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Leonardo is on Bury my Shell at Wounded Knee, with 1 Lives on Normal Difficulty
[🧢CHRON|ʟᴠ.1] [🎀LEXXI|ʟᴠ.1] [👓FOXY|ʟᴠ.1] [🥋KANG|ʟᴠ.15]
Harboring a Grudge | Level Studs: 388795000 | HUB Studs: 2106154310 🇺🇸
Wizard | Glaybull Temple Area 6 | Level 21
In Brinstar, 57% Visual Energy Meter, 21/30 Missiles, Long Ice Beam, ⌚2h38:38.93
😫 is exploring Unova. ⏰268h24:19 🎖️8/8 ◓426/649 Medals:64
Inspecting Memory for ~Homebrew~ OVER OBJ
Playing Milo's Astro Lanes
Lv 20 Bartz the Knight • Lv 19 Lenna the Summoner • Lv 19 Galuf the Thief • Lv 19 Faris the Blue Mage • 🕗 9h54:04.76 • Inside Karnak Meteorite
Starting game
Playing Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2
Yuuhi, Sue, and Feena are adventuring in the Ancient City | 🃏 8/263 | 👹 0/164 | 🏃 3/29
Currently Exploring: Destiny Islands | Sora's Level: 59 | Current Party: Sora ⏰ 105h32:15.20 | Proud
Arcane Labyrinth Northeast Quarter • Firion • Maria • Guy • Leon • 💰1948735 • 👣93210
Slash is dashing through Jingle Town on an L1 Balance Board
[Ch8] - Monster Monica is in Zelmite Mine - Sleeping Light [📆:978 🕰️: 466h45:04.06] [💰: 343186]
William is in (Hard) Chapter 1: Bright Dawn Treatment Center, with 9/10❤, wielding shank, and with 152 kills.
❤️ HP 452/1200 🚩 Map [ Naszran Foundry] 🔫 Gun: [] ☠ Difficulty [ Easy]
Luigi is in 'Para Bettle Challenge' [Ⓜ14/38] [Ⓛ14/38]
Developing Achievements for Dynasty Warriors 3

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