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    Catch Chansey, Scyther or Pinsir, Tauros and Kanghaskan in the Safari Zone in one session. (Multiple Safari Hunts are fine)

    1,277 (1,100) of 10,000 – 12.77%

    11.00% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    12.77% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 24 Apr, 2020 08:36
    Last modified: 09 Dec, 2021 09:50

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    Madawk 11 Oct 2023 16:20
    Simple: silence the emulator, play all your Watch Later videos from Youtube and eventually, after 4 hours, you might get them all. Chansey was the last one.
    Diegosaurio 12 Oct 2023 15:05
    If you are getting the achievements in soft core, you can use savestates. I used them to get this one and the capture 10 pokemons in a single run at the same time. Took me more than 1 hour even with speed up tho
    MeikitamemoAlt 10 Nov 2023 18:43
    This cheevo is a real pain in the micta! I though the 6 crits in a row was bad but man!!!!!
    No wonder people hate this cheevo! I almost ragequited myself after 4 hours of trying!
    Now i will get this cheevo on my main via red , but MAN i am NOT looking forward to it.

    For those that wonder about the 'locations' of these pokemons!
    Oh and do keep in mind , you cannot soft reset at all!
    Once the 1st pokemon of the list is caught you cannot soft reset the game.
    Save slates work but that only works for those NOT in hardcore!

    1: Scyther en Pinsir can be located in Zone 1 (Left Bush) there is also a small chance that a chansey spawns here.
    What i did with this guy is just throw the safari ball and hope for the best!

    2: Khangaskhan can be located in zone 2 behind the hut inside the large grass.
    He spawns rarely though!
    What worked for me with this guy was 1 stone & hope it don't run! and then trow a Safari ball in the hope it stays or if released doesn't flee.
    I really had issues with this guy!

    3: Tauros can be found near the end inside Zone 3.
    There is a small patch of grass next to a mountain wall , the grass itself lies between the outskirts of the zone.
    What worked for me is just trow instantly safari ball and pray to the Pokemon gods!
    This fucker was a pain for me.

    4: Chansey can be located in Zone 1 (kinda rarely) , Zone 2 (Super rare) . Zone 3 (frequently)
    The best way to catch this motherfcker is by throwing 3 stones!
    Just trow them rocks and pray to the Pokemon Gods that she remains each time.

    It took me 4 hours and 23 min to get this cheevo!
    With little to no forwarding!
    But like i said earlier i nearly rage quited!
    Which is a dumb thing to do , so whatever you do DON'T!

    Hopefully someone can use this and if not!
    I may be able to use it with my MAIN account ^^
    Why am i doing it 2x?
    Doing a redo for my YouTube channel , due to save file lost :)

    Good hunting!
    This one is one hell of a tough cookie!
    But not fun!
    hbROBO 21 Nov 2023 15:26
    It seems that people do not know this somehow, but doing anything other than throwing Safari Balls is a complete waste of time. Don't do it, just spray and pray.
    itsskinnymems 22 Nov 2023 08:36
    I somehow got Scyther pretty quickly and Chansey on my first encounter but then Tauros and Kangaskhan made this more hellish than it needed to be
    eh did it in ~30 mins so wasn't that bad but felt like hell
    Darkrai 1 Dec 2023 23:37
    Finally! Tauros took 3 hours by itself
    Darkrai 1 Dec 2023 23:41
    Also apohis’s link for the grass patches that can spawn scyther kangaskhan chansey and tauros really helped
    thecoimbra 4 Dec 2023 02:25
    We're masochists.
    Cubelitical 17 Dec 2023 09:11
    Just throw balls and pray to god
    I couldn't have gotten this cheevo if not for your valuable sacrifice
    ShianKiri 8 Jan 2024 10:26
    The tip from Apohis was really good. It took me like 15 minutes to get Scyther, Kangaskhan and Tauros. But it took me 4 hours to get Chansey. While this one sucked, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.
    Bownly 13 Jan 2024 23:51
    Painfully anti-fun achievement. This has been my favorite set that I've played on RA so far, but this achievement was a total fly in the ointment for me. Thankfully, there are only one or two other achievements that seem like they'll be a similar case of grinding for the sake of grinding.
    Silfrin 19 Jan 2024 17:53
    Finally made it!
    Here are some advices that helped me along the way.

