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  • Find all not missable items (including hidden items) on the overworld.

    976 (904) of 10,000 โ€“ 9.76%

    9.04% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.76% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 25 Apr, 2020 06:20
    Last modified: 04 May, 2023 19:52

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    elvisshippuuden01 4 Jul 2023 08:58
    I would never guess that the last hidden item was in the water
    PhazePrime 11 Jul 2023 04:10
    Finally! My final item was a regular appearing item in Pokemon Mansion on the third floor, Iron. Use this map if you are sure you got all of the hidden items. There aren't many other good resources out there for regular appearing items. https://i.redd.it/t1uswf4zwmr21.png
    Hauntedsushi 23 Aug 2023 04:01
    I'm at 105/107 I know one of those is the hidden antidote in virdian forest because I'm leaving that for last but I for the life of me cannot find the last item. Are there any obvious items that I could have missed? I didn't pick up any items unless they were manditory until I beat the elite four so it's probably something really simple I'm just spacing on lol.
    briaguya 28 Aug 2023 05:51
    used a combo of bulbapedia, https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red_and_Blue/Walkthrough, https://www.smogon.com/oi/rby_items to get most of the way there, and https://github.com/junebug12851/pokered-save-editor to figure out what i was missing at the end
    OneTruSoup 12 Sep 2023 20:41
    Here is a video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltIHcsXfMkQ
    Hope it helps!
    HydroSulphide 22 Oct 2023 16:00
    Maybe someone can help me. I am only missing 1 item. I checked with the save editor and every hidden item is checked and also every item under "World" -> "Missables" is checked. Is this the correct place to look for the missing item with the editor?
    HydroSulphide 22 Oct 2023 16:05
    Ok nevermind I'm just blond and dumb. I checked the list again and was missing "Fuchsia House 2 Item". It was the damn rare candy behind the strength boulder in the house of the guy with the gold teeth. Didn't have a Pokémon with strength at the moment and completely forgot about it. Finally got it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Tarpz 22 Oct 2023 19:04
    I'm mising one item and I have checked all the notable items which could be missed in the comments above. I've also double checked all the hidden items so I'm pretty sure it's not one of those either. After giving up I tried to get the save editor to find out which item it was but I'm struggling to even open and use it. Is there an easy way to do so or something I'm missing. Github/programming is not one of my strengths
    luamunizc 2 Nov 2023 05:52
    I'm missing ONE item and the poker Ed save editor says it's either an item that I already caught (Safari Entrance) ou something in a inaccessible place (Victory Road 6F). I'm questioning my life choices
    luamunizc 3 Nov 2023 04:40
    Somehow I missed a rare candy on the Power Plant but fought every static Voltorb/Electrode. That's was annoying
    hiori 26 Nov 2023 03:18
    The last item I found, with the help of the Save Editor and a long time backtracking lol, was the hidden Max Ether on Vermillion City
    thecoimbra 6 Dec 2023 18:49
    My last item was inside Copycat's house. I had to go through the first list that Mavincenzi posted. Done!
    Sherwood 9 Dec 2023 09:54
    My last two items were hidden items I thought I picked up when following a guide. I assume what happened was that my bag was full both times and I was looking at the guide while spamming A. Make sure you have room in your bag when collecting the hidden items!
    alvayuso 31 Dec 2023 18:29
    105/107… I think those 2 S.S.Anne hidden items count… ffs…
    AbelFive 14 Jan 2024 23:56
    106/107 I've double checked every hidden item, this video helped me find item 106 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfSRoFPKbM4 but I'm still missing ONE stupid item and cannot figure out what it could possibly be. Could the counter have missed one when I was playing while my internet was out?
    luamunizc 15 Jan 2024 00:20
    Try checking non-hidden items too. I was in the same situation and turned out that I missed a visible rare candy inside the power plant
    AbelFive 15 Jan 2024 00:21
    oh my god... I feel like such an idiot. I missed the escape rope on the first floor of the Pokemon Mansion, even though I swear I checked the mansion twice
    Legendeagle26 29 Jan 2024 02:47
    I cant find the last one, I checked everything twice unfortunately without success. I'm unsure whether or not the SS Anne items is included
    Yunalle 21 Feb 2024 11:51
    I'm missing one and missing 4 trainers in the other achievement... seriously the last thing I need in a gen 1-2 game is to be encumbered by useless items that I'll just toss anyway because the item management sucks, what's the point of this? terrible "achievement". I checked every hidden item just in case I didn't pick them up bc full bag and did a full sweep of kanto but no dice. As far as I'm concerned I'm done with this game
    fishingbiscuit 23 Feb 2024 01:03
    ugh, this achievement really is the worst, like seriously, have wasted away hours trying to find 1 remaining useless item, I have 0 clue where it is, and couldn't get a save editor working to check that way, seriously sucks as this is my last achievement needed to master the game, and is locked behind searching the entire map for this 1 item lol.

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