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Chapter 3 πŸ’Ž(3/66) β–Ή πŸ™Villnore
Mikhail | Mercenaries | - ❀️104
Playing level 36
In Round 3 πŸ† 5650
Developing Achievements for ~Homebrew~ OVER OBJ
Currently in Stage 6 on Hard difficulty
Solving Magicpic Puzzle #393 | Maze Paint 1/400 | Drawing 1/400 | Magipic 0/400
Johto Gym Badges: 1/8 || Kanto Gym Badges: 0/8 || Pokemon Obtained: 63/206
Playing Valkyrie Profile
Currently Exploring: Destiny Islands | Sora's Level: 79 | Current Party: Sora ⏰ 31h44:35.50 | Proud
Lv 4 Faris the Mystic Knight β€’ Lv 2 Bartz the Black Mage β€’ Lv 1 Galuf the Chemist β€’ Lv 1 Lenna the Geomancer β€’ πŸ•— 8h47:14.26 β€’ The Sea Floor
Sonic is exploring Sky High 1 | 1 Emerald | 3 Lives | 1 Continue | Score: 089600
Fighting Through Time with Crono, Marle, and Robo| πŸ’°: 14047
Puzzlin' in this World (2011)
Menu, 2 Lives, RUSH
Alex is hanging out in Merebia at level 15
Piloting Defender on Mercury, Level 1
πŸ‘© Jill is Investigating the πŸ—ΊοΈ Mansion Save Room 1F on the Standard Mode - βœ’οΈ0
🚩 Stage: 3/7 Underground | 🏁 Loop: 1st | πŸ”ͺ Weapon: Lance | πŸ’― Score: 54500
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