    1. Know the Safari areas

    There are four areas in the Safari with different capture rates.

    Starter : Scyther/Pincir (4%) - Chansey (1%)
    East : Kangaskhan (4%) - Scyther/Pincir (1%)
    North : Chansey (4%) - Tauros (1%)
    West : Tauros (1%) - Kangaskhan (1%)

    Source: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gameboy/367023-pokemon-red-version/faqs/64175/safari-zone

    Personally, I found it hard to catch Chansey, so I headed North first.
    Once you get Chansey, you can head West for Tauros (and Kangaskhan) unless you already got one North.
    Once you get Tauros, you can head East for Kangaskhan (and Scyther/Pincir) unless you already got one West.
    And finally, you can head South for Scyther/Pincir unless you already got one East.

    2. Know where to trigger encounters

    Take a look at this map: https://imgur.com/79YUPIn
    Do not walk on the red parts as you can't encounter pokemons here. Only walk on blue parts.

    You only have 500 moves per Safari, don't waste any.

    3. Know how to capture the pokemons

    There are 3 strategies to capture pokemons: spam pokeballs, rocks or bait.

    The best option available is "SPAM POKEBALLS". Don't do anything else.
    Some people got lucky with a rock or a bait. That is just pure luck. They might have been as lucky with a pokeball throw.

    Source: https://www.dragonflycave.com/mechanics/gen-i-safari-zone#calculator

    You will probably need at least 15 encounters with the same pokemon in order to catch it.

    4. "You missed the pokemon"

    When fighting Chansey, you will see "You missed the pokemon".
    Keep going. That does not mean anything went wrong.

    It is just an equivalent of these 3 pokeball twitches :
    1. Miss the pokemon
    2. 1 twitch
    3. 2 twitches
    4. 3 twitches = capture

    When I got my Chansey, I "missed" 7 times in a row and on the 8th throw it worked.

    5. Use Fast-Forward to speed up the game (also works in Hardcore)

    Hope that helps! Good luck.
    Merricide 25 Jan 2024 07:27
    I got it in about 20 minutes due to mostly luck.

    I can confirm you CAN soft reset. I caught a second Tauros just before Chansey and it didn't increment. Soft reset twice before Scyther and it went to 3. Left the Safari Zone just after, went in again and soft reset once before getting Kangaskhan for the cheevo.

    Knowing this, you can save in a patch of grass and sr if your steps run out to cut time and cost.
    ChickenxChaser 30 Jan 2024 14:55
    The achievement didn't pop initially so I recaught Pinsir (the first one I caught) and it popped. I was playing on mobile and I believe I moved the app to the background (didn't close it) to pull up the locations of the other Pokemon. For some reason that may have caused it to create a new session? It didn't make sense since I didn't the app or game, it pulled back up in the safari zone and kept going.
    Renusek 7 Feb 2024 03:09
    Yeah same problem here, I caught all 4 and no cheevo, i wasn't restarting the game at all, just did l3+r3 to check cheevos once, nothing else...
    DestroyingSanity 15 Feb 2024 01:46
    Cheke 17 Feb 2024 17:02
    Not fun at all
    Yunalle 20 Feb 2024 04:40
    This is some medieval torture type of stuff
    Yunalle 20 Feb 2024 05:17
    Tauros and Chansey might as well be legendary pokemon, anyway I did it
    ROJOISDEAD 25 Feb 2024 12:05
    ROJOISDEAD 25 Feb 2024 12:04
    Gave me a chance to watch The Devil All The Time. Great movie, horrible achievement.
    Whoever came up with it is a prick and they're an extra prick for that name lmfao

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