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RetroAchievements API Demo (PHP)

Click here to download an example PHP API client class.Please note, this is a beta offering and only supports read-only access to data that can already be found on the site.No personal/user data can be accessed using this API beyond what is already publicly accessible for every user (username, avatar, motto and activity).

Initialize Connection to RetroAchievements:

$RAConn = new RetroAchievements("TestUser", "Your API Key");
Get Top Ten Users by Points:
$data = $RAConn->GetTopTenUsers();
Get Console IDs:
$data = $RAConn->GetConsoleIDs();
Get List of all Registered Original Gameboy Games (Console ID 4):
$data = $RAConn->GetGameList( 4 );
Basic game information for Super Mario Land (GB) (Game ID 504):
$data = $RAConn->GetGameInfo( 504 );
Full game information for Super Mario Land (GB) (Game ID 504):
$data = $RAConn->GetGameInfoExtended( 504 );
Complete summary of Scott's progress in game ID 3:
$data = $RAConn->GetGameInfoAndUserProgress( 'Scott', 3 );
Scott's global rank and score:
$data = $RAConn->GetUserRankAndScore( 'Scott' );
Scott's 10 most recently played games:
$data = $RAConn->GetUserRecentlyPlayedGames( 'Scott' );
Scott's progress on games with IDs 2, 3 and 75:
$data = $RAConn->GetUserProgress( 'Scott', '2, 3, 75' );
User summary of Scott, and 3 most recently played games:
$data = $RAConn->GetUserSummary( 'Scott', 3 );
Get Achievements Earned by Scott on January 4th 2014:
$data = $RAConn->GetAchievementsEarnedOnDay( 'Scott', '2014-01-04' );
Get Achievements Earned by Scott overnight on New Years Eve:
$data = $RAConn->GetAchievementsEarnedBetween( 'Scott', '2013-12-31 20:00:00', '2014-01-01 04:00:00' );
Get Games Completed by Scott:
$data = $RAConn->GetUserCompletedGames( 'Scott' );