Were you the greatest in your day at Mega Drive, SNES, or PlayStation 2 games? Wanna prove it? Use our supported emulators and you will obtain achievements and badges as you play! Your progress will be tracked so you can compete with your friends to complete all your favorite classics to 100%: we provide the emulators, all you need are the games!

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Developing Achievements for Tetris 2
Battling through Castle Altea | Lv 13 | 4/28 HP | 1 EXP | 💰 87230
Flipping around the main table • Score: 2259600 • Extra Balls: 1 • Perfect Bonus: 0/6
Mario is visiting Level P. Staff Invasion | 🚪:151/152
Caim is level 46 in Chapter 3: Chance Encounters | 🕒: 16h07:19 | 💀: 16231 | 97% complete
[Classic] Shanoa is Fighting on Nintendo DS
This Birb is in World 6 With 356 total stars
Playing ~Hack~ Shotgun Mario 64
Playing Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
Playing as Squall [HP: 5591] in Trabia- Bika Snowfield.
The Warriors of Balance consist of Lv7 Knight, Lv7 Paladin, Lv7 Priest and Lv7 Sage
Solving Level 5 Wario Puzzles
🗺️Cargo Elevator ⚖️Extreme ⏰1h41:40.58 📝33 🔁0 ❗2 💀9 🍔0 🔫No Weapon 📦ID Card 🏳️US 1.1
Guild Dump is at the Golden Deer Pub.
Cecil, the Dark Knight ♞ is Level 22 with BlackSword and ShadowShield equipped, has Palom, Cecil, EMPTY, EMPTY, and Porom in his party, and has 28467 Gil 🪙.
Playing Metal Warriors
Guild is at Flaus Inn.
Geoff Rowley is skating at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jackie is on Village, with 7 Continues

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