Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
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Kill a human without getting blamed for it
Victim of the Elements (5) (16)
Kill a human without getting blamed for it

Created by gde on: 19 Apr, 2020 23:07
Last modified: 01 May, 2020 22:37

Unlocked by 93 of 1,269 possible players (7.33%)

19 Apr 2020 23:07
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DarknessMan 21 Sep 2021 23:21
How do I manage to do this one cheevo? I've tried everything and it doesn't come
gde 22 Sep 2021 10:23
The easiest way is to use the fire glyph
DarknessMan 22 Sep 2021 16:11
Not working, with does? Can explain?
gde 22 Sep 2021 16:23
You also need to be at peace with the humans. If they're already hostile it won't work. Perhaps that's the issue?
DarknessMan 22 Sep 2021 17:19
I just did what you said but it didn't come to cheevo
EdgeDVort 27 Oct 2021 07:22
I guess ya got the cheevo after all. How'd you wind up getting it to work? I'm unaware of any overall reputation with the humans - either they see you and react, or they don't. I've tried the fire glyph from atop the bridge just outside the exit of the water glyph (they can't see me up there, can they?), and also from behind the wooden door in the main area (it actually kills a woman on the other side). Completely stumped...
gde 27 Oct 2021 12:21
There's a reputation system. If humans attack you, then they're already hostile and this achievement cannot be obtained. The point of the achievement is precisely to kill a human without them becoming hostile to you, as is usually the case.You have two options. The first and most obvious one is to start a new game in which you never attack humans.The second is a mechanic that I believe is not document elsewhere on the internet: to encounter, but not attack humans for a while. More specifically, there's a hostility counter that is set to ~40, and every time you encounter a human, but don't attack it before getting out of range, that value decreases by 1. Do it enough times and they'll eventually stop attacking you, meaning they're no longer hostile and the achievement is obtainable.
EdgeDVort 27 Oct 2021 14:00
This is why we do these achievements... learning stuff like this! I'd been a fan of this game for 20 years and never knew this was a thing! Where did you discover this information, and is there a group I can join to learn more? :)
gde 27 Oct 2021 19:46
The reputation system is well documented on the internet, including on the gamefaqs walkthroughs for the game. Recovering from the hostile state was something I discovered during development of this set and never saw mentioned elsewhere. Don't know of any groups though
EdgeDVort 27 Oct 2021 23:49
Can confirm. Man I love this game... it just gets better with age, and this list of challenges is really breathing some great life into it. Great job!
John82 26 Dec 2022 11:22
I can confirm this is true (about not starting new game), just make sure you scared them (when they are hostile) and then let them go to run, just rins and repeat on four of them 8-9 times, get out of the room when they are and then enter again and they're gonna start kneeling before you. If you don't have achievement "A Warm Welcome", after your reputation rises get back to entrance and after worship kill that guard with Fire Glyph and that's it. Thanks for clarification on Reputation system!
fct6701 15 Feb 2023 20:55
just suck the souls from them thats it

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