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Breath of Fire II

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Posted: 27 Jun, 2014 08:40
Last Edit: 20 Oct, 2019 15:47
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Missables Identified

1. Breath of Fire II (USA).sfc
Breath of Fire II (U) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: e1ff1ed4ad5dbdbe86774920dfb5e9d4
CRC32 Checksum: 67CDACC5

2. Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation (v1.2b).sfc
ips Patch + Breath of Fire II (USA).sfc
RA Checksum: 299e96968accb96b9e0d9a4154e220a5
CRC32 Checksum: 1320298E

3. Breath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko (Japan).sfc
Breath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko (J) (V1.0) [!].sfc
RA Checksum: 0ea349408473e47006fa2ad4471f4108
CRC32 Checksum: 1D8014F6

Supported ROM checksum:

Know by the titles:
Breath of fire 2 set is based on Breath of Fire II (U) [!].smc (GoodTools)
Breath of Fire II (USA).sfc (NoIntro)

Posted: 01 Nov, 2014 15:41
Last Edit: 02 Nov, 2014 08:31
Breath of fire series was one of my favorite JRpg's back on those days. I felt somewhat disappointed that noone has done any achievement yet for this game. Out of curiosity and without any expectation to create a full pack of achievements i tried to create a few of them in order to understand how they work. I wanted to learn how the achievements interact with memory. After some time while playing with memory with many trial and errors i ended up with an almost complete list of achievements for BOF2. I believe i have put almost all side quests plus most extra staffs you can find from the beginning to the end of the game. I am not yet fully satisfied with the results because i believe that i miss something.
Anyway here is my results so far :)

Achieve Title-------- Description
-Destined Child------Complete the intro part of the game
-Palo Peach Puti-----Defeat the 3 sisters
-Bad Mojo-----------Defeat the roach
-Oink---------------Bring Suzy back home
-Why me Again…----Getting scolded by Ganer
-Fishing Lessons I---Play fishing mini game and catch any fish
-Hunting Lessons I-------------Play hunting mini game and capture an animal
-Burn them All-------Find the firerock
-Whelp-----------Reach level 10 with Hero
-Dragon-----------Reach level 25 with Hero
-Kaiser-----------Reach level 50 with Hero
-Time Travel--------Use TimeWarp spell to move time forward
-Taking your Garbage for a Walk---Take bow back to ruins
-Gladiator-----------Defeat Katt
-The Body Guard ---------Protect Katt from poison darts
-Payback-----------Defeat augus
-Damsel in Distress---Rescue Nina
-Baba Yaga ---------Defeat Baba
-Child in a Well------Defeat Terapin
-Village Hero--------Rescue all villagers at dry well
-Hero or Failure?----Fail to save everyone at dry well
-Renew-------------Obtain renew
-Fire Shaman-------Recruit the fire shaman
-Ordinary Town-----Hire the Ordinary Carpenter and have him build your town
-Wooden Town-----Hire the Wooden Carpenter and have him build your town
-Arabian Town-------Hire the Arabian Carpenter and have him build your town
-Witch Hunt---------Defeat Nimufu
-Prince Charming-----Release Jean from his curse
-The Power of the Dragon---Find the secret cave and learn the Fire, Ice and T. Drgn powers
-Water Shaman------Recruit the water shaman
-Dinner for Schmucks---Defeat wildcat the cook by following the rules
-Ignoring the Rules---Defeat wildcat and every mini-boss ignoring all rules
-Chop Chop ---------Learn the Chop Chop spell
-It's Auful but I'll take Another Bite Help--- Jean gather all ingredients and taste each plate
-The Imposter-------Defeat Kuwadora
-Passionate Patty ---Release the Patty from the cage
-Thief Versus Thief---Infiltrate Trout mansion with Bow alone
-Inside Granpa--- ----Defeat Munmar
-The Girl Voice-------Defeat Algernon, Danielle and Suiky
-Upa upa Upa!!------Defeat Uparupa
-Grass Man ---------Release grass man from his prison in circus
-Portal--------------Defeat Portal
-Shupukay----------Defeat Shupukay
-Honey i Shrunk the Kids---Bring the mushroom to old man in Tunlan and let him shrunk you
-How to Burn Fat in 10 Minutes---Defeat all creature inside queens body in Tunlan
-Secrets of the Past--- Defeat Aruhamel
-Wind Shaman--- ----Recruit the wind shaman
-Harvest Moon--- ----Defeat stone golem in the fields
-Friends from the Past---Discover two familiar characters from Breath of Fire
-Paladin of St. Eve----Defeat Paladin
-The Windian Legend---Defeat Guardian
-Fishing Lessons II----Play fishing mini game and fish a treasure chest
-Fishing Lessons III---Obtain CharmRod
-Fishing Lessons IV---Fish the EmpireSD weapon and equip it
-Fishing Lessons V----Fish the Love BR and equip it
-A Sword from the Stars---Obtain StarrSD and equip it
-Soul Harvest--------Defeat Necroman
-True Believer--------Give the correct answer to the gatekeeper in Evrai
-Heretic-------------Defeat the gatekeeper in Evrai by giving him the wrong answer
-The Golden Dragon---Defeat Ray in St. Eva Church
-Kucklehead----------Use Rand special power
-The Fall of St. Eva Church---Destroy both Oldman and Guardeyes
-Family Reunion-------Destroy the machine without killing the old man
-Revelations of the Past---Learn what happened on that day several years ago at Gate
-Fly me to the Moon---Make Township fly
-Earth Shaman--------Recruit the Earth Shaman
-Holy Shaman---------Recruit the Earth Shaman
-The Power of the Great Bird---Use Nina special power to summon the great bird
-Moby-Dick ----------Ride the whale
-Devil Shaman--------Recruit the Devil Shaman
-Union of Shamans----Recruit all six shamans
-Soul Unions Experiment I - the Frogman---Have Jean joined with Seso & Seny
-Soul Unions Experiment II - the Rodent----Have Rand joined with Sana & Solo
-Soul Unions Experiment III - the ED-209---Have Bow joined with Seny & Shin
-Soul Unions Experiment IV - the Ghoul-----Have Kat joined with Spoo & Shin
-Soul Unions Experiment V - the Onion-----Have Spar joined with Sana & Shin
-Soul Unions Experiment VI - the Djinni-----Have Sten joined with Sana & Spoo
-Soul Unions Experiment VII - the Fairy-----Have Spar joined with Spoo & Seny
-Passionate Patty in Pursuit for Money-----Follow the Patty trails
-Habaruku------------Defeat Habaruku
-Happy Ending--------Ending 1 - Complete the game after making TownShip fly
-Hero Sacrifice--------Ending 2 - Complete the game without making TownShip fly
-End of Days----------Ending 3 - Allow the dragon to continue protecting the seal
-Bleu-----------------Recruit the secret character
-Fishing Lessons VI---Fish the LifeAR and equip it
-Sacrifice------------Discover the truth about your mother
-Friends for Ever-----Refuse to sacrifice any of your friends
-With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies---Choose which of your friend will sacrifice for the cause
-Dragon Armor Set-----Obtain and equip the full Dragon armor set
-Ryu vs Barubary------Defeat Barubary solo with Ryu
-The Fated Child------Defeat Deathevn

