Harvest Moon
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Master Rancher

    (25) (317)

    Achieve the Maximum Ranch Master Score at the game's end

    42 (40) of 2,126 – 1.98%

    1.88% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.98% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Groomperoo on: 25 Jul, 2014 00:15
    Last modified: 28 Mar, 2020 18:03

    Groomperoo 25 Jul 2014 02:11
    Reason why Max RMS is programmed to activate at 994: http://harvestmoonparadise.com/hmpb/e107_plugins/content/content.php?content.127
    28 Mar 2020 18:03
    MarioJunior10 edited this achievement.
    Kryle 22 Sep 2022 08:00

    In-depth look at how scoring is accumulated. I'd suggest following this guide and also turning on Rich Presence Monitor within RASnes9x so you can keep track of vegetables shipped (while on farm) and the girls affection levels (while in town). It will certainly take a lot of time so plan accordingly. Check your progress by using the forced ending method (L+R+Select+Start) as soon as you go to bed.
    The1upBlock 19 Oct 2022 09:37
    What's the general rule on how many crops to plant per season to rack up that 500 count?-- I'm not even going for this yet and those numbers are giving me anxiety. LOL
    The1upBlock 4 Nov 2022 02:55
    I was in the second Fall and on pace to finish this when I accidentally slept passed the Egg Festival and missed my shot at the Turtle. F in chat man. The pain in my heart is greater than I can bare. LOL
    marmarton 5 Nov 2023 00:08
    So just to be sure, will I still get this achievement if I end with 994 score? want to know before start playing to see if it's safe to get all girl's affection to 999 or should plan to have everyone end with 496-511 and lower the wife affection to the same range
    FrozenFirebird 3 May 2024 14:37
    Strongly recommend anyone attempting this, back up your save every season or so, more often if you feel extra paranoid to miss something. And I mean make folders in your emulator saves folder titled stuff like "HM - Start of Fall 1" etc. - you really should keep periodic saves throughout your playthrough. This is incredibly prone to being ruined by an easy mistake, and if you only have to backtrack a season or two instead of starting over completely, you will save weeks and lots of disappointment.

    In fact, this is generally pretty good policy when doing achievements, depending on the game. Get in the habit now.
    FrozenFirebird 11 May 2024 15:00
    Some more tips for this:

    - Savescum via a backed up file to get through summers without hurricanes. Saving the game normally every evening locks in the weather forecast you receive the next day. You'll need to be able to go back a day to reroll the weather.

    - Potatoes first spring, corn first summer, go nuts but stop around 500. It will be plenty of cash to get you through the early game. Second year, make sure all four crops are within the max score range.

    - Egg income is nice when you first get chickens, but doing cows and chickens every single day becomes a huge drag. Once you can live without the egg sales, just ignore your chickens forever.

    - Likewise, you will want to stop brushing/talking to your cows as soon as possible. If you don't want to watch their affection carefully, just notice when the last cow upgrades to large milk. Then do another three days of brushing/talking, this will ensure you have enough affection and you can stick to just milking and feeding. You can even abandon the milking once money is no longer an issue. Note that covering the ranch with grass for development score will probably cost an extra 100-150k money, depending on how much grass you already had, and you want to end the game with 100k as well. Large milk can close a money gap surprisingly quickly, so only stop milking once you're pretty sure you're set.

    - Single girls' affection can't really be lowered. So in first year I got them to 400, then second year I very carefully got them to 500. Note that Eve and Maria will get 10 forced affection at the mountain peak on new year's eve, so do not raise them above 501 in the second year!!

    - You do not need to get all the way to the end of third year summer. Use the L+R+Select code on sleeping, and you will view the ending. This will trigger any ranch development and ranch master score achievements you qualify for. It was hit or miss for me on triggering achievements related to endings.

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