many thanks for the useful tip! Ill take it into account if I ever try to master this set.
Renan007 22 May 2022 04:44
The most I got in the bounty was 898.000 xD
ScorchyWorchy 22 May 2022 08:36
Go through victory road up to cave entrance before fighting gym leaders so you can farm extra bounty from gaurds.
WKGames 3 Aug 2022 22:20
Wow, this was way closer than I expected and I failed it on my first playthrough even though I did everything I could think of. I managed to do it on my third playthrough though. Just like Renan007, I finished with a bounty of 898,000. The key parts of this challenge are avoiding as many battles as possible until you become an executive after beating Bill at Silph Co (this requires you to trap the 6 scientists without fighting any of the police officers / super nerds which is tricky). Once you become an executive, you can steal from any NPC excluding the gym leaders. Before you fight the gym leaders, complete the story and get to victory road the hard way by beating all of the guards. At this point, you can now steal from every NPC in the game without locking yourself out of anything. I did everything I could think of and finished with a bounty of 898,000, so it will be somewhat close no matter what. One thing I missed was that I forgot to buy a Poke-doll from the Celadon store before my bounty started (you can only access the store with 0 bounty). That would have allowed me to fight the Copy-Cat girl and increase my bounty. If I had remembered that I probably would have gotten over 900k.
14ausher 13 Sep 2022 22:38
The Silph building eventually closes and you can't go back in there and steal anything from anyone, so make sure to do it as soon as you become an executive. I waited until I got the last rank and now I think I have to start over.
14 Sep 2022 08:22
voiceofautumn edited this achievement's logic.
17 Nov 2022 18:29
voiceofautumn edited this achievement's logic.

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