Posted: 01 Nov, 2014 17:22
This might be hard for you but I'll suggest

"Old Friends
At Giant Island, in the northern area of the map above the town Gate (Press select for the map), you'll find Bo and Karn from the first Breath of Fire game. They don't do anything though, but you can talk to them. You'll need the whale or the bird to get there though."

Everything else I feel like you covered

Posted: 01 Nov, 2014 18:32
i have already cover them
-Friends from the Past---Discover two familiar characters from Breath of Fire :)

Posted: 01 Nov, 2014 20:19
Check Cirellio's achievement guide for some ideas?

Posted: 02 Nov, 2014 09:02
Last Edit: 02 Nov, 2014 15:48
Cirellio did great work with his guide. I've read it the first time. He also helped me a lot with various tips. I still need to fix some typos, rename some titles and do a 2nd run so i can test if everything work fine and possible add anything that i missed the 1st time or convert some progressive achieves to challenges. Also I'm trying to find a way to reorganize the achievements in editor because i can't just drag them to another place/line.

Posted: 03 Nov, 2014 13:14
Last Edit: 05 Jan, 2018 05:10
The set is complete. Still i want to play it a second time to hunt and fix any possible broken achieves.


The set is based on Breath of Fire II (U) [!].smc (GoodTools)
or Breath of Fire II (USA).sfc (NoIntro)
with checksum e1ff1ed4ad5dbdbe86774920dfb5e9d4

Posted: 24 Oct, 2015 05:34
Is it possible to get these achievements with the retranslated rom? I'm assuming not, but I feel like that one would be more worth having an achievement list.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2015 13:13
Translation patches don't seem to affect things achievement-wise, it's probably safe to use. Doesn't seem like any text-based code was used, at a glance. Worth a shot, anyway. If anything screws up the save is most likely compatible with the version used for achievements.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2015 17:03
I was wondering the same thing as I heard the fan translation is really good and if I'm going to do achievements for this game that's the way to go. Not really interested in playing the vanilla BOF2 as I did that not too long ago.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2015 17:14
Last Edit: 24 Oct, 2015 17:16
I'll check it out myself, then. Thanks Dexter.

EDIT: It works.

Posted: 24 Oct, 2015 22:16
Awesome! thank you.

Posted: 16 Nov, 2015 05:33
When playing with the fan translation, boss fight achievements dont' seem to be triggering, so I've gone back to the regular ROM. Other achievements have triggered fine so far though.

Posted: 03 Mar, 2019 08:41
Last Edit: 03 Mar, 2019 08:44
Since I've noticed we are getting rid of achievements lately that require excessive grinding, can we remove from this set?

Posted: 10 Mar, 2019 04:11
Last Edit: 10 Mar, 2019 04:16
this Infinite achievement is better not to withdraw because it corresponds to the achievement Ryu vs Barubary who needs to leave the ryu at least at level 50-60
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