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    Defeat the Pokemon League using Set Mode without using items in Battle. (Level 50 Cap, One Session starting from entering door)

    1,268 (1,124) of 10,000 – 12.68%

    11.24% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    12.68% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Blazekickn on: 24 Apr, 2020 05:39
    Last modified: 18 Feb, 2023 20:03

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    Jazmataz 25 Feb 2023 20:58
    I did this Solo with Kadabra starting Lv. 47. I did two Cheevos at once (Smogon & Prof. Perfect). Here is my Recording:

    Hauntedsushi 14 Mar 2023 22:41
    Finally got this after a few trys. I messed up early game and got rid or sold many useful tms so my team qas literally just thrown together with what I had.
    Clefable with bubblebeam and psychic
    Charizard with flame thrower and earthquake
    Zapdos with thunder I taught from a tm
    Nidoqueen with icebeam and surf
    Victorybell with razor leaf and swords dance
    Articuno with icebeam.

    If you want to use the birds keep in mind one thing, do not put any experience on them until you plan to use them. I used zapdos to clear the first member. On the second member I made to let zapdos and articuno die so they wouldn't get any exp and then swept with clefable. The second member I started with clefable until I killed golbat then let clefable fodder die and switch to charizard to sweep with earthquake. The four member I only revive articuno and sweep with icebeam. The final boss I revive and restore my entire team. Started with zapdos to take care of pidgeote and alakazam then let zapdos die. I noticed articuno was getting close to leveling so I had her die as well. Switched to clefable to bubblebeam rydon and arcanine, let it die to exeggutor then switch to charizard for flamethrower then switch to victorybell to finish blastoise off with razorleaf. I got lucky he missed blizzard 3 times in a row. Overall not too bad. If you come prepared unlike I did then you'll have a cake walk for this achievement.
    Techiteruel 16 Mar 2023 12:42
    One question. Can you start at lv 49 with Lorelei and defeating the champion like at level 53?
    Hauntedsushi 18 Mar 2023 06:22
    From what I understand, if they level past 50 during the run then the achievement will not pop. If your team is higher level I would suggest the exp all and even strategic deaths to avoid unwanted experince.
    DryIce53 18 Mar 2023 17:46
    use exp all is type "item" who cause 1/3 to shara any pokemon in your quest,the joke is...that item soo buged causing negative numbers exp,example: you fight one pokemon of lv 3 is probably give 13 point exp but with that item goes to 5 exp point,find that item and done.
    voitta 9 Jun 2023 09:26
    Why is this cheevo 29 points (instead of 30) on hardcore? xD
    Jazmataz 9 Jun 2023 12:40
    These are the White Points. (Retro Ratio).
    cykette 12 Jun 2023 04:25
    To answer the question "Can you pass level 50 during the fights and still get the achievement?"

    Yes. My main ended at 53 and I still got it. You only need to start with level 50 or lower. You don't need a full team, either.
    Poly 16 Jun 2023 16:59
    "Could not activate achievement 108171 "Smogon": Invalid condition type"

    Tested all cores...
    cykette 16 Jun 2023 17:04
    Which emulator? I used RetroArch with the Gambatte core and had no issues.
    Poly 16 Jun 2023 18:05
    RetroArch; also tried Gambatte.
    Thanks for the quick reply, thou.
    mcentral8g8 13 Jul 2023 12:35
    Just to support @Cykette comment, my pokemon entered the league at lvl 49 and most of them ended at 52 and I still got the achievement!
    Slumbo 21 Jul 2023 16:22
    You can get this achievement with a level 100 Pokemon.

    As long as you step into Lorelei's chamber with Pokemon under level 50, you're able to get the achievement regardless of what level your Pokemon are by the end. Which means if you have somehow come under a large number of Rare Candies, you can boost the Pokemon up to whatever level you want and sweep the League.

    This works for the achievement Prof. Perfect as well. So go buckwild and scum this really tedious achievements. Have fun with your measly 10 points.
    Kiwiron 25 Jul 2023 19:08
    You can do Smogon/Elite Stomp/Prof. Perfect in one go with a Nidoking.

    Ice Beam,
    Fire Blast.

    Entered at level 47, popped all 12 Rare Candies and prayed to god that everything would hit.
    DryIce53 26 Jul 2023 16:40
    use the exp all to cut the exp.
    cykette 26 Jul 2023 16:42
    A Mew makes it very easy as well. You can catch one in quite a few places at many points in the game. Good stats and compatible with all 50 TMs. A well rounded tank for all occasions!
    DryIce53 26 Jul 2023 16:50
    the joke is using the bug to get mew...
    AlveenKamfort 14 Oct 2023 10:46
    My mid-40s team was Hypno, Venusaur, Venomoth, Gyarados, Dugtrio, and L50 Zapdos (mainly just for Gyarados). The main key is to have a well-rounded team... and something that can abuse Lance's broken AI.
    MavByte 5 Dec 2023 08:34
    Smogon + Prof. Perfect done in a single run. :)
    Merricide 25 Jan 2024 00:02
    I went in with only Articuno at level 50. Set up Double Team x6, decimate with Ice Beam, Fly as back up. Ended up at level 55 with Smogon, Prof. Perfect, Elite Stomp, and first clear.

    I did Mew Glitch to get 128+ Max Elixirs and Full Restores, but I'm sure you can hold onto enough through your playthrough. Don't use any during any battles, only between!

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