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Were you the greatest in your day at Mega Drive or SNES games? Wanna prove it? Use our modified emulators and you will obtain achievements and badges as you play! Your progress will be tracked so you can compete with your friends to complete all your favourite classics to 100%: we provide the emulators, all you need are the games!

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miccmike miccmike 16 minutes ago
in been a long time
i hope i can come back to the discord one day, stuff was fun, love yall guys
televandalist televandalist 33 minutes ago
in House Cleaning - [28/04/23 - 02/06/23]
Tickets Resolved: 1 Total Tickets Resolved: 10 Tickets: [ticket=60032]
dad1 dad1 1 hour ago
in Peak Streak
well.. i tried. idk how you guys make it so far. good on ya
djlain djlain 1 hour ago
in Simple 2000 Series Vol. 37: The Shooting - Double Shienryu | Steel Dragon EX
Thanks so much for the explaining and sharing the video, did not know there're more regional differe...