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  • Generate over $2000 in a single fight using Pay Day.

    1,230 (1,120) of 11,062 – 11.12%

    10.12% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    11.12% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 26 Apr, 2020 08:24
    Last modified: 13 Feb, 2021 09:49

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    13 Feb 2021 09:17
    deng edited this achievement.
    13 Feb 2021 09:49
    Kisumebuckets promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    Mekevin255 14 Oct 2021 04:19
    Snorlax is a good option due to rest. You will need one ether because 20pp isn't enough. I had pikachu learn pay day, switched pokemons in and out so snorlax could use rest then pay day... rest... repeat. Triggers during the fight so you will know.
    gustavovaladares 20 Dec 2021 13:35
    Just put TM16 pay-day on Mewtwo and enjoy
    alkalynity 23 Jan 2022 17:58
    Mewtwo with TM16 is the easiest way to do this. No elixirs or PP Ups needed, just keep spamming Payday/Recover/Barrier against Lorelei's Dewgong until you get it. If Dewgong eventually dies, you should still be able to get it by spamming it on the rest of her team.
    WKGames 19 May 2022 04:25
    Used TM16 on my Level 57 Nidoking for this one and spammed full restores against Lorelei's Dewgong. Not as bad as I expected tbh
    Zyvyn 17 Jun 2022 22:48
    This is technically missable in red version. Meowth is only catchable in blue version, and the TM is one time use and technically can be used and overwritten.
    lggr 4 Jan 2023 02:14
    Nooooo! Bote la tm :(
    tomojin 19 Jan 2023 05:43
    I tried Rampagingtaru's strategy and it worked. Battled the Lass on Route 8 that has 3 Meowths, used Snorlax with Rest and Starmie with Recover to survive, and used the Poke Flute to skip turns. It's pretty slow though, the Meowth used other moves a lot, and it took like 34 Pay Days (I kinda lost count).
    MarvellousDazza 23 Jan 2023 15:23
    I entered the Elite Four with just a Level 55 Nidoking with Payday. Against Loreli's Dewgong, I kept using Payday and it would gradually weaken it, Dewgong would constantly use Rest which made it ideal for not defeating it. Watch out for Dewgong's Aurora Beam though, it would take down half of Nidoking's health, when this happens just use a Full Restore and hope that the next turn Dewgong uses a different move besides Aurora Beam! (Usually Rest) Just keep spamming this technique over and over again and the achievement should pop before you even run out of moves. Pretty straight forward to do.
    lggr 25 Jan 2023 03:15
    Para los que votaron la tm en red por error, yo por lo menos jugué blue hasta capturar meowth y lo traspase a red con otro emulador, para leveo rápido y la batalla con dewgong de lorelei
    lo9i 31 Jan 2023 06:07
    IMO: Have caught one of the 2 sleeping Snorlax, 2x Ether, 1x TM19 (Route 12; need Surf to reach). Save. Teach Pay Day to Snorlax. Confront the other Snorlax. If you haven't put work into Snorlax, they should both be level 30. Then, Pay Day. Enemy Snorlax will Rest, regaining its HP. Just keep a tab on HP for both, Ether to top up PP for Pay Day, and you'll get it.
    Jazmataz 23 Feb 2023 03:51
    I did this with the Jr. Trainer’s (f) Meowth LV. 23 in Route 9. I used many Potions and 4 Ethers for Ivysaur to spam Growl.
    Meikitamemo 10 Nov 2023 05:48
    Here is an very easy way to achieve it.

    1: Have a Persian of Lv.30 & use the catched Snorlax.
    2: Get surf from safari and get the TM16 - Payday (near the fishing guy house)
    3: Teach Rest (via TM) to Meowth / Persian & teach Payday to Snorlax.
    4: Save before hand!
    5: Fight the 2nd snorlax by using Persian's payday (all 20) , when you are not sure whether Snorlax will survive the hit , swap to Snorlax and repeat.
    6: Keep resting your own pokemon , awake them via Pokeflute and ensure you don't kill Snorlax until you hit Payday 40 times.
    7: Once you reach $2000 the cheevo will pop-up (before you beated snorlax)
    8: Got the cheevo? Kill Snorlax! He needs the excercise!

    9: Good Hunting!
    thecoimbra 7 Dec 2023 22:11
    I used a level 51 Nidoking. I taught Pay Day and Horn Drill to it and bought 4 X Special and 1 X Accuracy at Celadon Department Store. Plus a few Revive and Full Restore. Against Lorelai's Dewgong, following previous instructions posted here, I used 4 X Special to resist Aurora Beam. Then I used X Accuracy to guarantee my moves would hit. Spammed Pay Day until the achievement popped up (no Elixir or Ether required), then defeated her entire team with Horn Drill (also conquering the "Target Acquired" cheevo).
    DestroyingSanity 15 Feb 2024 01:47
    Petalite 21 Mar 2024 16:54
    Perhaps this should be marked as missible, as it technically is in Pokémon Red in case the player throws away their Payday TM (which, considering the annoyance of inventory management in this game, is plausible)
    kevinwakkle 28 Mar 2024 07:02
    For the people using Pokemon Red. I used the TM wich you can found south in Lavender town (in the water) on my Mewtwo. Then i spam the first elite four (together with some potions). Speed it up and the achievement is yours
    SeyaDeNatal 30 Mar 2024 18:33
    Like Petalite said this should be marked as missable! i'm playing the red version and already had beaten all trainers and discarted the TM16, i can't get without starting a new game.
    TommyDeal 24 Apr 2024 21:12
    Meowth and Persian learn Payday at level 17

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